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  1. Here's a few pix of the ride, after washing and in between pollen baths.
  2. Providing a quick update on the wiring issue. Rusty's suggestion above was spot-on, and the lights are installed and working perfectly. I ran the ground wire from both lights all the way back to the front of the trailer and mounted them with the tongue ground. Thanks again for the suggestions, they were all greatly appreciated.
  3. Thank you all for the feedback. I have a small utility trailer, and the lights work perfectly when hooked to the truck so I feel sure the truck is good to go. I will try running the grounds from the lights to the main ground at the front of the trailer and see if that works. Really appreciate all your advice.
  4. Hoping you all can help with a trailer wiring issue. I have a 2020 Silverado RST, and the lights are acting weird on my aluminum boat trailer. With the truck in park and the lights connected, if I use either blinker, both blinkers operate as if I'd turned on the hazards. However, if I put the truck in gear, the blinkers work properly on the truck, but the trailer lights are very dim, or won't work at all. I have the connector grounded to the trailer frame, and both lights grounded at the back of the trailer. I've connected them every way I know how, and could use some advice. All suggestions a
  5. Hello all, this is my first post here. This is my 2020 6.2 RST with the Rocky Ridge conversion, just picked it up 2 weeks ago. I traded a 2015 LTZ Rocky Ridge that also had the 6.2 engine. This one has 22's vs. 20's on the other truck. I took this pic at the hunting camp last week, I'll post more after I wash it tomorrow.
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