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  1. Which campground in Maine? Seems like the site is private and spacious. We’ll probably upgrade to a 3/4 ton at some point but not until things quiet down.
  2. In the stop n go traffic, with tow haul mode on, it kept slamming into gear with the down shifts as it was activating the down hill descent control (was on a flat highway at the time). After I shut off the descent control it was much better. I know I’m on borrowed time with this engine/ trans combo. For the record, dropped pan at 40k and fluid swapped at 55k.
  3. Pulled 3500 camper in 87F heat going 65-70 mph and temps were in the 170s. When he we hit stop and go traffic, it topped at 190.
  4. I know it’s only a matter of time…when my 6 speed and 5.3 blow up, it will still be cheaper to repair than purchase a new truck.
  5. I think I was quoted 400-500. I ended up doing it myself
  6. Transmission temperature is usually running 140 +\- 5F. It did top out at 158 today in traffic. I have noticed my engine runs 5-10F cooler now. Are others seeing that too?
  7. Did the swap today. A lot less room in there than I thought but not too bad. Looking forward to the difference in temps while towing. FYI my dealer wanted $450 for the new thermostat.
  8. I went up Mt. Washington in D and saw temps 200-210. For some reason, after watching TFL truck and listening to Mr. Truck say higher RPMs cools the transmission better, i went up a smaller mountain, locking out the higher gears (I think I limited the gears to 1st and 2nd) and the temp went up to 230. Maybe you being in 1st the whole time was the culprit?
  9. Great thread and thank you. I think you are the first I have heard to have a problem with the direct injection with these trucks. Sounds like it should be a maintenance item at 200k.
  10. You are breaking my heart. I have the same truck and currently tow an rpod. Looking at a 25ft Airstream with a gvw of 7300lbs but dry is 5300lb. Can’t imagine loading 2000lbs into the camper. My payload is 1800lbs and think I’ll be okay. I’m think tongue weight will be around 1000lbs. Do you mind expanding on your towing experience?
  11. Yup same here. He missed the mark on this one. I should’ve known when I heard the noise in the video.
  12. No injuries or airbag deployment? I’d be curious to see what you insurance companies values the truck at (precovid vs now). I agree doesn’t look too bad from the outside but everything underneath; tough call.
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