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  1. I have a 2020 Silverado RST z71 and am having a different noise pop up. It happens after I've been driving for a little while, 15 minutes or so, and it sounds like a higher pitched metal on metal grinding noise. No noise at all when I start driving, but it seems like once heat builds up, it starts to grind. I don't think it's a bearing, I've heard that noise before and it's not really the same. It doesn't vibrate the steering wheel or brake/gas pedals, I'm pretty sure it's on the front end and not the rear wheels, and it definitely 'grinds' every time the wheels make a rotation, and it seems t
  2. i got mine at invoice plus the rebate 2 weeks ago, northsky blue rst crew cab with z71 & protection, convenience 1 and 2, 20 inch wheels, and 4 inch black running boards. msrp 54450, invoice 46081, dealer had to trade for it or i probably could've got a tiny bit more.
  3. i also have a northsky blue truck, it's an rst. i was interested in a black, or black with chrome trim letters to mimic the bowtie on the front. i want my truck to have a blue/black/no chrome look, i already have black running boards and tonnopro lo roll cover.
  4. looking for black letters on my northsky blue rst, i just need to see one already done to see if i like it, and not waste my money.
  5. I know! especially considering my last truck was literally on the lot for a year before i got it.
  6. Just bought my truck and now I'm looking for a new soft roll up cover. I had the Tonnopro lo-roll 1050 on my '14, I wouldn't mind getting another Tonnopro, the one similar to it is the 1095, I believe, but I'm open to other options.
  7. Just bought my truck, it's a July/20 production date from Indiana with the E4 slider. Hopefully that helps in mine not leaking.
  8. i paid invoice for mine. was 54450 down to 46081. you might squeak 500 more out of it, i could've mine if i got it straight from a dealer and not a trade.
  9. joe holland in wv, doing a dealer trade for it. I think I know where they're getting it from, and it's being delivered to the dealership this week and it's a 1gc vin(indiana plant i think). Only have to wait on it, then find some trailboss wheels and 18 inch tires. will probably sell my 20s.. i really like the black/blue look.
  10. I think I'm finally done.. sticker $54,450, to 46,081. Rst crew cab, northsky blue, z71 and protection, all star, convenience 2, 20 inch wheels and black 4 inch running boards.
  11. From everything I've gathered, and anyone is welcome to dispute this, but the more recently produced trucks(2020s made since ~January 2020), with e4 or e9 windows, made in usa(vin starts with a '1' and not a '3') are the safest bets not to leak.
  12. best i've been able to talk dealers down to is $44k on an RST with z71, all star, and convenience 2, stickered around 52-53k. that's the 5k rebate, their 'dealer price' and supplier.
  13. I've tried to talk to smaller dealerships, they will only do the gm supllier and rebate. A couple larger dealers have trade assistance and down payment assistance options, I'll try those next. Don't know how to go about asking to see the invoice price and taking rebates and discounts off those.
  14. Here's a question while i'm thinking about it.. is the farm bureau discount still a thing? I know ford gives a $500 discount for farm bureau members, and I got the discount when I bought my current silverado in 2014.. a quick google and forum search showed nothing either way. I didn't know if it was hidden or taken away from Chevy or what.
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