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  1. Thats good thing with ball in your court As long as you have willpower to give up a truck you built specifically for you.....think they bank a bit on that factor for sure unless build is oretty much a standard truck they always order anyways..... You'll find out soon enough though....a car salesman sticking to something they said I would hold my breath....if he does you scored a good one...
  2. plus dealer incentive on top....would have scored! but it will come back eventually and youll get the same....it wont be this way next year
  3. looks like 2500 gas rebates went up from nothing to something.....but yeah either wait awhile or see if a dealer needs to make a sale.....on 1500 12k seems to be the benchmark ( some better some lower but seems avg in normal times)….on 2500 idk maybe 4k and diesel maybe 8k.....not best time to get great deal though am sure someone will, timing and dealer make big difference but overall maybe wait for 2021 I do see a bit of 2500s funneling in to dealers though last week or so....1500s probably same and more so....depends how many are left and are gonna get built..
  4. you probably were approved for 3 or 3.5% and they jack it up another 1.5%.....they do this ****** all the time, especially for customers with less than tier 1 or 2 credit.....your own financing is way to go and you still get rebates usually....I have twice in last year anyway
  5. in manual it says to see a dealer but ill check to see if I can find same screw on 2020
  6. they are really low in new silverados,,,,and there are few kits out there....I am 6ft and think they could be up an inch or so
  7. sorry, I meant service manual....damn $600......guess owners manual will do
  8. steering wheel has been a real headache, seen so many threads on this and don't think I saw one where they got it to work.... remote start and bed stuff is pretty simple because those trucks have that option available...midlevel infotainment, steering wheel isn't an option on custom or WT nice truck you have!....I have almost same truck
  9. I had sensors so never had a worry but always thought I was closer to stuff than I was.....my 2500HD has been bit easier to guage for me, but still I liked that RST a lot...….youll love the truck man, and yeah waiting and anticipating is whole point of getting a new one, lol.....pretty soon it will just be your same ol truck so enjoy the early stages of the process! and yeah back in to parking spaces whenever possible.....much easier my RST would feel like a sedan now after driving 2500 for awhile...its all perspective, lol
  10. yeah I would be friggen livid if they refused to fix or replace it...….I would not go away quietly thats for sure
  11. yeah I used to do a lot of graphics for dirt bikes and use some windex or soapy water and make sure surface is really clean.....windex just gives you more time.....but since the lettering is already stamped in tailgate its pretty straightforward.....I just stuck em on dry
  12. aren't they having problems with Aisin tranny......I thought I saw something where they were having shifting problems or shifts poorly, cant remember but maybe not
  13. actually not too impressed with brakes.....my RST were way stronger, but I haven't had a 2500 b4 so idk what they used to be like but have thought about making these a bit more powerful
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