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  1. Great thread and thank you. I think you are the first I have heard to have a problem with the direct injection with these trucks. Sounds like it should be a maintenance item at 200k.
  2. You are breaking my heart. I have the same truck and currently tow an rpod. Looking at a 25ft Airstream with a gvw of 7300lbs but dry is 5300lb. Can’t imagine loading 2000lbs into the camper. My payload is 1800lbs and think I’ll be okay. I’m think tongue weight will be around 1000lbs. Do you mind expanding on your towing experience?
  3. Yup same here. He missed the mark on this one. I should’ve known when I heard the noise in the video.
  4. No injuries or airbag deployment? I’d be curious to see what you insurance companies values the truck at (precovid vs now). I agree doesn’t look too bad from the outside but everything underneath; tough call.
  5. Just replaced my 2018 blades with Michelin’s Ultra endurance (name is close enough). Absolutely awful. The blades, like the rainx blades, have a chemical on them. After install, you’re supposed to apply the chemical to the windshield by running them on medium for a few minutes. These blades chatter, are noisy, leave streaks, and spider web water designs. It had good reviews but I don’t get it. Unfortunately they are expensive and I replaced the blades on my wife’s RAV4 with these too and it does the same thing. We’ll run these through winter then I’ll go back to OEM for both.
  6. Quite the upgrade over my weather tech under seat storage setup! Looks great! I imagine the fab was somewhat difficult given the contours of the floor?
  7. Installed the GM lights for the bed. Easy enough for the install. Purchased an ADARAC for hopefully the future kayaks if we can get them. Looks like old town is backlogged until September…
  8. With all this electronic talk of late, I told the wife we’re buying the supercharged V8 within the next year or two. It most likely will be a ZL1 because the price is great but I’ll be entertaining the Hellcats, the Shelby GT500, and now the Cadillac.
  9. Hey Everyone, take a look at the above thread (I posted a few photos). I replaced my boot and added grease July 9th, 2020 and no noise since. IMO the issue is where the boot meets the firewall. My factory installed boot had a good amount of white adhesive in certain spots pinching the rubber flaps preventing a proper seal. Caution to those thinking about adding grease with a gun/syringe, adding too much may cause the grease to go behind the firewall! Best of luck!
  10. Hmm let’s talk about that ZL1... wife and I are looking at getting one next year. How do you like it? Is yours a manual or 10-speed?
  11. NE18

    C8: AFM vs DFM

    It’s interesting. So GM has 3 versions of their 6.2 out now; the AFM in the Camaro, DFM In the trucks, and the C8 (minus the supercharged variant).
  12. NE18

    C8: AFM vs DFM

    https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/a31702091/watch-the-c8-mid-engine-corvettes-tach-change-after-break-in-miles/ Does anyone know if the new C8 corvette have AFM or DFM or something else? In the video the engine switches between V4 and V8.
  13. Have the Boyfriend figure it out; he damaged it. Perhaps get the insurance companies involved; that way it’s repaired correctly and only the deductible has to be paid.
  14. I’m not worried about it. I’m more concerned with my 6-speed torque converter and the AFM valves blowing up.
  15. Yes it moves freely into the firewall. I’m guessing yours is fused to the bottom piece. Maybe give it some penetrating oil and some light taps?
  16. The trick is to take the shaft above it (the one going into the boot and into the black ribbed piece) and push it into the boot until it pops out of the black ribbed piece.
  17. The fix is still working for me! I think it had to do with the slop job they did with the adhesive messing with the seal. Good luck and post an update.
  18. If you paid 40% then the total bill was $962, if they weren’t B.S.ing you. I can’t imagine paying that amount for the “fix” out of warranty.
  19. Can’t imagine these puffing trucks would pass an emissions test.
  20. Wish my truck didn’t have satellite radio. Can’t stand the mail from them. Like others have said Spotify, amazon, and podcasts are my go-to.
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