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  1. Dealer in Opelika AL (Glynn Smith) offering 9K off on Sierra denali. Discounting chevy high country a little less..8K. You have to call them and either order or snag one as soon as it hits the lot. I've missed 2 different SLT at 8500 off. I realize this is only around 11.5% off sticker but it's the best I've seen this side of the US.
  2. I'm not seeing leather as an option on SLE on build and price tool.
  3. So on highway conditions.....one may expect 650+ miles with a tank of fuel? That's wild to me. Really thinking hard on this 3.0
  4. What is the fuel tank size on the 3.0 Duramax? Seems like I heard 16? That doesn't seem right.
  5. I'm in the market for a new truck. Been doing the build and price deal on GMC's site. I have a GMC and really prefer the looks of the GMC...however.... Am I wrong in seeing that a person can get a pretty much apples to apples similar truck from Chevrolet a good bit less than a GMC? Chevy has an LT option that you can opt for leather, bucket seats, and bose and ends up being less than a similar SLT GMC variant? Even LTZ trimmed Chevrolet trucks seem to come in a bit under GMC SLT. Am I not seeing everything as far as what isn't standard with each model besides the options?
  6. Diesel in mid GA is always around .40 more per gallon than 87 gas unless you opt for "off road diesel" which is a big no no. It's the same as 87 gas. This makes me even want to rethink my desire for a possible 3.0 in half ton. I'd have to do the math...I drive around 45k a year.
  7. I have a 2014 CC Standard Bed 4x4 5.3 v8 Currently 184K I lost AC condenser/transmission cooler around 100k. Had an alignment done after a level was installed around 110k Factory battery was replaced also around 125K. I replaced all brake pads and rotors at 175k as I had developed a bit of brake shudder in heavy braking. Been running slightly larger than stock tires on stock wheels since about 80K Change oil every 7k 0-20 Edge. Fram Filter. Other than that I'm averaging 18.6 mpg mixed higwhay/2 lane/city driving.
  8. Just noticed the Build and Price page is up for Sierra, SLE ant SLT models.
  9. Yep, I'm in a conundrum here. I have a 2014 All Terrain with 5.3 that I daily drive right now (183k on it). I've got a 52hp tractor in the last year and moving this thing with the 1500 is on the edge to say the least with implements and such. I have given myself a couple of options in the future. 1. I love the new 2500HD..I was thinking 6.6 gas and try to keep it or around 50K out the door. I would also get a daily gas mizer to work out of. or 2. Get a 2020 1500 3.0 diesel elevation and daily drive and purchase a beater 3/4 ton to pull tractor when needed. Either way it's a bunch of money and I'd like to have some of the nice things on the HD if I went that way. If I get the 1500 it will be optioned as much as I can and still not be into SLT/Denali money. wracking my brain here. I really wish GMC would just release the build/price tool so I could bang out options vs going to dealer.
  10. I'm seeing some SLE trimmed trucks show up on the internet for some pretty decent prices. I've been messing around with the NADA pricing tool and also visited a dealer about a week ago. This is kind of what I'm gathering so far. I'm sure there are tons of differences in the options between SLE and SLT but I'm interested in a couple here. If I'm wrong about these please correct my assumptions. SLE trim can get bucket seats with console....but NOT get Bose with Rich Base Woofer? SLE trim can not come with wireless charging in console? SLE trim can not get Leather (however a dealer can install katzkins from what I'm told)? SLE can get power mirrors, (power fold, but not extending)and not chrome capped?\ SLE can not get ventilated seats? and no power seat option for front passenger and no heated rear seat? These are the biggest things that stand out for what I'm looking for. I'm happy with bose system I currently have but I've heard the non bose system is really bad. I have cloth now so that's not a show stopper, but for 50k I'd really like leather. Power mirrors would be a must for parking and such and extending them out for 20' trailer. Ventilated seats or rear heated isn't a major deal.
  11. I'm sorry that your not happy with your truck. I'm also sorry you paid what you paid for your truck. But, I sell things for a living and I always ask for a customers business at the highest possible price......... as they may just say yes. I like those customers. They make up for the ones that beat me up and down and I sell for the lowest possible price and still make a little money. Don't be surprised if your dealer calls you repeatedly in the next few years. You my friend are their favorite type of customer.
  12. I just don't see how a trail boss cost 60K? I've used the "build-and-price" tool on Chevy site and I'm finding it hard to get a 60K sticker price with just about every option on an LT Trail Boss. Leather, bucket seats, performance package......etc. It looks like a decked out Trail Boss would be in the 48k range at most prior to taxes and such???? Am I wrong?
  13. I'm in outside sales. I drive all over mid GA. 2 times a week I drive to Columbus (80 miles one way) which is 4 lanes divided with 65 speed limit. I drive 85% on interstate or 4 lane divided roads. 65-75 is my normal speed. With my 5.3 I actually get better mileage on 2 lane country roads which I drive a bunch of those too. 55-65.
  14. I was really hoping that the 3.0 turbo diesel would come with max towing package and hit the 12k lb towing range that the 6.2 does...that would be best of both worlds for me. But.....it doesn't and it appears that getting hot could be an issue with the 3.0 and loads above about 9K. I could really use 30mpg with my work. With that being said....I'm getting 18mpg avg now with my 5.3 but can't tow squat. so If I can avg somewhere close to that and still tow over 10K I'd be happy. I know the 6.2 would probably be a better option with mileage unloaded but dang I like the looks of the 2500HD.
  15. I'm kinda in the same boat you are with the 6.2 I just got a small farm last year and I now have a 52hp tractor and implements. I also have a hunting club about 25 miles away. I was looking at a cc standard bed with a 6.2 and the ones I'm finding are stickering in the 61,500 to 63,000 range. A nice SLT 6.6 will probably be same money and an SLE will be a good bit less. Problem is I drive about 45k a year with my job in MY truck....currently in a 2014 cc standard bed with 5.3 and 33" tires. getting an average of 18mpg now. If the 6.6 gasser will avg 18 unloaded...heck I'd be ok with that.
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