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  1. Bought an LT with chrome bumpers partly to avoid this. My 2018 graphite metallic paint is chipping behind the tires so I touched it up and installed mud flaps. I too have a fading/opaque clear coat and dealer-installed holograms. I plan on visiting a local detailer to resolve the latter issues.
  2. What kind of chemicals are you using to clean or polish the door?
  3. Camping world melted the wires on my Ford Ranger when they installed a brake controller by splicing into the cruise control wire accidentally. They sent it to Ford for the fix (took 1.5 months due to backordered wiring harness). When the Ranger was fixed CW and I spoke, identified the correct wire to splice, and they proceeded to splice the cruise control wire again and melted the wires. I got the Ranger patched up and got the Silverado WITH a brake controller from the factory. The OTD pricing on the 301a package F150’s were $5-8k more than the Silverado with less features. Didn’t consider Ram. Diesel Colorado was the same price as the Silverado.
  4. X2 to the regular pencil erasers. I’ve used that multiple times and works every time.
  5. I accidentally backed into someone in a tight parking lot and found the limits of the camera! No dents but the bumper was slightly pushed in on one side. It bothered me for a little but the pain did pass. If the bumper continues to be an issue for you I would go aftermarket... get something a little more substantial.
  6. I tow a 3500lbs camper and the temp is around 200. It has reached 208 while towing in traffic.
  7. I would try them for that price. Look similar to weathertechs.
  8. Coming from a 4.0 Ranger the Chevy feels like a rocket ship .
  9. X2 I was getting out of my Ford Ranger and was looking at Colorado’s with a brake controller. Wanted a LT gasser and Quirk told me they had 30 in inventory. Got there and they had the diesel and ZR2 and they wanted $38k for both; no LT’s. I asked if they had any Silverados with a brake controller around that price and they said no. Pressure tactics were used and I complained about it and the bait n switch. Went down the street to Copeland and got a LT Silverado with a brake controller for cheaper.
  10. 2018 DC built in Canada. Same issue with driver’s side painted black while the passenger is not.
  11. Wow. If I was in your situation I’d probably do the same. Grease it but I’d trade it in as soon as it made financial sense. The tick was annoying especially when towing and I couldn’t put up with it.
  12. Sorry to hear that. Maybe a call to Chevy corporate is necessary to help you and inform the dealers of the bulletin.
  13. I had duratracs on a Ford Ranger and they where great off road, on road, and in snow. I had them for 50k miles and I was impressed with the wear. They had another 10-20k miles left on them. What I did not like was they were heavy and changed the steering feel and driving dynamics of the truck. Gas mileage took a little bit of a hit too. I would purchase them again if I was looking for another all-terrain tire.
  14. Picked up the truck. The sound was confirmed. They reinstalled the steering column seal and ensured it was fully seated. The sound is now gone. We’ll see how long it’ll last.
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