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  1. this one might make me go take a gander.. 2019 Black RST Crewcab SALE PRICE $38,432.00 MSRP* $52,740.00 Trailer brake controller, integrated $275.00 Engine, 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 $1,395.00 Convenience Package II $1,420.00 All-Star Edition $2,670.00 Z71 Off-Road and Protection Package $1,885.00 ALL-STAR EDITION AND Z71 OFF-ROAD & PROTECTION PACKAGE DISCOUNT -$1,000.00 Total Options $6,645.00
  2. 14-15k off is really good, how did you manage that? if I got the elevation, it'd have the same body color. i'm having trouble just finding ANY dark blue/black/shadow/red cajun RST z71s close to me. I know it's still early in the year, but there aren't many '19s left(none i'm really interested in), and not many '20s. anyone have an idea on how often dealerships get new deliveries?
  3. yes I mostly want it for the bose, my rental had a bose in it. the camera being better is a plus. i'm sure whenever I do get one, i'll ask about the window leak upfront. I've had the shark fin leak on me a couple times randomly the last 5 1/2 years. no big deal. I sometimes park downhill, that's when I've caught the water leak.
  4. I've been looking at different packages. still interested in an RST, with z71 off road and protection, and all star. now i'm looking at convenience 2(for the radio), but to do that I have to get the console so it switches me to bucket seats. also makes the msrp go up to $52,600. there's a truck locally that has the convenience, 18 inch wheels, trailering.. but it's not an all star, and the msrp is higher because there's no package combo/discount.
  5. prices have went up since the 'sale' ended on the 3rd. now $1000 more on most vehicles, that's the auto show discount removed.
  6. my current rental is a little Nissan Altima, and it has heated seats and steering wheel. great so far in this west virginia winter. if I got a trail boss, it'd be solid black. not a fan of the 2-color look.. but to each, their own.
  7. just my preference, less restricted on my end and if I ever need that middle seat, i'll have it.. pretty good deal on your truck. my current truck is getting repaired, a tree fell on it and took out the hood, grill, and headlight.. still drove it for 2 weeks after that though, no mechanical issues. i'm in no hurry. interested to see the price changes after tomorrow. should've got an lt z71 back when I bought my truck that I have now. and now you can't get LT with fog lights.. so RST/LT TB it is.
  8. This is going to be long and I apologize. Currently looking at a '19 RST Z71 Crew cab All Star. MSRP is $50,190. Sale price is $40,818, which includes $1000 auto show discount, package cash $2000, customer cash $3500, and price reduction below msrp $2872. That's awfully close to %20 off msrp. Which is fine and all.. but I have thoughts.. several thoughts. I have supplier pricing, but the 'price below msrp' is literally the exact same number my supplier discount is on that truck. So I'm assuming I could get an identical '20 model--which are literally priced the same--except they don't have the 'price reduction' applied.. and just use my supplier discount those trucks. I saw a '19 Silverado RST CC z71 a month ago priced at $38,765, and msrp was $52,875(-$14k difference, %73 of msrp). It was similarly equipped to the truck I'm interested in now, but it had an extra $2600 in mud flaps, trailering, and off road appearance packages that I wasn't interested in at all. Which brings me to this. In my logical mind, I could have got that truck last month(without the packages I didn't want) for $36k.. Before anyone says it, I know dealers aren't going to take off the packages. This is just a thought if those packages were never put on that truck... So if that dealer was willing to sell a brand new, more expensive truck for cheaper than a lesser-equipped version of the same one, I now have leverage, right? They were willing to sell a '19 at %73 msrp.. why not sell another truck at %73 msrp? ----------------------- Other random; I want front bench seats, cloth interior.. do you guys know what i'd be losing if I didn't want the convenience 2(I realize all-star package has convenience 1), or any other techno packages? I'd still get heated mirrors and steering wheel, correct? I do NOT want the safety package, and trailering i'll never use. I wouldn't mind a black lt trail boss but don't want those all terrain tires.(whole reason for z71 is I want the suspension). Thanks to anyone who read though all that and may have advice.
  9. that much for a sticker on a regular cab is a bit too high. my sticker was $41,615ish for a crew cab LT short box, with convenience and trailering. it was a pre-markup truck.. but still. i got the -2758 supplier, -2000 rebate, and -500 farm bureau discount with bed liner threw in for no charge. your regular cab truck should cost less than my crew cab with the same packages, even if it has a bigger motor.
  10. i'm about to go to another dealer here in a few minutes. the dealer i was working with didn't have the truck i wanted, but was going to trade with another dealership. but for some insanely stupid reason, that dealership sold that truck yesterday morning or wednesday night. it was one with the msrp still $1500 cheaper. so now i'm back to the ALMOST all star truck(convenience+towing) and because it's not an all star/and they won't put 18 inch wheels on it, it doesn't have the extra $1000 rebate. which i'll just need some more for my trade and i'll be happy. its msrp is 41,615. which i can do.. maybe if they'll take off the trailering part and leave the locking differential.. it'd be better cause i don't haul anything but want the differential. the have it listed as $36,857 online. i'll play dumb and try talking them down.
  11. how did you get the extra $3800 off? negotiation? trade in? the msrp is very similar to what i'm looking at for the truck i want. i'm figuring i'll at least get $6460(supplier, all star, farm bureau) off of my msrp of about 41,210. i'm really wanting a black silverado crew cab LT 4x4 short box with all star. i want only the 4.3. i'll only add the bed protection package and 4' chrome assist step if they give them for free/give me a great deal.
  12. well, i'm giving up on the previous truck(the demo). went to the dealer i got my current truck from, had them look up the truck i liked.. found one in ohio(i'm in wv) that i like. that dealer has it on 'sale' for $35,868, from a msrp of $41,210(after $750 all star discount). i've calculated some and found i can get it less than that. original MSRP-41,960. -$750 all star discount. -$5342(i have no idea what is in this offer) =$35,868, before ttl. however, i believe i can actually get it lower than that. i get supplier pricing(-2710), the all star crew cab discount of (-3250), along with the all star option discount (750) off. i'll also use farm bureau(-500) for $34,750. this isn't counting any additional offers such as trade in assistance or loyalty, nor does it include the fact my dealer will have to get this truck from another lot. and it's before ttl.
  13. if you called today, the prices went up since it's a new month. also, since it's the first of the month so they're not stressed to make a sale. i believe you should focus on %80 of msrp as your sale or OTD price. getting 10k off of a 40k isn't likely.. yet. maybe next year on the '14s still on the lot.
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