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  1. Here's a question while i'm thinking about it.. is the farm bureau discount still a thing? I know ford gives a $500 discount for farm bureau members, and I got the discount when I bought my current silverado in 2014.. a quick google and forum search showed nothing either way. I didn't know if it was hidden or taken away from Chevy or what.
  2. i decided no on that truck. it had the safety package, which i didn't want anyway, and i could get a brand new one cheaper right now IF they were in stock. i'll just wait.
  3. that's how i'm getting the info.. the carfax said it was registered in north carolina at 7 miles in november/december. it was then put at auto auction at 63 miles in february. then in april, it bounced through a dealership family(ramey chevy, then ramey toyota, then ramey chrysler), now at 84 miles as of May 15. according to the dealer, the truck is now being used as a demo. so i have no idea how many miles are on it. https://www.carfax.com/VehicleHistory/p/Report.cfx?partner=dlr_3&vin=3gcuyeed8lg126402&_rf_id=949632878&_ga=2.207885074.1237166268.1593904614-825705030.1593663971
  4. the used 2020 rst i posted is now at 44,750. original owner bought in north carolina in november, traded it(asumingly) in february with 65 miles. now has 85 miles and is used as a demo by the manager. sticker would've been around $54k. too much for a used truck. i don't care how many miles are on it. heck, if it was a dealer demo only, and not a used one, it should be fine but it's being sold at a dodge dealership in WV.
  5. just found a used 2020, with 83 miles, original 'owner' had it for 2 months and 55 miles. RST, northsky blue, z71, drop in bedliner, crew cab, all star, convenience 2 and safety packages, with black wheels--no idea if they're trail boss takeoffs or just rim covers. listed price is $45,423. Brand new, this would sticker around $54,000. wonder how low i could offer them? after all, that truck lost %40 of its value when it drove off the lot the first time only thing i'd change would be to add a wheel well liner, change running boards to black tube, try to see if that tailgate lettering can be removed or blacked out instead, and find out if the floormats got lost or what. https://www.rameymotors.net/used/Chevrolet/2020-Chevrolet-Silverado+1500-princeton-wv-07a8ad5d0a0e0a176a8d7b383416bd20.htm
  6. I should've got one in January or February. $1000 Auto show cash, $750 conquest, $6500 rebate. I'm a supplier so that would've took another $3000. What's next, RSTs with z71s are ineligible for rebates next month?
  7. can't wait to see how the july rebates look versus june's. probably identical or worse, i'm guessing.
  8. i guess from my arithmetic, they were only coming down another 900$ from their internet price to say that's the supplier price(52,505 sticker to 44,100). i was under the belief they should've honored their internet price + the supplier discount(~2900) + rebate, at least.
  9. went in today and test drove an RST at a dealership an hour and a half away. didn't come home with it. listed online with msrp of $52,505, 'internet' price at 45,085--only came down to 44,100.. they wouldn't add my gm supplier discount(2894), nor would start at invoice price-(49311), and lowballed me about $4k for my trade. salesman said he the 5500$ rebate was the biggest he'd seen.. but I saw 6500 just a couple months ago. whatever. onto the next one.
  10. on my trucks I've only used mobil 1 and acdelco filters, change it myself. spending $30 on the oil and filter from Walmart every 7 months or so isn't going to break the bank. acdeldco filter is what came on the truck when I bought it, mobil 1 has dexos, so I went with that. won't change my preference when I get the new truck.
  11. try to find the invoice. I think I've used Edmunds or cargurus to 'build' the truck I want and found their invoices are within $10 of each other. i'd then see if the dealer wants to honor their discount as well as the rebate. the dealers have the customers by the midsection right now. limited inventory-and will be for a while, along with small manufacturer rebates, and reasonably high demand.
  12. I've pretty much settled on a northsky blue RST z71 all star w/ conv.2, cloth seats.. problem is there's only 1 in 3 hours drive from me. and I just paid off my current truck a month ago.. still not received the title. so it looks like i'm in for a long waiting game.
  13. looks like the june 'customer cash' is now $5500. it was $6500 in February, I believe, stayed at $6000 for march, april and may, and now went down. dealerships haven't locked in their 'dealer price' on top of that yet. i'll look for that to happen later today.
  14. i think standard engine is 5.3 on the ltz while it's the 2.7 on the rst, the cell phone charging console, along with all chrome everywhere. that's all I know. the all chome everything is enough for me want the RST with z71.
  15. currently have a '14 LT crew cab with the 4.3. (backstory)back in January, a tree fell onto my right headlight/hood area. it mashed down the area a bit, and popped the grille out a little. still drove it for a week until insurance had did their part and the dealership ordered the parts. fast forward a month or so later after the repair, I start up my truck.. feels a little sluggish and a little vibration pops up. I hear a squeal noise and go a half mile more and park it. I smell something burning but see nothing and no warnings come up. I then drive onto work.. no smell, no vibration, no sluggishness. fast forward again to first week of may. no a/c. thought it may be out of coolant, so I buy some ac pro and go to hook it up...then I see the ac belt is broke and melted a little-how it hasn't fallen out of the compartment, I don't know. so I google the part, buy one at autozone.. turns out to be too long than the original belt, get one from napa, still longer than the belt but far too tight to put it on by myself-it calls for stretch fit belts. then go back to autozone and buy a shorter belt.. it fits, but it could be tighter. anyway, I see the clutch is spinning and all that, so I thought 'cool, I should have a/c in 5 minutes!'... wrong. no ac. so then I get the can of ac pro, hook it up.. no cool air. I followed the directions, read the system pressure and have none. I put the gas into the system-it briefly charges, but immediately drops out. so I have a leak somewhere, whether it be in a hose or line, or the condenser, or somewhere else. I can do some minor mechanical work, but I was looking to trade this truck in soon anyway. i'm not spending a bunch of money on something that i'm not going to have much longer, HOWEVER, it's june. i'm stuck as to either attempt to fix it myself and get over my head, take to a shop and get screwed in price, or leave it and take the hit in trade in value.
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