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  1. I have these exact bulbs in my trail boss custom and have no issue with DRL or needing to install anything additional.
  2. I installed my set today, it is tight but do-able with some patience. Bulbs look awesome so far. I’m stoked.
  3. Wow. Awesome. I’m reading up on reviews of the sealights s2 and it mixed so im happy to see they appear to perform well in our housings. How are you feeling about them after having a bit now?
  4. I’m thinking of getting a borla muffler only and have my local muffler shop weld it In place of factory. I like the dual tips my trail boss has so that’s why I’m thinking muffler only. has anyone done this? What size inlet and outlet do I need to order? I can’t find this info anywhere. thanks guys
  5. Do you have a pic of the switch inside? I was curious about the factory kit and how the switch is inside.
  6. Added letters to the embossed tailgate on my trail boss custom, yay or na?
  7. Any issues thus far? Radio interference? Do they get hot with dust caps back on?
  8. curious if anyone has used led bulbs in the halogen housing on the new trail boss custom? Would this be OK? Void any type of warranty?
  9. Hey all. I’m the proud new owner of a 2019 trail boss custom. I want to purchase the LED headlights from Chevy, does anyone know if they are just plug and play? I am assuming they should fit...but not positive. Does anyone know? thanks!
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