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  1. So, I assume that system won't work if my truck has the single tailpipe? (bumper is not notched out for twice pipes)
  2. Great looking trucks everyone! Thanks for the pictures. Mysz I think those may be EXACTLY what I’m looking for !
  3. Apologies for such a “waxer” topic. I want to put the raised plastic stick on letters on my 2020 Northsky Blue Silverado. I was wanting subtle look and ordered black. Unfortunately, they are just too close to the paint color, and don’t show up. Anyone got pics of dark colored trucks (black, Northsky Blue) with other color letters? Chrome, Silver?
  4. need a junk storage box for the rear floorboard, behind the drivers side. Would prefer something low enough to work with the rear seat folded down. What do you guys buy ?
  5. Ours is the 5.3L with the 6 speed auto. The tranny works very well. I was not even aware there was an issue with them.
  6. Ok, one last post before I delete the shortcut to this thread. Just finished our 3rd round trip form Conroe to Dallas. Drove 85 mph most of the way. Even saw 106 mph briefly (closed course, professional driver of course). We do have the sunroof as well. This 2018 Tahoe Premier is rock solid with absolutely not booming or shuddering. GM has fixed this problem. This is the finest vehicle we have ever owned. And no, I am not in the business. I am a a pipeline engineer/ manager.
  7. We had been planning to replace our 2008 Tahoe when I heard of this problem. I asked 3 different people who owned late model Tahoe’s and none of them had the booming / shuddering issue. We rolled the dice and bought a new 2018 Tahoe Premier and all I can say is that thing rides and drives like a dream. Just finished a round trip to Dallas. Extended speeds of 70 mph, 85 mph. This is our third Tahoe. No issues. We did get the 20in whelels.
  8. Does anyone sell a simple plug, or does it require the $60 modules? I put the Arnott rebuilt electronic shocks on about a year ago, and we started getting a suspension error warning on the DIC about a month ago. I'm also hearing a shit ton of squeaking that wasn't there before. I am considering replacing with the new Arnott replacement shocks (non electronic)...
  9. Funny thing is I've spoken to several people with these vehicles and all of them say they have no such issues and they love their Tahoes..........
  10. I assume when you refer to ear pressure/ booming/ buffeting, it is with all windows up and no open sun roof, correct?
  11. Thanks Zip!! Great info. I was at a place today and there was a 2016 Tahoe outside. I asked the owner about it and she said she LOVED it and had not had any of the issues mentioned here. When I left, I noticed it had the 18 inch wheels.
  12. I know this is a stupid question, but I have to ask: The thread title is about Yukons. Do Tahoes have the same problem?
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