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  1. Wow...6.2 and all, nice going and good luck!
  2. The factory bed liner comes with the bowtie or (GMC) stamped on the front wall of the bed, otherwise it's no different than the after market Linex, etc. spray in liners you can get at many locations. The current 18 I just got I had the spray in liner done by the dealer ( they own their own liner shop) and the 16 I had, that dealer farmed it out to a local Linex place and had it done. You should be able to get it done between $450 and $550.
  3. This is exactly what I was trying to convey in my lengthy post, however Sierra Dan was much more concise. I agree with this philosophy.
  4. My view is you're going to pay one way or the other. For those who run their truck into the ground and keep forever and don't have a payment, blah, blah, blah...How do you possibly justify a note on a new truck for $60K when the time eventually comes and you have little to no equity to trade or sell privately? If you time it right, you can have a manageable annual expense and always be in something under warranty. I also had a 2016 Silverado LT and had great luck with it. I just traded it with 23K miles on it (and got high end of "very good" on KBB) and upgraded to a leftover 2018 LTZ at over 25% of MSRP. I did the same thing a few years ago on the 2016. I'm paying about $2,500 or so cash per year for this, which I think is reasonable and manageable. I'll look to do the same in 2-3 years once the T1's have the kinks worked out and probably look at a leftover 2021. To someone's point about buying used every few years, that makes logical sense due to depreciation. The only difference in this day and age (and maybe things will change) is that the discounts on leftover "new" trucks has rivaled the price of used trucks, so why wouldn't you go new?
  5. nothing like black and chrome...wheels are sweet...and I can relate to the tool expenditure haha...
  6. Beautiful pics....I'm hoping to do the same up the white mountains of NH, however the weather is so shitty now I can't even wash my new truck without it getting filthy 50ft down the road. Big detail coming up around March timeframe.
  7. Mike I think you got a decent deal. I just got an 18 LTZ myself for just over 13K off (not including $1500 finance rebate as I paid cash). Laura in IL is not the end all be all for everyone. Not everyone can pick up and fly there to make the deal for an extra couple grand. The Boston area is horrible for car deals and I searched long and wide and "most" regular dealers were dishing out 15 - 18% off MSRP with all the discounts (and will watch you walk away) and I ended up with 24% off. It's what the market will bear in my area. Enjoy your new truck.
  8. New Wheels!

    chrome wheels and other chrome look so good against black, I'm old school and not a fan of the blacked out everything. Personally I'd have smaller diameter rims but good looking truck you have there.
  9. Wireless charging

    I don't mean to hijack this thread swapping console lids and wiring, but just got my 18 LTZ and it already comes with the wireless pad. Does it only work with certain phones or is there a certain setup needed to get it to work? I have an LG android and it didn't seem to do anything when placing it on the mat. Thanks
  10. LOL, I was sick of that one by Thanksgiving. I love how the guy got two new vehicles at his house, strategically parked at an angle, combined worth over $100K, registration, inspection, financing, etc. all taken care of without the wife knowing anything. Did he trade two cars in? So many car commercials around Christmas time and none of the new vehicles have a spec of dirt on them even if they're out 4 wheeling haha...
  11. First Chevy

    Banks in Concord NH...I also have a thread on my purchase where there's more detail ... Let me know of any questions. Thx
  12. First Chevy

    Nice truck and good luck with it. I brought home my 18 LTZ last Thursday. A lot of us taking advantage of the deals.
  13. Definitely look new given the prices on the leftover 18's. When I was at the DMV registering my new 18 on Thursday, the customer service agent said " this is my 6th new Silverado today, what are they giving these away?"
  14. What's the MSRP? I've had a 2016 Silverado with 5.3 and 6speed and had good luck with it. I just picked up a leftover 18 Silverado, upgrade in trim but still with the same engine/tranny combo. I'll probably look at a leftover 2021 in a couple years with the 6.2 and 8/10 speed with hopefully much improved transmissions by then.
  15. I usually do a full detail when I get a new truck but haven't had a chance yet and the NH weather has been crappy, but I picked up my 2018 Silverado LTZ on Thursday this week. I'll post better pictures once I get it cleaned up a bit.

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