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  1. Well I haven't done anything yet, believe it or not these numbers were much worse on 1st go around haha. My truck is selling retail/privately for around $34K - 35K (starting point)in a fairly widespread search. You're right on the new vehicle price, unfortunately in this area with this demographic, it will be tough for me to match Laura prices and I will be lucky to see 21% (I'm not financing) off MSRP.
  2. What is ridiculous? The trade price? The new truck price?
  3. I'm in a similar situation. My 16 has 23K and have been eying the leftover 18 deals for a few months. It's not something I have to do, but would consider if the right deal came up. My view is you're going to pay one way or the other. I know some guys like to drive them into the ground and pay for maintenance and repairs along the way. By the time you need a new truck, how do you handle the large gap between a new truck price and little left to trade or sell privately? I'm not interested in a 19, and wouldn't buy first year anyway. As someone mentioned I'd wait until 2020 or 2021. I'm getting trade figures around $30K for my 16 trade. If I can get an 18 for high 30's, that's pretty decent to start the clock over and drive it for a few years until the new design shakes out. If I wait a couple years, I'll guarantee my trade will be high teens low 20's with much higher mileage and a new truck could be 50K???? That gap is tougher to take. In the end, I'll only do it if the numbers make sense.
  4. Wow what a difference in the looks department at least... Looking for an 18 myself, possibly an LTZ, although I like the 18" rims with AT OWL tires myself
  5. Best tonneau cover?

    I have a BakFlip Revolver X2 roll up that has served me well. I use it all the time. https://bakflip.com/p/bak-revolver-x2-tonneau-cover/
  6. This issue is not new. The tires that come on new trucks are not what I would purchase from a tire dealer. If you don't have Z71, they upcharge for Blackwall "All Terrain". They upcharge again (even with Z71) if you get OWL. It's a stretch to call the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A an All Terrain tire because they are certainly not a BFG AT or other popular AT tires. In the past, I have removed OEM tires immediately and purchased what I want from a tire dealer. You can usually get $300 - $500 from someone on Craigslist for the new tires removed from your truck. As someone else mentioned, "before signing papers" you can possibly negotiate upgraded tires with the dealer prior to delivery.
  7. I think the rebates come out a varying points during the month, not just on the 1st. My guess is they'll be back to at least where they were in a few days or week and good through 11/30/18. My question on this build extension is what year do they continue to title the 2018's? Are they really going to build, and customers buy "new" 2018 trucks well into 2019 when they typically would be producing the next model year (2020)? Won't the value of the 2018's be that much less (even though the truck is physically new) because it will be deemed as a couple years old when purchased?
  8. So I'd wonder why there wasn't noticeable trans fluid below the truck when the incident happened, and/or limping it back to the service bay? Why wasn't this caught during the "pre-delivery" inspection or do they not do that anymore (I'm not sure just asking)? Being honest, I changed the oil in my 16 and had the gasket from the old filter on there and oil sprayed everywhere for about 10 seconds before I realized what happened. My engine didn't seize, it's perfectly fine, but what a mess, hence my question on the trans line leak and why there wouldn't be obvious evidence and why wasn't it caught earlier? Best of luck to you, it must be frustrating for sure with a vehicle not even driven off the lot.
  9. Any Idea what this is?

    Nice looking truck...I'm liking those Centennials more and more...
  10. I'm having a similar issue with regards to leather. I'm just looking mid-level LT, maybe LT Z71, but with leather. Literally two trucks from two separate dealers sold their 18's I was looking at over the last day while I was communicating via email. There are tons of mid-level trucks with cloth, but few with leather unless you want to jump to LTZ and High Country. I refuse to pay for a sunroof...that is a deal breaker for me...don't want it, had before in Tahoe's etc., and never used. At least in my area, the leftover 18's with leather are going quick. I'd also like to switch out the tires (not a fan of Goodyear OEM stock tires) and I like the 18" rims on the LT and LTZ, but don't love the 18" on Z71. Don't want 20" rims. I don't know much about the Katzkin covers, maybe that is an option. Wheels and tires can always be switched after the fact. The rear window I probably wouldn't touch if it's not factory. I thought most trucks mid-level and up come with heated seats.
  11. I've considered the road trip to Laura, but probably not practical for my personal situation. I'm just looking for an LT or LT Z71, leather, Nav, All Star, 18" wheels, etc...As a prior post has mentioned, I can possibly get 21% (no finance rebate included) and a solid trade and it will be what it is for the area. As it is, the inventory within a couple hundred miles, is diminishing for what I'm looking for. They will sell. Tomorrow I'm supposed to look at an 18 LT Z71 Black that arrived on a different dealers lot two weeks ago, so pretty damn new. Manufacturing date of August. I'll update if things go forward!
  12. What you said makes perfect sense. In my area however, I'm not seeing those couple dealers with the really aggressive pricing, they are all similar. For example, my local dealer I've been communicating with for a couple months contacted me today about another discount and we can start breaking the 20% barrier. After an hour or so emailing, I asked him to give me manufacturing date and mileage on this particular unit because it's been on their lot for like 8 months...and he tells me when he finally found the vehicle it had sold sticker on it. People in this area don't care about the 25% to 30% discount...these 18's are on a fire sale regardless and they will not last.
  13. What states are you guys in with these deals? Boston area is tighter with the deals it seems as I'm lucky seeing 19% - 20% off MSRP, more commonly 15% off. Although I'm not using the financing rebate, so that's a couple percent there I guess. I've been looking for an 18 for a few months now and dealers around here just don't seem to care if you walk away.
  14. I've had trucks/tahoes where I find the door adjar the next day in my driveway. This happened a couple times as my truck was unlocked. I've also had the driver window smashed at the gym in pure daylight. That was a pain to clean up. These are drug related snatch and grab efforts. People looking for cash or things they can pawn quickly like phones, electronic devices, etc. As someone mentioned, I don't think the end game is to try and steal the truck (unless they tow it). In some ways it makes sense to obviously not leave anything of value in the truck but leave it open so they don't smash windows. Otherwise the security system along with law enforcement route would be the next step.
  15. I've been looking to score a deal on an 18 for a couple months now, but won't pay what I've been seeing in the Boston area. I have a perfectly good 16, but with miles getting up there, and changeover in the 19's, it seemed like a good time to look for one to hold on to for a few years. Anyway, went to my local dealer for a casual drive through today. They were bursting at the seams with inventory (mostly 18's and some 19's). No where to park, so I'm going to keep pressing them to give me the 20% + I want off an 18 if I can. During my walk around, I had a few observations on the 19. These are very superficial observations, so take that for what it's worth because I did not drive the new 19 truck. I think I can get used to the new design aesthetically on the outside, however I thought it was a little odd how the front end of the fenders were just hanging there as they connect into the front assy. There's a gap there that I'm sure for functional reasons helps, but it looks a little odd to me. The tailgate looked pretty sweet. I do like the stamped Chevrolet emblem in the tailgate and the whole back end was pretty attractive. I also like the interior of the bed with the spray lining, and extra tie down points and new light location. I thought the new aluminum on the tailgate was kind of flimsy if you tap it with your finger vs an 18 right beside it. It may mean nothing but it seemed less sturdy. Looking in the window the leather looked liked better quality, but again I did not get in or drive. Just looked smoother leather than my truck (2016). I would like to drive one of the 19s to really see...but I'm more stuck on getting an 18 to last for a few years before I trade for the new design.

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