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  1. Installed Ride Ride clones (Torque TR2430) Straightforward and no noticeable difference in ride with 5psi in them. Should help to complement the WDH for the 24' travel trailer.
  2. Well, after taking a look at the exploded diagrams for both I would agree that the headache and expense would out weigh the benefit. I am not even sure it would work, it looks like the brackets / plastics are different not to mention the CC seat looks like it is actually thicker. I went with the Texas Saddlebags for the front and looks like I will find something similar (smaller) for the rear. https://www.amazon.com/Texas-Saddlebags-Universal-Consoles-50811/dp/B00KQ10BSY/ref=sr_1_1?crid=U5E93WUUBFWN&dchild=1&keywords=texas+saddlebags+clutter+catcher+universal+floor+%26+seat+console&qid=1596455671&sprefix=texas+saddle%2Caps%2C182&sr=8-1
  3. Is it possible to take the upper half of the crew cab rear seat ad put in on the lower half of the DC rear seat? I have a double cab and the cup holder / armrest would be nice back there.
  4. 2018 Silverado double cab with 2 items I have the jump seat and 1k for the upgrade (which I would love to have) isn't in the budget right now so what are people using to gain some extra room by way of a floor console? On the same note what do people use for cupholders in the rear of a double cab considering GM didn't give us any?
  5. I have the new version (RF11 / AT2) on my '18 and while I can't speak to the longevity (yet) I can say the are very quiet and very smooth.
  6. x2 on the Hankook AT2, I have them in 275/60/20 on mine and they are nice looking / quiet / super smooth.
  7. i just posed these in the tires for 6.2 thread 275/60/20 Hankook AT2 (RF11) which is the new version of the ATM / RF10 Very smooth and quiet and still aggressive / sporty enough on my redline with level. I am very pleased with them and they ride better / quieter than my wife's Falkens on her grand.
  8. I have the 5.3 and I ended up with the new version of the DynaPro ATM's (RF11 / AT2) in 275/60 R20 and couldn't be more pleased with them. Quiet and smooth and still look a little sporty on my Redline. My wife has the Falkens on her Grand Cherokee and they are a tad louder than mine.
  9. My 18 picks up where it left off, but... It is hit and miss if it remembers to keep the "shuffle on"
  10. I usually just crack the back passenger window and it goes away, makes the overall noise lower as well.
  11. This is the one I have and it keeps my bed dry On and off pretty quick too
  12. it all matters on where the seat is. if it is all the way back it does not "fall" in between the seat and the "B" pillar like it should. It just rests on the seat and against the pillar and send out morse code signals. If that seat is up farther towards the dash it happens less often.
  13. x3 Holy crap that is annoying and I am too damn short to reach over there and fix it on this truck On my previous Colorado I could.
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