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  1. I’ll be honest, the truck always kinda felt like a dog, and it feels about the same after switching over to this set up. I’m not sure how much difference the high country’s extra power makes, but I’m not overly impressed with the 5.3.
  2. 2019 Silverado RST Z71 Readylift SST 4” Lift XD842 20x10 Wheels -18 offset Nitto Ridge Grapplers 35x12.5r20 mudflap brackets removed, minor trimming of flap
  3. Thanks man, it came out exactly like I wanted thankfully. The truck is a 2019 Rst 4WD, z71 with the all star package. I’ll upload some more pics for you here.
  4. Got the wheels yesterday and installed them. The spacers were not needed and the wheels fit and look great. I had a bit of rubbing on the inner edge of the factory mudflap so I removed the metal bracket behind it and trimmed some of the plastic from the flaps and have no rubbing now. The trimming was minor and is not visible if you’re standing and looking at the truck, you would have to stick your head into the wheel well to see it.
  5. Some wheels don’t clear the brake hardware so the spacer alleviates that. If the wheels fit and clear the hardware without the spacers is going to send them back
  6. I ended up ordering wheels and tires today. I went with XD842’s in 20x10 with 35x12.5 ridge grapplers And 3/8” spacers. The guys at custom offset said this should clear my set up. When I get everything and put them on I’ll check back in here and let everyone know how it worked out in case someone else has a similar question
  7. Thanks for the super in depth answer I appreciate that. I’ll try reaching out to them. I wonder if a 1” spacer with the stock wheels would alleviate the issue. I don’t want to have to rig some complicated setup though if I can just bite the bullet and get wheels
  8. Yeah everything went together smooth all the spacing for suspension components to wheel/tire appears to be the same as stock. when you say this kit maxes out the angles, do you mean it would be an issue with cv joints wearing out? So it sounds like 12.5 might be a bit too wide to fit on an 8.5 wide wheel?
  9. Hey guys, I installed the readylift SST 4” Lift on my ‘19 RST over the weekend and I love it. The install went smooth, just took a lot of physical labor using the hand held spring compressor to disassemble those front struts . Anyway, I’m looking to order tires now and I’ve decided on a set of the ridge grapplers. I definitely want to go with a 35” tire to fill the new gap with the lift, but I need help deciding between an 11.5 or 12.5 width. I’m going to be using the stock RST 18” wheels for now. I like the extra width of the 12.5 but I’m not sure if that’s too wide for the stock wheel or if I’ll have rubbing issues that can’t be fixed without permanently cutting up the truck. If I have to remove brackets And whatnot that can be replaced at a later date, that’s not an issue. id appreciate anyway help I can get with this, I’ve tried searching here and google with not much help as these trucks are so new, there’s not a whole lot of concise info out there yet. thanks!
  10. That’s my issue, the distance. The immediate area in front of the truck isn’t bad, especially with the fogs but I feel like they’re really not throwing the light far at all
  11. After riding in the high country with the high output leds, I liked them. But in my RST, definitely not. A good set of Hids is much much better. The adjustment is fine, they’re just kinda dim for my liking. I’m not trying to have light scattered everywhere like having hids in a reflector housing, I just figured there would be a way to upgrade.
  12. Hey guys, first post here. I have a 2019 RST with the stock LED headlights. I think in stock form these headlights aren’t nearly bright enough. I Ordered bulbs online (v4’s in h11 for the low beam and csp mini’s in 9005 for the high beam) because thats what the video on the retrofit source said was the correct ones. I received them today and went to install them and the backs of my headlight housings have no spots to remove a bulb, only the turn signals. It’s like the bulbs are permanently built into the housing. Both low and high beam. so it occurred to me that the bulbs are probably for the base model Silverado’s with the halogens. does this mean that the stock leds can’t be upgraded?? That’s kinda stupid
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