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  1. Finally got around to taking a picture of my new truck (still needs a good hand wash). It is almost where I want it to be. 2020 elevation with a 2" drop on 24" wheels. **The odd colour around the front wheel is just from the tire mounting solution.
  2. I have Katzkins in my truck right from new. They seem to fit very nice and look like they came from factory. As far as comfort comparison its hard to tell. Haven't had any seat time in the cloth seat, but its really just a texture change. I find the seats to be fairly firm.
  3. Thanks, I have watched this install. He does say he bottomed out a few times driving around. It may be the route I need to take in order to achieve the proper stance. Worst case scenario is I put the notch in. I am more concerned if I were to get in an accident lets say rear ended how my insurance would feel about a notch kit in the frame?
  4. That kit was listed as coming soon. But my email returned by belltech says otherwise. Not sure why? I hadn't thought of using bags to add the 2" of lift with the 6" drop. And wasnt sure you could get a +2" shackle. The factory one is fairly short as is. Again I am fairly new to lowering a pickup. It's just something I have always wanted to do. If anyone has any good sources for info I'd appreciate it. YouTube channels etc
  5. First off, sorry if there is a thread on this, I searched with no luck. I have recently purchased a 2020 gmc elevation crew cab and installed belltech drop spindles with rear drop shackles (2/2) but would like to drop 4" in the rear. I cant seem to find a 4" kit yet. Has anyone come up with a solution or know of a company who builds one? I have contacted Belltech direct and they have no plans on making a 4". Not sure that I want to c notch a truck with 1100km on it for the 6" Maybe its just not possible on this body style? P.s. This is my first gm product and first time lowering a pickup truck.
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