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  1. I chose it mostly over half ton truck....I dont tow and certainly if I ever did it wouldn't be but I need payload.....diesel was out of the question from start for me.....just not necessary and it's 10k If you gotta have diesel I totally understand, gas works fine and has plenty for what I do....
  2. Traded in 2021 gmc elevation (pretty truck) 2500 just such a better truck imo...should have kept my first one Not as pretty as the GMC but much more capable...paid under MSRP and my trade was positive in equity......used cars going up again
  3. you have to get convienance 2 pkg (chevy) or preferred pkg (GMC) i had it on my LT2500 with conv 2 pkg but not on either my RST or Elevation that didnt have those pkgs you need the premium infotainment.....and yeah i kinda miss it radio and phone can be controlled thru DIC with conv 2 pkg......not on the std conv pkg
  4. had 1500, went to 2500 and back to 1500.....now another 2500......all within a year or so......2500 is just more solid and your right its hard to go back....i am a hot mess with decisions, lol
  5. so it should be on the truck if sticker says it is, if there is a delete it will also state that on sticker with credit of few bucks or whatever?.......
  6. so how do you know if a truck has certain features, even thru a MSRP sticker?......will it include deleted items, or will it just say its there and than not be....looking to buy one with safety 1 pkg and sticker says its on the truck.....its in transit, i dont want it if it doesnt as i have more options to pick from.......am sure the salesman wont know ******.....
  7. for sure....i had a 2wd 2020 crew cab 2500 and it sat taller than my 1500 does now with a 3'' lift in front.....i was more curious about just the cab itself....but looks like they the same, should have kept the 2500....
  8. i believe all the seats will fit and bolt up but getting power to seat if it is one may be tricky......though i saw a thread where a guy put power seats into a custom or WT awhile back.....i dont know about the mirrors
  9. yeah i knew the beds were bigger, i just didnt know about cab.....thanks...
  10. so are the 2500s cabs bigger than the 1500s?.......they look to be slightly bigger but cant say for sure
  11. i saw a TB the other day in front of me that was doggie walking down highway......front looked1-2inches out of whack, bodywork was in tact but the truck clearly was in an acciddent at some point......wonder if the chick even knew her truck was jacked
  12. i have a 3in lift on my elevation......no problems and rides very well for 20 inch rims, too big imo (my 2019 RST with 18s rode better stock vs elevation stock), 17s or 18s would be alot better.......i had a bad experience with fabtech so will never use them again i do need to drop the differential couple of inches but havent found a kit yet, so no 4wd until i do.....i can still go up another inch in front with the kit i have on and would perfectly level the truck but without a drop kit not gonna do it also running a UCA i didnt want to use spacers so have
  13. exactly......i have a AT4 kit on elevation and currently @ 3in front.....i wont go higher or use 4WD until i have drop kit....thankfully i dont need it........running stock tires but it wouldnt matter, tires dont alter angles like lifts do......i do have a UCA and did buy a diff drop but it isnt for T1 trucks, says it will fit but its puck spacers like older gen and new trucks are different
  14. its an industry thing......Ram has same deal as am sure ford does too
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