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  1. I've been looking to score a deal on an 18 for a couple months now, but won't pay what I've been seeing in the Boston area. I have a perfectly good 16, but with miles getting up there, and changeover in the 19's, it seemed like a good time to look for one to hold on to for a few years. Anyway, went to my local dealer for a casual drive through today. They were bursting at the seams with inventory (mostly 18's and some 19's). No where to park, so I'm going to keep pressing them to give me the 20% + I want off an 18 if I can. During my walk around, I had a few observations on the 19. These are very superficial observations, so take that for what it's worth because I did not drive the new 19 truck. I think I can get used to the new design aesthetically on the outside, however I thought it was a little odd how the front end of the fenders were just hanging there as they connect into the front assy. There's a gap there that I'm sure for functional reasons helps, but it looks a little odd to me. The tailgate looked pretty sweet. I do like the stamped Chevrolet emblem in the tailgate and the whole back end was pretty attractive. I also like the interior of the bed with the spray lining, and extra tie down points and new light location. I thought the new aluminum on the tailgate was kind of flimsy if you tap it with your finger vs an 18 right beside it. It may mean nothing but it seemed less sturdy. Looking in the window the leather looked liked better quality, but again I did not get in or drive. Just looked smoother leather than my truck (2016). I would like to drive one of the 19s to really see...but I'm more stuck on getting an 18 to last for a few years before I trade for the new design.
  2. Dealership advice

    If the dealer thinks that looks good and that's what you wanted, they're lying. If they did what the contract says, that may be a different story. My local dealer told me a month ago looking at an 18 on their lot that had cloth, they can send it up the street and convert to leather for $1200. Again if it's all black, then maybe that's fine. I wouldn't do it however because I'd rather get it like I want from the factory. Aftermarket I can do what I want (tires, rims, tonneau, steps, etc.). Definitely keep after them and maybe they'll split the difference with you to put new black colored plastic bases in or whatever.
  3. Dealership advice

    The Katzkin is probably better material than OEM, however that color combo result you're left with looks really odd. That will probably impact resale, etc. If everything was already black, and they just changed the seat covers to leather, it would be fine. I would probably go back to original color either in the cloth or a Katzkin leather match so it looked more uniform. Unfortunately you may need to eat the cost of some of this to get it right.
  4. I agree with everything in this post. I've always negotiated new car first, then and only then bring trade into the equation. In our area, 18% is pretty decent. In 2016 I got 20% from dealer down the street. I may call Laura Chevrolet and just hear what they have to say over the phone on a selected vehicle from their lot. If it's a couple grand difference and I have to go through the hassle of trading elsewhere, flying down, etc...it's not worth it to me, but as another poster stated, and 8K difference is very significant!
  5. If you go to an autobody supply house, they will have a scan tool that they may be able to use on your black pieces to give you a paint code that will be very close for you to use on the other interior parts. Just make sure the paint is appropriate for material (does it need a flex agent, etc.).
  6. Laura GMC and Laura Chevrolet out of IL. Mentioned a lot on this site for the favorable deals on New trucks, average on trade in though.
  7. That story sounds typical of the area. I've purchased many vehicles over the years and typically know the product and prices going in, but it can still be tough. On my 2016 I had them give me $500 Linex free after all other negotiations were done, so good job on running boards and sticking to your guns. Oh, and they put customers through the BS because they want you to cave and want to get the hell out of there and succumb to the lower trade. Statistically, they probably get most customers not wanting to deal with the stress or not knowing any better and do what the dealer wants. I also love the tactic of holding the keys of the trade while they're wearing you down.
  8. I think I will check CarMax and see where we are at. Downside is I will pay full Mass tax unless dealer wants to match CarMax. I hadn't thought about flying to Laura, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. Thanks for the tips.
  9. Yes it can be a quandary...should I buy now or wait a couple years... My feeling is you will pay one way or the other. New vehicles are very expensive. If a person waits, they will have a bigger delta (new cost minus trade) than if they do it sooner. I won't do anything if I can't get a manageable delta and I'll wait until at least 2020 or 2021. At that point, my delta will be over $20K vs possibly $12K right now. I've always purchased new vehicles every 2-4 years. The bigger note, when waiting 4+ years is tough to swallow. Interestingly enough, when I got my 16 Silverado, I caught a plus 20% off MSRP, which was very good. I had a 2012 Tahoe with 50K, needing tires and brakes and the trade in was way beyond what I expected. This was a rare event where "New" Tahoe's were suddenly the price of a condo, so it positively impacted my trade. I had a $6k delta, which I paid cash and was probably one of the better deals I've scored over the years. The truck also suited my needs way more than the SUV.
  10. Ya, thanks that makes sense. I know some 19s are in transit, but haven't hit the lots yet. I would get all the promos GM is offering at the time (minus the financing as I'm not going that route) plus whatever else I can get the dealer to take off. I've been using GM Card points for a long time and right now I have a bit over $1000. Your deal of 37K from 52K is approx. 28%. I'm not seeing anything like that locally. Half that basically. Anything approaching 20% or over is decent I think. I would definitely want to trade as the Mass tax is high and it really takes the bite out of it with a trade. As you mentioned it can be tough selling something of this value privately too. Looking at used vehicles similar to mine on their lot gives an idea of what I would get for a trade. Most are on a dealers lot for around $33K - $34K. Given this, I can't imagine they would give me any more than $28K for mine, maybe less. Thanks.
  11. Hey All, I have a 2016 Silverado LT with leather, All Star and Linex bed liner with 21K miles. I'm considering getting an 18 while my current truck is still worth good money, but also before the 2019 changeover. I probably wouldn't look to get one until 2020 or 2021 otherwise. I see all these deals you guys are getting with leftover 18's from Laura GMC and some dealers in TX as well. I'm in the Boston area and the deals are what they are. I'm not seeing 20 - 25% off MSRP like some of you have listed. Local dealers seem to be around 14 -16% off MSRP and don't care if I walk away. I got a tremendous deal on my 2016 and the same dealer said maybe wait until Labor day sales and see if they are different. Also, where can I get a fair trade value for my current truck? Figures I got on line are all over the place. NADA seems high, while KBB and especially Edmunds seems low....to the tune of around 28K for an average vehicle. I know this is not straight forward, but it's more of a question of what could I expect a 50K Silverado for after discounts and what could I expect for my 16, in great shape with the specs above? Thanks for any input. Bob

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