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  1. that much for a sticker on a regular cab is a bit too high. my sticker was $41,615ish for a crew cab LT short box, with convenience and trailering. it was a pre-markup truck.. but still. i got the -2758 supplier, -2000 rebate, and -500 farm bureau discount with bed liner threw in for no charge. your regular cab truck should cost less than my crew cab with the same packages, even if it has a bigger motor.
  2. i'm about to go to another dealer here in a few minutes. the dealer i was working with didn't have the truck i wanted, but was going to trade with another dealership. but for some insanely stupid reason, that dealership sold that truck yesterday morning or wednesday night. it was one with the msrp still $1500 cheaper. so now i'm back to the ALMOST all star truck(convenience+towing) and because it's not an all star/and they won't put 18 inch wheels on it, it doesn't have the extra $1000 rebate. which i'll just need some more for my trade and i'll be happy. its msrp is 41,615. which i can do.. maybe if they'll take off the trailering part and leave the locking differential.. it'd be better cause i don't haul anything but want the differential. the have it listed as $36,857 online. i'll play dumb and try talking them down.
  3. how did you get the extra $3800 off? negotiation? trade in? the msrp is very similar to what i'm looking at for the truck i want. i'm figuring i'll at least get $6460(supplier, all star, farm bureau) off of my msrp of about 41,210. i'm really wanting a black silverado crew cab LT 4x4 short box with all star. i want only the 4.3. i'll only add the bed protection package and 4' chrome assist step if they give them for free/give me a great deal.
  4. well, i'm giving up on the previous truck(the demo). went to the dealer i got my current truck from, had them look up the truck i liked.. found one in ohio(i'm in wv) that i like. that dealer has it on 'sale' for $35,868, from a msrp of $41,210(after $750 all star discount). i've calculated some and found i can get it less than that. original MSRP-41,960. -$750 all star discount. -$5342(i have no idea what is in this offer) =$35,868, before ttl. however, i believe i can actually get it lower than that. i get supplier pricing(-2710), the all star crew cab discount of (-3250), along with the all star option discount (750) off. i'll also use farm bureau(-500) for $34,750. this isn't counting any additional offers such as trade in assistance or loyalty, nor does it include the fact my dealer will have to get this truck from another lot. and it's before ttl.
  5. if you called today, the prices went up since it's a new month. also, since it's the first of the month so they're not stressed to make a sale. i believe you should focus on %80 of msrp as your sale or OTD price. getting 10k off of a 40k isn't likely.. yet. maybe next year on the '14s still on the lot.
  6. apparently so, and i have no idea. i'm okay with 500 off as long as it's under a couple hundred miles.. but once 4 figures are on the odometer, that discount better be more. there's another truck locally listed at $35,879, but it's white and with $430 worth of options included. however, that truck doesn't have the $1500 markup that chevy gave their cars. the black one i'm interested does.
  7. i'm wondering the same. the 1st is almost here and i 'don't need' a new truck. most offers end september 2nd or 4th.. but some others end july 31. the only thing that has me is if i wait til september/october, i won't have the exact truck i want. black all star crew cab LT short box 4x4 with the 4.3 are very rare around here. only 1 around here and it's a demo.. not a knock on it, i don't mind it, but just saying.
  8. well you were correct, sir. i know 99.9% of the time, taxes aren't included. but that disclaimer being brand new, along with the fact that it's the first time i've ever seen it worded "prices are plus ttl, fees, etc" made me think they included it. they emailed me back saying the out the door price was 38,570. which isn't counting my trade in, farm bureau, or price matching other dealers. edit-he just emailed me this. i'm not exactly sure when the trade in is/should be taken off the price.. but i was more sure that the tax of the new truck would be minus trade in of old one. anyway..
  9. i would have thought that too, but the disclaimer is brand new.. i've been checking on this truck for several days. it now has a 'dealership special' under the sale price. it's one of the trucks that was marked up $1500, and i've seen other all stars listed online locally at $35,400. they're fools if they think that just because these rebates/incentives take money off the truck that no one can negotiate down from that. they're getting the money right back from GM on most, if not all of the incentives. here is the quote from the disclaimer, regardless of what it means, it's confusing. DISCLAIMER: All prices are plus tax, title, license, and dealer documentation fees. Internet pricing includes all applicable manufacturer's rebates and incentives.
  10. there's a silverado with OTD pricing supposedly online at $36,995. wv tax is %5, title and tag are $40 together. dealer fees are probably 305ish, i'm guessing. might go for a good look later. says "online price plus ttl and dealer fees". so i'm guessing it means OTD. msrp: 43,560 -750 all star discount. "special value price"(probably supplier pricing) -2815. -2000 customer cash -1000 package cash. it looks like IF the OTD price is $36,995, -40 title and tag, - %5 tax, the actual price of the truck with the dealer fees included is $35,195. however, i think i can press them to get at least 250 more off thanks to the '3250+750' all star ad on the websites. i should also be able to use my farm bureau -500. and that's not even negotiating anything. i want the bed protection package and 4' chrome step added in so we'll see.
  11. that's what i like to hear. i wanted a crew cab short box lt 4x4 with all star or convenience pkg. those trucks are listed locally at around $43,500(all star msrp before anything taken off), and $41,600(convenience). after you take the offers, rebates, and all that off, that comes to around $35,500(all star) and $36,000(convenience). not to mention chevy apparently is advertising $3250 off all stars, and the normal $750 option and supplier discount.. yet the websites don't show that price yet. it's a steal to get an all star vs. convenience because they are the same truck.. except the 18' wheels, trailering package and differential. all i really need is these trucks to come down just a couple more thousand/get a really good trade in price and i'll be set. and seeing 10k off msrp(regardless if it's OTD or before ttl, etc) is pretty good.
  12. after thinking for a while, i've widened my range from just a LT crew cab shortbox 4x4 with convenience package to now include all star edition. i really want a truck with fog lamps and the rear window defogger, those 2 options are the only 2 with both. the all star edition comes with the same stuff, but with a trailering package and 18' wheels. the convenience pkg costs $1525, with only 2000 off. the all star is $2640, but it comes with $750 off and an additonal $1000 off.. meaning it'd cost $890 for the all star vs. 1525 for the convenience pkg. but since i'm in a bind and can't find one i like with the 4.3 motor and in black.. i have both options open. but i'll use the price discrepancy as a bargaining chip.
  13. i looked it up, and i do have the gm discount in my state. i knew that some states had different manufacturers, but didn't know if i could still get the farm bureau discount(if it was only for a certain month or something).
  14. from reading through this thread, it's looking like there's more buyers getting their truck either at %80 OTD or before TTL of 'final' msrp no matter what brand/style/etc they get. however i've noticed the larger the msrp, the more the dealer comes down. example: a truck with msrp of 50k may be purchased for 39k otd=78%. however a truck with 35k msrp may sell otd for 29k=%82. the truck i want has a msrp of $41,615... has a 'special value discount' of $2758.14 and 'cash allowance' of $2000, bringing it down to $36,857. but the msrp is still 41,615. %80 of that is $33,292. i wish the '15s would hit the lot already so the '14s would go down some more. also, does anyone know if the farm bureau discount is still active? i'm a member.. just curious.
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