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  1. Denali Cluster over the weekend, why didn't these things come stock? Such an improvement in looks.
  2. Well, back from my trip towing our camper for a total of about 11 hours through some pretty good hills in northern MI and a pretty stiff wind on the way back home (thank goodness for the new WDH with sway I put on) the trip up to camp the trans got to 161 with ambient right around 70 degrees. the trip home with more traffic, 85 degree outside and a stiff headwind it got up to 189 in town traffic with lights but went back down to 170s once I got moving. Needless to say I am very pleased with the pill flip and changing the fluid.
  3. Back from towing the camper and am happy to say that my trip this year was much more enjoyable with the J-pipe installed
  4. First chance to take a decent drive and ambient temps outside are about 70. Mixed driving from city to 55-60 Trans never got over 140 while driving and hit 150 after I let it idle for a minute or two when I reached my destination. I am pleased.
  5. Got this done Friday and am very pleased with the results. I didn't get pics but you guys know what they look like He did make it adjustable, it will go from about 25 to about 29. It is set at max right now and sounds so much better. The test will come up in a couple weeks with the camper.
  6. Flipped the pill, trans pan drop with filter and a fluid exchange to Redline D6. Pumping out with the line on the radiator wasn't too bad Definitely learned a couple of tricks for next time and by then I think I will invest in a pan with a drain plug. Always a good day when its all back together with no leaks
  7. Case of Redline D6 and a filter ordered along with a big oil catch pan. where can I find the torque spec and pattern for the pan? May as well just flip the pill and do the whole thing at the same time while I am having fun.
  8. Having this done next Friday and hopefully making it adjustable. Exhaust shop had never seen this but understood what I wanted done. Will get some pics and let you know how it sounds
  9. Wouldn't "wrong fluid" be anything not "rated" as Dexron VI approved? At this point I think I am going to get my fluid of choice and either take it to someone local or make a mess in my garage. I am not a fan of all the fenagling (sp) to get the pan completely off but I am sure it looks worse than it really is. Do I even need to pull the pan completely to get it cleaned up and filter changed? I will hopefully be flipping the pill this weekend which should make the exchange portion a little easier for me should I choose to run the pump and get a much out as pos
  10. Well, I asked my dealer this very question and she was happy to give me basically the same cost as if they were providing the fluid AND then proceeded to tell me my powertrain warranty would be void by not using GM fluids.
  11. I was hoping you would chime in Grumpy and you gave the answer(s) I expected. Now the question is, how many places will pump out the old and put in the new. I want to get as much fluid out as possible the first time. Watching the videos these guys are getting 8-10 quarts out by pumping and then doing the pan. With the pill flipped you don't have to worry about operating temp to pump fluid right?
  12. I am going to do this out of 409 SS just like the rest of my exhaust (gotta love the rust belt) Will SS stretch like that to make the slip joint?
  13. could do that I suppose and just clamp it into position right?
  14. I just hit 36k and have nice long trip coming up towing our camper at about 6500lbs fully loaded. Prior to our trip in about 4 weeks I want to get my "pill flipped" to keep the trans temps down this time. This will be the 2nd time towing this camper 6+ hrs and the 3rd time overall the truck has has a pretty good workout (towed RZR / ACE to West Virginia) 2 years ago so I am calling my truck severe use With that said, dealership quoted $220 for trans "flush" and filter change and after watching the video(s) they can have my money, I don't want to mess with
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