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  1. Post Pics of your "Other" Rides

    87 Monte SS Aerocoupe 45K orig miles. I've owned since 91 and restored over 20 years ago. Looking to sell as I don't use it, just liked working on it.
  2. No lift or level, stock size. Sold my factory Eagle LS2s on Craigslist for $350, which helped with the cost of the Coopers. Also getting a $70 promo card from Cooper. Can't complain so far.
  3. Good for you and I'm glad to hear this as I just put 4 on my 18 Silverado a month ago. Love them so far and they look great. I will keep an eye on them for the issue you had.
  4. My guess is 2018 must be limited by now. I got my leftover 18 late last December for 25% off MSRP. It's a loaded LTZ and I'm happy with it. I was also happy with my 16. Both trucks had the 6 speed and 3:42 rear.
  5. Nice truck and tire/rim combo...I sold my factory eagle LS2s and recently put on Cooper ATs on my 2018
  6. 2018 LTZ Silverado. Finally got it cleaned up a bit after the New England winter.
  7. Replacing stock tires

    Sold my eagle ls2 OEM tires with 1800 miles for $350. Got Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S OWL road force balanced as an upgrade. Great deal.
  8. Ceramic Pro

    Agree with this post. I'm on the fence with the ceramic coat process. I've restored and painted cars, detailed cars etc. over the years. I'm sure I could handle the DIY route for the ceramic stuff. I did a bit of research on products and process etc. It turns out most of what I found out is you are buying into a new process. In other words, you're not just swapping out wax/sealant for ceramic coating and everything else stays the same. If I want to wash my truck after ceramic, I'm advised to use a specialized wash meant for ceramic coatings. If I want to use a quick detailer after I wash my truck, I'm advised to use a specialized ceramic coating appropriate quick detailer. I'm advised to use specific applicators and go through microfiber towels like they're going out of style. The other thing I found out is the unused ceramic coating has a very short shelf life, so for the high expense you had better use it quickly (I think Myabi was within 30 days). I've got a cabinet full of detail supplies as well as a rotary, flex and cyclo machine. I like the concept of the coating technology, and I've used nano technology in some of the menzerna polishes in the past, but for now I think I'm going to just do my 18 Silverado the way I've always done it.
  9. Rear window leak

    Already posted early on in this thread, and I feel for you guys. I bought a new 2018 a couple months ago but I would be very distraught if this was an issue I was dealing with on a new 19. I hope GM takes care of you guys full circle, buy back, replacement of items, etc. ...
  10. Replacing stock tires

    I just removed my LS2s with 1800 miles on my new 18 Silverado. Looks like I have the same wheels as you, the 20" chrome. I went with the Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S in stock size OWL facing out. Dressed up the truck and had them road forced balanced. Only been 500 miles but so far so good. I agree the LS2s road nice, but pretty plain looking and I'm not a Goodyear fan. I'm selling my set on craigslist.
  11. I had a 16 and now an 18 Silverado, both from Mexico and so far so good!
  12. Rear window leak

    There's a sticker on the drivers door jamb, at least on my 2018 there is. Mine shows a build date of 11/18 top left of sticker and a bunch of other numbers and info
  13. The handle is not the issue as much as the crease in the door panel, at least as far as body work goes. Typically, even for a small spot on a panel, they would sand, fill, base coat the spot and then clear the whole panel to hide the fix. As someone else pointed out, even with a new door, they would have to paint it and also blend into the fender and rear door to get it to match possibly. Probably better off with new handle (painted to match), lock cyl replacement and fix the existing door skin. Another option, if the paint is not cracked on door skin, is a paintless dent removal place like dent wizard. It maybe worth a try.
  14. Same as everybody else, my 18 CC (Mexico) has fender bracket painted on drivers side and galvanized steel looking bracket on passenger side, however no rust. I wonder if the L and R brackets were supplied by different vendors and therefore the difference? In any event, it looks like the bracket could be removed without disrupting fender alignment (3 bolts on the body and 1 on the fender). I'm sure there are other body brackets that are the same that can't be seen. I'm doing nothing with mine unless it starts to rust heavily, but no sign of that now even through a bad New England winter of salt, etc.
  15. Glad to see this topic. I wonder how many "non-forum" people are happy with their trucks. Probably a good percentage. I had great luck with my 16 and so far love my 18. Chevy makes the best looking trucks.

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