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  1. Have the Boyfriend figure it out; he damaged it. Perhaps get the insurance companies involved; that way it’s repaired correctly and only the deductible has to be paid.
  2. I’m not worried about it. I’m more concerned with my 6-speed torque converter and the AFM valves blowing up.
  3. Yes it moves freely into the firewall. I’m guessing yours is fused to the bottom piece. Maybe give it some penetrating oil and some light taps?
  4. The trick is to take the shaft above it (the one going into the boot and into the black ribbed piece) and push it into the boot until it pops out of the black ribbed piece.
  5. The fix is still working for me! I think it had to do with the slop job they did with the adhesive messing with the seal. Good luck and post an update.
  6. If you paid 40% then the total bill was $962, if they weren’t B.S.ing you. I can’t imagine paying that amount for the “fix” out of warranty.
  7. Can’t imagine these puffing trucks would pass an emissions test.
  8. Wish my truck didn’t have satellite radio. Can’t stand the mail from them. Like others have said Spotify, amazon, and podcasts are my go-to.
  9. Thanks for the update. My 2018 also has chips but I try to fill them in. I had the “dealer installed” swirl option with holograms (real bad). I found a scuff at pickup and their 18 year old Employee took a polisher to it and it removed the scuff but months later when the polish came off BOOM, looked like crap. An insanely talented detailer fixed it and it still looks great a year later; no swirls or holograms.
  10. Hey Grumpy, being one of the Amsoil disciples, what’s your opinion on their OE and XL branded oils?
  11. Just an update, all is quiet! The new boot filled with while lithium grease did the trick.
  12. Sorry but I have more questions! Perhaps a better question is do I need to reapply the white sealant when I change out the boot? Mine seems to have less than previously posted pictures. I guess I’ll get my answer when I test drive it? is the inner seal of the boot Supposed to go into the hole in the firewall or can I press the boot against the firewall and tighten the nuts? Are the nuts self-push? Felt like I over torqued one and would like to replace it. thanks everyone!
  13. I have the fast way E2 on my K2 Silverado for a 3500 lbs camper. Don’t need one but I had it from a previous tow vehicle and it does well with reducing the bounce and the affects of wind and semis. To ensure you set the hitch up properly, do you have the measurements from the squat on the front and rear tires with and without the WDH? Also have you taken it to a cat scale? Always best to check the basics and start with the cheapest options before modifying the heck out of it then buying a 2500!
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