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  1. What lowering components did you use? I'm assuming spindles in the front? I dig the wheels also. I had considered those last yr when I was in the market but they weren't in production yet. The rake is not that bad with the 2/2 drop. The back looks like it lowered more than 2".
  2. Someone posted about this a couple of weeks ago. They said the price was like $8800. I guess the tuning is what makes the price so high.
  3. this thread talks about the shims and has some pictures attached.
  4. I think I was the first to do the shim flip. I'm pretty sure it is a 2° shim. Post a picture of yours with the 2/2 drop. I have been wanting to drop the front of mine since day one but wasn't sure what the rake would look like.
  5. The biggest thing is that sound is subjective. Personally I don't like the tone of a muffler delete as much as having a muffler. That's just my personal preference I'm not knocking it some do like the sound. I think replacing the stock muffler with a brand muffler you like the sound of is one of the best bangs for your buck.
  6. $8700 for a Procharger is steep. It must be because of the cost of the tune. Did you run a centrifugal on the Yukon or a top mount?
  7. Belltech and McGaughys make 2" drop spindles. Ihs makes a 3" control arm setup. The biggest problem is the back. You can't put hangers on the T1 trucks. So to lower the back you can do a 2" shackle. If you need more than 2" a flip kit is the next option which drops the rear 6". At 6" the axle has no travel so a lifting shackle would need to be used but even then rear travel will be limited without a c notch. The other option to lower the front is a adjustable strut but I have not heard from anyone that has used one on the new trucks. From what I have been told, on the older trucks the adjustable strut does not ride as good as the stock suspension. Maybe someone can chime in that has used a drop strut. The cool thing about the strut is the height can be adjusted between 1' and 2".
  8. I can easily argue with that. Half the people on here don't "need" a truck to drive back and forth to work. They "want" to drive a truck as a daily driver. They don't "need" to buy a Silverado they "want" to buy a Silverado. They don't "need" a lift on their truck. They "want" a lift on their truck. Ect, ect, ect. The point is they are making the payments and it puts a smile on their face to pay for what they want. It's not up to someone's option that has different wants and needs to tell them they are dumb for their purchase.
  9. He doesn't drive at full throttle because he doesn't have to due to the additional torque of the larger displacement. If you use less than 200hp very rarely you could have easily purchased a Honda ridgeline and it would suit your needs and driving style. That's the beauty of the truck market there are a lot of choices in drivetrain, cab configuration, colors, trim options, wheel sizes and fuel types to fit people's wants and needs. To belittle 6.2 or even 5.3 owners based on your ego statement is a very closed minded opinion. The op was impressed with the power of the truck he test drove so evidently one of his wants/needs is a powerful engine option not the cheapest option available.
  10. I think the 6.2 is the best bang for your buck option available. The cool thing about the new trucks is the multiple trims and options. I hear time and time again on this forum that for a daily driver the 6.2 is not needed. To me it's not as much a need as it's the most performance available. The mpg between the 5.3 and 6.2 is almost identical and the 2.7 is only slightly more. I seriously doubt if you are already looking at a trim level that offers the 6.2 that you will say " I wish I would have bought the 5.3". But I bet there are plenty of people who would say I wish I would have bought the 6.2. Not knocking the 5.3 I have owned several of them. But personally every one I owned I would have preferred to have more power. This time I purchased the most performance available and have 0 regrets.
  11. I have the factory spray in liner and also went with the bed rug mat. It has enough slide that I can slip things in the back with out scratching them but with enough grip so things don't slide around. I also have a piece of a old rubber bed mat about 15" wide by the width of the bed that I use to give extra traction if needed. I really like the bed mat.
  12. I like it. I have thought about doing the same thing. I think it's a good compromise from going totally body color.
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