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  1. Is oil brand name a controversial subject around here haha? Mobil One full synthetic 0W20 for example on sale from Walmart!
  2. On my 18 I changed it myself around 3000, but didn't reset the DIC back to zero to reflect it. I also used a new factory AC Delco filter. When I came in to dealer for my first of two free maintenance procedures at around 7000 miles, they were not aware about "my" change and less likely to point fingers at me in the event of engine problems. I tend to use AC filters during the warranty period but do upgrade the oil when I do it myself.
  3. I agree with this and I've done it myself. It's the way to get professional results. The only concern is the factory clear is so thin on these new vehicles you need to be careful during the wet sanding process. Several youtube videos showing similar process with great results.
  4. It kind of looks like standard backer rod prior to caulking material. I appreciate your effort and I also feel for all those affected by this unacceptable situation. I was looking at a 21 in July of 21, but am monitoring this thread carefully before I make that decision. Thanks for your efforts.
  5. My 18 LTZ was built in November 2018 and I bought it in December 2018. It's nice when it's that new and not sitting on a lot for so long. I hope your truck is leak free msaul37 and I hope GM can finally fix this issue because I'd like to consider a leftover 21 in about a year!
  6. Great job Leevon. This is why these forums are so great!
  7. outrag1


    Agree with this. I've been asking my wife for at least a week, why don't they show more details on those that recovered? What was the duration, how severe or mild were the cases, can we create a herd immunity, etc...There would be less fear and panic if people had this information as well.
  8. I feel for all of you dealing with this unacceptable treatment over a "new year" poor design issue that continues into subsequent years. Are you disclosing the window leak issue to the other manufacturer during the trade? If not, are they not curious as to why you are trading a virtually new truck for another brand?
  9. I posted a couple times early on and feel so bad for all of you who are dealing with this. I was planning on a leftover 21 (as I got a leftover 18 last year) in 18 months or so, but I sure as shit will not be doing that if the window issue is not resolved.
  10. I've had good luck with the X4 (same one used on two trucks). I got a good deal around $700 via the Internet a couple years back. I would personally not be interested in the hard fold a cover. I will say on the roll up I agree it's not perfectly water tight and the rubber seals need some playing with to get it right. This was fine with me as I didn't expect it to be water tight.
  11. BakFlip Revolver...same unit I've used on my 16 and then transferred to my 18. Have had good luck with it.
  12. Just for reference, my 2018 (K2 build of 11/18) has the VITRO stamp. Maybe the switch over to FUYAO for the new T1's is part of the issue along with body flexing as has been mentioned.
  13. Changed oil myself at 3000 miles on my 2018. I got my supplies of 8qts full syn 0/20 (I forget the brand but it was Penz or Valvoline or something decent) and PF63 AC Delco filter at Walmart on special for around $44 for everything. I did not reset the oil change clock because I wanted it to be invisible to the dealer. Yesterday I got my first of two free maintenance services at the dealer at 7000 miles, which includes oil change, tire rotation, checklist of things. I'll do the second free maintenance at the dealer next spring and probably keep to what GM recommends after that to minimize any warranty issues. If the truck was out of warranty, I would do whatever I wanted, but until then I'll go by what GM and the dealer says. As far as the dealer cost for the maintenance service if I had exhausted my freebies, I believe it's around $60. They are always sending coupons, etc. with that price.
  14. The ride is good (P rated, yet HD at 50psi max) and the appearance and functionality is enhanced over the GY Eagle LS2's that came with the truck. I've had much worse road noise with an E rated tire. I did get them at a place that does road force balancing (which the dealerships have) so that may have helped on a 20 inch rim. Not sure on the other sizes fitting a stock application. There are a lot of threads on here talking about lifts, levels, tire size, etc. and what may fit a stock application.
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