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  1. funny thing......2020 and 2022 2500 HD and 2019, 2021 and now a 2022 1500 GM truck and all were FT Wayne Indiana, did not plan it that way and bought from different delerships.....didnt keep any long enough for reliability.....but longest one being 10k miles havent had a single issue.....and yeah for whatever reason am happy to have a FT WAYNE sticker vs mexico but thats contingent on truck staying in 1 piece.....if it doesnt than will be more mad than if it was made in Mexico does this makes sense?.....absolutely it doesnt but we humans are strange so what are ya gonna do
  2. Lol, have seen leveled to 6 in lifted trucks on the lot at chevy dealers with warranty on the sticker.....pro comp lifts which if you brought that in they wouldn't warranty it....because you didn't pay the ridiculous upcharge.....its politics Know what warranty covers and dont....they have to prove your mod caused the issue to void it....knowledge is key They use the cheapest cheapest lifts possible to make the most profit and cover it on OG warranty.......seen it numerous times Fabtech, ready lift, pro comp, but you will never see a BDS (prolly the best in the biz) on the lot at chevy dealer in so cal anyway......the profits arent big enough.... .
  3. ive had a 2019, 2021, 2022 HD and now a refresh 2022 and seats seem a lil better, though still firm.......everything just feels lil more refined tbh
  4. nah i have a 22 RST refresh now.....22 2500 was 2 trucks ago, lol i turned off buckle to drive but chime still comes on, ill try to give it a lil bit more time to shut off.......on 21 your exactly correct, it just gives up after like the 2nd attempt......ill give this new one a bit more time and see if it shuts off
  5. already been down this road with X31 elevation, yeah the ranchos suck ( twin tubes especially)but wanted the 2 spd transfer case and hill descent......I have an Eibach suspension kit for the Ram and never opened it, so drive to their shop in Corona and swap it for Silverado kit
  6. they are fine right out of the plant....you can actually go longer now, remember it was every 3k miles for oil changes when all the jiffy lubes first popped up, lol its called "common sense" .......and its a fading trait in the world today
  7. i tried that.....you can drive the truck but the chime doesnt turn off
  8. you can move it a few feet with the buckle to drive off but the chime still comes on if you want to go to the store.....guessing no way to dismiss the chime unless you have a dummy buckle latched in........in the 21 models it was able to be dismissed and chime would go off
  9. never had an issue.......ive done both and also been careless and not changed oil for incredible lengths of time on engines that had nearly 300k miles......sometimes i think we as humans just like to trip out on stuff however insignificant it might be.....i have been guilty plenty and have not givin a crap at same time......do whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy........i will say the 10 spd tranny is so much better to drive than the 8spd.......I also blasted home to LA from phoenix in my new truck right off the lot doing 90mph at 1 a.m. the other night, i would actually vote its better than babying it.........i wont debate it or have any proof that it is.......i just have other stuff to trip on and worry about these days, lol
  10. yeah been a GM fan my whole life......went to Ram for brief stint and didnt care for them really, so now back to GM and truck feels so much better......BUT i will say the LED lights on the Ram were pretty awesome, that and their braking system was noticeably better......my 22 RST lights came angled a little low from factory so raising them up a hair helped, I noticed on long drive back from dealership the beam pattern was barely visible doing 85 mph in middle of the desert.....well see if it helps but on short lil drive i did, it seemed better and still not blinding oncoming traffic...... i did put LED in 2 of my HD trucks of the new gen model and lighting seemed a lil better maybe....
  11. If that kicker box sounds halfway decent and is easy to install I would maybe just do that......I have non boss Tbh the base sound system in my new 22 refresh sounds better than my 21 did.....seems that way but still kinda meh..... I replaced the speakers in my 21 with Crutchfield JL audios all the way around and sound improvement was marginally better.....I sure wouldn't do it again fir those same results..... If I can throw a box in with better improvement and maybe get speakers dtl ......not an audio guy and really don't want to open up a can of worms and frustration
  12. Like the black wheels, would rather have those than silverish upgraded mine came with....
  13. Lol, I dont subscribe to that theory....just drive it normal.....its fine
  14. Just picked up my new silverado with base sound system.....drove 6 hrs in ram to dealer and 6 hrs back in Silverado.....the HK system is better but it's not whole lot..better bass and just lil bit cleaner......maybe I just expect alot more than what is reality....
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