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  1. I have the fast way E2 on my K2 Silverado for a 3500 lbs camper. Don’t need one but I had it from a previous tow vehicle and it does well with reducing the bounce and the affects of wind and semis. To ensure you set the hitch up properly, do you have the measurements from the squat on the front and rear tires with and without the WDH? Also have you taken it to a cat scale? Always best to check the basics and start with the cheapest options before modifying the heck out of it then buying a 2500!
  2. Thoughts and opinions? I’d be using it for the occasional home improvement store run and for canoes/kayaks while camping. I would like something I could break down because I park in small, low-height garages in Boston at work. It looks like it fits what I want but does look flimsy. Also I have the truxedo low pro tonneau cover which is compatible with it. Thanks!
  3. I would not put a truck camper in a 1500 and you don’t have enough payload. It’s amazing how quickly it adds up with just supplies and accessories.
  4. My 2018 starter went around the same time and I got a loaner. My dealer was good about it and when I bought the truck said I could always get a loaner.
  5. Normal. I remember this coming up awhile back and folks thought it had to do with the radio.
  6. Yup. Think the dealer has an SLE with an AT4 door...
  7. Do you have any pictures? This is interesting.
  8. Mine went bad the day before I moved into my house so I didn’t have my truck for the move. Think i was around 15-20k miles at that time andI posted here when it happened. Worse part is they didn’t tighten the wires down post repair so it was towed twice.
  9. For those of you who did the repair yourself, how has it held up over time?
  10. Totally get it. I dip into the dark humor personally to deal with this. I’m a 32 year old asthmatic working at a hospital in Boston. What’s the worse that could happen?!
  11. Coworker has it (Boston). She’s 58 years old and has been in the ICU for a week. Her husband contracted it and is in the ICU too.
  12. Is this a common problem on the K2’s?
  13. The one perk with the 5.3 is the increased payload. Incredibly important when loading for a long camping trip. I’ve been on the cat scales too and it’s surprising how quickly the weight adds up.
  14. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-02-26/ford-employees-wearing-look-of-crisis-on-their-faces-coo-says
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