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  1. The ride is good (P rated, yet HD at 50psi max) and the appearance and functionality is enhanced over the GY Eagle LS2's that came with the truck. I've had much worse road noise with an E rated tire. I did get them at a place that does road force balancing (which the dealerships have) so that may have helped on a 20 inch rim. Not sure on the other sizes fitting a stock application. There are a lot of threads on here talking about lifts, levels, tire size, etc. and what may fit a stock application.
  2. These are the only profile shots I have at the moment...
  3. Reminds me of the two tone paint job that was so popular in the 80's. I was never a fan.
  4. Factory 20" wheels with stock size aftermarket Cooper AT3 4s ....No lift or level. It's a P rated tire, which rides well, but rated as a heavy duty with a max 50psi rating.
  5. Amazing outcome. I guess that is a good dealer. Show some pictures of the new one when you get a chance. Congrats!
  6. I doubt they will furnish a new truck for a couple paint defects. I feel your pain though because if they have to "paint" they will need to spray base on repair and then blend clear on the whole panel. Depending on where the marks are, they may have to blend into adjacent panels to get it to look right. Then you have the issue of factory texture (orange peel) matching repair texture so it doesn't stand out. The body shop is really key. As mentioned earlier, I would probably get a 2nd private opinion from an elite body shop in your area. You may even get GM to allow you to go to your shop of choice with them funding the project. Years ago I bought a new Chevy pickup and didn't realize the bed rail had been re-sprayed (somewhere between the factory and the dealer) because it was raining when my order came in and I took delivery. The following weekend, I noticed a hard (obvious to the touch) paint line where the bed rail meets the rest of the quarter panel. I was not happy, but all they would do is look to improve the repair. They did allow me to go to a body shop of my choice however. In the end, I didn't need repaint, only wet sanding and buffing to improve and blend the area. It became something only I was aware of but I had a bad taste for a while.
  7. You're in the hands of Service at this point. I would not wait for the Salesperson at all. It looks like someone tried to repair a couple individual spots and didn't finish the job. The hazy spots look like they didn't buff out the clear properly after wet sanding or they went through the clear (which is thin to begin with) trying to fix the spot and the ring is what you're left with. I don't think it's clear over primer from the factory. A good private body shop would be good for an estimate and advice on your situation. Obviously check with the dealer too, but their body shops can be sketchy. Sorry this happened to you. Beautiful looking truck otherwise.
  8. Bought a WeatherTech rear floor liner for my 16 Silverado and was not impressed. Seemed thin and rigid, not conforming as well as I'd like. On my 18 Silverado I got the GM all weather liner and it is excellent. I've heard Husky's are good too, but do not have experience with them.
  9. 87 Monte SS Aerocoupe 45K orig miles. I've owned since 91 and restored over 20 years ago.
  10. No lift or level, stock size. Sold my factory Eagle LS2s on Craigslist for $350, which helped with the cost of the Coopers. Also getting a $70 promo card from Cooper. Can't complain so far.
  11. Good for you and I'm glad to hear this as I just put 4 on my 18 Silverado a month ago. Love them so far and they look great. I will keep an eye on them for the issue you had.
  12. My guess is 2018 must be limited by now. I got my leftover 18 late last December for 25% off MSRP. It's a loaded LTZ and I'm happy with it. I was also happy with my 16. Both trucks had the 6 speed and 3:42 rear.
  13. Nice truck and tire/rim combo...I sold my factory eagle LS2s and recently put on Cooper ATs on my 2018
  14. 2018 LTZ Silverado. Finally got it cleaned up a bit after the New England winter.
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