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  1. Hey folks, Just wanted to throw out there that I just turned a 1/4 million on my 2014 GMC All Terrain. It's not been without it's issues here and there, but hey......It's still trucking along. I purchased it used with 48k on it back in 2016 and have been selling out of it since. I'm in outside sales and It gets driven plenty. Mainly highway but there are always gravel roads, dirt roads and a good bit of city driving to boot. I changed evaporator coil at some point, brakes and rotors at some point, starter some where in there. Also a transmission was replaced around 125k if I remember correctly. It needs windshield replaced as it has a crack. Also has a small spot of paint chipping on passenger rear door. Other than that it's getting about 18mpg and doesn't use any more oil than when I got it. Maintenance is basically Edge 0-20 every 7000 and grease what needs greasing. Feed it the cheapest 87 octane and roll. 4x4, 5.3 Crew Cab, Standard Bed, Heavily Optioned All Terrain model. I'd die to have a new one but I just can't crank out the money they are asking for one these days. My needs have actually changed and I'd love to get into a 2500 gas. Maybe one of these days the dealers will have plenty and rebates will be large (sarcasm)
  2. So.......No bucket seat option with console in the SLE HD in 2021? I may have missed it.
  3. Well I made it to 220785 miles and tranny let go. 3500 for GM warrantied replacement. Really really sucks as I am in the market for a new one and was trying to sell this one.
  4. If you have a Harbor Freight close by they have them at the store for 10 bucks...maybe could use coupon and get one cheaper. https://www.harborfreight.com/battery-operated-liquid-transfer-pump-63847.html?_br_psugg_q=battery+transfer+pump I have one that I transfer diesel into my farm tractor and also regular gas into my zero turn. Best thing I ever got. pumps about 5 gallons in a couple of minutes.
  5. Hey folks, I was searching the "inventory" area of GMC site and ran across this truck in South Carolina It is a pretty heavily optioned SLE on the interior. In the dealer pictures this truck has the "BOSE" badge on the driver speaker grille. I never seen mention of this in the past and I've looked at the build site since these things have came out. I do see mention in the area of infotainment that dealer upgrade to NAV was stopped on 4-17-20. Could this be what this is...Dealer upgraded truck? Unless they got the pictures mixed up with an elevation this is an SLE with Bose...I'd really like to know how this is done. here's the link. https://www.gmc.com/view-inventory/sierra-2500hd/details?x-symbolic=vdp&x-carline=sierra&x-modelyear=2020&q-sourcepath=/index/vdc-collections/2020/trucks/sierra-hd/sierra-2500-hd/jcr:content/vdcVehicleInfoBlockConfig/vdcShoppingLinks&x-bodystyle=sierra_2500hd#?radius=1000&models=Sierra 2500 HD&years=2020&customertype=GC&makes=GMC&postalcode=31088&filterconfigkey=ConfigAdmin_19Sierra2500&requestedPostalcode=31088&open-panel=Cab&open-panel=Box&open-panel=Drive Type&open-panel=Trim&open-panel=Color&open-panel=Packages&open-panel=Hours&bodyStyles=Crew Cab&boxType=Standard Box&drivetrainCode=4WD&trims=SLE&exteriorColorCodes=GAZ&interiorColorCodes=HV5&packageCodes=PQA&customSearchRadius=touched&scrollposition=700&vin=1GT49ME72LF109999&filtermatched=nearmatch&filtermatchedcount=6&filternotmatchcount=1&filternotmatchedstring=Packages: 1SA Driver Alert Package I&filtermatchedstring=Cab: Crew Cab|Box: Standard Box|Drive Type: 4WD|Trim: SLE|Color: Summit White|Color: Dark Walnut/Slate, Cloth seat trim&primarydealerdistance=300.4&bac=116431&pagenumber=1&dealerSearchBy=bac&primarydealerid=116431&primarydealerpostalcode=29566&[email protected]&primarydealername=BELL AND BELL BUICK GMC TRUCKS&primarydealerphone=8433998300&carouselposition=4&filmstripposition=4&dealercarousel=4
  6. been able to get the elevation with multi-pro all 2020 as far as I know. There are several CC short beds out there.
  7. Once you really get to digging around into all the options and such it gets very confusing. I too looked for an elevation in 4x4 with standard bed. My must have was the multi pro tailgate option which you can get on the elevation. However I only found one dealer in the US and they had 4 of them and all had the kicker music system in the multipro tailgate. That wasnt a deal killer but they didn't have the X31 option which I did want as it had the dual exhaust at the rear bumper. The elevation can be optioned out very close to an AT4 but you can't get leather seats, technology package, cooled seats and a good bit of the driver alert stuff offered with the SLT,AT4 trucks. You can however get an elevation with center console and bose audio with nav and subwoofer. Like someone said above. go to gmc.com and build one out the way you want. make sure to go through all the options in the menus. Multipro tailgate is in there but I can never remember where it is. I'd like to do a white CC Standard Bed elevation with chrome door handles, chrome wheels and 2" factory lift myself. I think that would look very nice. maybe upgrade to katskins leather on the interior.
  8. Thanks for the info folks. The truck that I had my credit union request a purchase order on was sold. Dangit. At this point I think I may just wait it out til next year. I'm not going to settle for a truck that isn't exactly what I want for $50,000.00
  9. Ok folks, I got a bit more serious about this and contacted some transport services. It looks like $995 is the going rate for 1000 mile trip on an open hauler. Anyone have any insight in this? On the other hand it appears if I want to risk a chance at a major international airport and fly one way into San Antonio for $200 and possibly have dealer pick me up or deliver to airport then make 15hr drive home?????? Why cant they make more CC, Standard Bed, 3.0 SLT's with gray leather? killin me.
  10. I'm up to 212,245 and counting. Just put it up for sale. Looking to get into a 3.0 I think the mileage numbers should work in my favor. https://macon.craigslist.org/cto/d/perry-2014-gmc-slt-all-terrain-crew-cab/7118784345.html
  11. 2014 All Terrain 211,500 miles. daily drover (obviously) oil changes, gas and tires.
  12. Hey folks, Any body done business with Pursch Motors in TX? I'm looking for a particular truck and they have exactly what I'm looking for. Problem is they are 917 miles from my house. I'm not sure if they would do a swap at that distance or if I'd have to go to them and drive back. Also I'm not thinking that I'd have to pay sales tax as I don't live in TX but I'd have to pay the GA tag tax when I registered it. At any rate. They have the truck I wan't but it's a long ways away. Any suggestions would be great.
  13. Dealer in Opelika AL (Glynn Smith) offering 9K off on Sierra denali. Discounting chevy high country a little less..8K. You have to call them and either order or snag one as soon as it hits the lot. I've missed 2 different SLT at 8500 off. I realize this is only around 11.5% off sticker but it's the best I've seen this side of the US.
  14. I'm not seeing leather as an option on SLE on build and price tool.
  15. So on highway conditions.....one may expect 650+ miles with a tank of fuel? That's wild to me. Really thinking hard on this 3.0
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