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  1. Totally get it. I dip into the dark humor personally to deal with this. I’m a 32 year old asthmatic working at a hospital in Boston. What’s the worse that could happen?!
  2. Coworker has it (Boston). She’s 58 years old and has been in the ICU for a week. Her husband contracted it and is in the ICU too.
  3. Is this a common problem on the K2’s?
  4. The one perk with the 5.3 is the increased payload. Incredibly important when loading for a long camping trip. I’ve been on the cat scales too and it’s surprising how quickly the weight adds up.
  5. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-02-26/ford-employees-wearing-look-of-crisis-on-their-faces-coo-says
  6. Given the 7.3 is replacing the venerable v10, furd will make it right. This engine will be in many commercial platforms so they can’t afford to mess it up. On a related note I read furd spent $5 billion dollars last year in warranty claims. By the end of 2020 all of their vehicles will have modems and be “connected” and they’re hoping to catch minor problems before they grow into expensive ones. My guess Is they’ll be denying some warranties with the collected info.
  7. How’s the Lance treating you? I’ve been reading up on the brand and just like any other product there’s good and horrible reviews. Looking good!
  8. 5.3 6sp 3.42 Does well towing the 3500 GVW RPod 180. Very stable at highway speed, gets 16mpg, and stops well. Transmission will get >200F in stop n go traffic or in the hills of the northeast but usually runs less than 200F. I run tow haul mode in traffic, in a city/town, or going up or down steep hills. I shut off the tow haul on the highway. From a stop or while merging on the highway it will get to speed quickly but it won’t throw you in your seat. It’s a workhorse of a combination and it’ll get the job done. I don’t need a WDH for the rpod but the truck gets bouncy without it. The WDH only moves 80lbs off but it eliminates the bounce.
  9. TFL on YouTube just bought a long term LT trail boss. I hope it leaks!
  10. The dealer called me today and told me the truck should go back to the first dealer who changed out the starter a week ago. Welcome to the Chevy family.
  11. Nothing prior. Turn the key and the dash lights up however nothing happens. Got the new starter in last Saturday and guess what happened last night!? Truck was towed with the same issue. Father in law said he heard a loud click when I tried starting it. The worst part was the truck was loaded with furniture. GM roadside wanted to tow the truck 29 miles to a Chevy dealer in different state when there’s a Chevy dealership 0.5 miles down the road. I told GM no.
  12. Has your starter failed? Mine did last week at 21,500 miles. The interesting part is the dealer said the part was on back order and had to put a special priority on the part to get one in.
  13. I know nothing about builds but shouldn’t the shop have known to switch out gaskets and upgrade the rods/bearings?
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