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  1. it very well could be a tactic while they wait, or could be a regularly scheduled break. from the pattern the last few months, the prices go up the first day, the 'take delivery date' is still later in the month, then the prices drop later in the day or the next day. but with the fact the take delivery date is just next week.. they might keep the listed prices until then.
  2. from what I've seen the dealership sites will update about 1am, the prices will go back up to near msrp, then in the morning when the dealerships open they'll update their websites with new pricing.
  3. is it in the opinion of the forum that finding out the invoice, and working the rebates/discounts from that? and what about another discount, say the supplier discount-which I genuinely have? Just wondering how, when some of you say "I got them down to __".. how did you approach that? if I took the invoice on the truck I want, find the invoice, discount the 6500, and supplier, that's a good deal from $52,600 to right at $40,000, but i'm left wanting more since I've seen some trucks online with higher MSRPs that are cheaper than $39k.
  4. I'm waiting also, like I had a choice . most dealers are closed, no dealers locally with the exact truck I want, nor are similar ones priced in my neighborhood. hopefully the some things GM put down like 0% or payment deferral lasts a while and stackable.
  5. $32k from 40 is %80 of msrp, which is good, maybe check the invoice on it and work off the invoice instead of msrp.
  6. with badging, a 2 inch lift, self cleaning door handles, and brush guard to push the hoards of people out of the way at supermarkets.
  7. one thing I've noticed with the gmsupplier website and the chevy website, is that when I've 'built' a truck on there and searched for local inventory, it shows a whole bunch of trucks that don't match what I built AT ALL, even though it says matches 100%. Also, some will say 'in transit', while it shows the dealership's picture of the truck..or it's been sold weeks ago and taken off the dealer's site, but still on gm's/chevy's.
  8. the only thing so far that's interesting is the 3 month payment deferral; dealer websites now have that 84 month option, but no extra rebate. I see some dealers have the $6000 or $6500 off, and maybe a dealer discount thrown on, around $4000 depending on the truck, so typically $10-11k off the sticker. April may be a better month. I saw where someone on here posted a chart of $9500 off stickers last year for April, and only $9k off in march.. then later in the year it goes to %20 off msrp.
  9. the federal reserve interest rates got dropped today, for whatever that's worth.
  10. i do wish they'd stop putting the rocky ridge trims on all the new trucks. I know 1 dealer locally ONLY has RSTs in rocky ridges.
  11. as far as I can tell, the pads are almost gone but the rotors are fine. IF they're bad(they are original, manufactured date was October 2013, purchased august of 2014) i'll replace them. 62k miles on my truck but I do a lot of downhill braking.
  12. i'm going with acdelco. first time I've had a vehicle long enough for a brake change. going with part # 17D1367ACH
  13. almost 13k off is great, more than %20 msrp. I've been looking at trading also, literally waiting til the end of this month to go pull the trigger(birthday present to myself). I currently have a '14 black LT crew cab 4x4 w/ convenience, 62k miles, and the 4.3 engine. trade value is anywhere between $19-23k. I've been researching since thanksgiving or so. Like you, I've decided on the RST. This time i'm getting the z71.. I live in west virginia. every road is shot. I think the trailboss looks nice, but I know the black front and the gas mileage would annoy me in the long run, and the ltz just has too much chrome and i'm tired of it anyway. I don't need the 6.2. i'd be fine with the 4.3, but I want fog lights and I like the look of the RST more than the custom.
  14. new month, new price changes. a 2019 rst crew cab z71, msrp 54385, now 39721.. it was 43,xxx yesterday. another dealership: 2020 rst crew cab z71, msrp 53450, now 48236.. it was 42,736 yesterday. -------- edit: the second truck is now 42236. dropped 6k.
  15. I'm a stickler for fog lamps and rear window defogger.. something I think should be standard on every vehicle. so that's why I have my LT Silverado w/ convenience package from 2014. So when I saw that the new trucks wouldn't have fog lights on LTs, I was bummed. So I chose the RST.. the trailbosses are nice but i'm not a fan of the black front, the lift, or off road tires. IF I could pick and choose, i'd get a bench seat, bose radio, upgraded mylink dash, and no sliding window. but I can't, so I guess i'll compromise and get a console and leaking window.
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