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  1. i prefer GMC......had 2 of each in last 2 years and just the small touches GMC does feel bit better imo......the guage cluster looks better.....standard multi tailgate, LED lights in lower trim, just small things but noticeable
  2. by far a HD is better for hauling and towing even in moderate weight class.......stability, brakes, more agressive tow/haul mode, its a completely different experience than a half ton.....
  3. I dont mind chrome..... tired of black now, its been done for so long.....every truck has black wheels like anything else it just gets played out......chrome will be back....already see more and more lately..... would prolly keep ZR2 for off road capability but if you dont need it
  4. its a brand new truck just drive it........dont worry about ****** that hasnt even happened yet, owned 4 new gen GMs and not a single issue with any.....it has warranty anyway
  5. cayenne is by far the best color GM has.......miss my 21 elevation, by far the nicest looling truck ive ever owned.....i was in shock everytime i walked up to it......
  6. they killed it with the new model.......brilliant layout, just sucks on timing.......dealers local still asking 5-10k over MSRP......but GM did a great job, sucks peeps have to wait for retrofits while paying top dollar
  7. yeah that steered me away from 22s LTD and refresh........pay a ****** ton of money it should be there, i however did find a late release model 21 AT4 that had everything working and discount (b4 the refresh was even announced) and waited just a hair too long deciding and bam it was snatched.....also was the month when trucks had the highest trade in value ......I totally blew it!, i wanted that truck but was like whateves, no worries...........truck got sold , couldnt find another and my trade dropped for 3 months til i sold it( at a profit but not much).....now am in a Ram and its good so far (resale sucks balls on them and there is ton available) idk why i waited, i knew better really wanted that AT4 and even more so once it was sold and nothing left behind it.......Ram has alot more creature comforts but function and quality the GM was superior!.......ill be back, just be awhile since market isnt same
  8. i friggen loved that feature......GMC doesnt have it or mine didnt........on a hot day you can just hit all windows down, it gets hot where i live so was very nice to have.......everyones different but i thought every truck should have it
  9. Pretty sure mine did on 2 trucks I had with puddle lamps....on exit for sure, can't remember on entrance but seems like they did if I used the fob They were both 3/4 tons
  10. Just depends Seen all of the car buying services offer lowest and highest depending on the time I was selling......carmax might be high this month but low next month.....same goes with most of others.....try em all and see who wins out I try to buy biggest discount as well ...not horribly picky....just got a 21 Ram that been sitting since last july....they needed it gone am sure....down the street another dealer with same truck was 10k more....Rams have inventory which kills resale but whatever.....think am done buying for awhile.....still need to sell silverado though....
  11. car bingo was really low...... carvana and car buyers usa so far best try car pro......never know, sometimes one is low and another is high, month later its reversed EDIT: car pro is car bingo....took me directly to their site
  12. bought a 22 silverado 2500 for 2k under MSRP back in october and took me forever to find that deal.....10-15k markup everywhere.....just got a Ram for 7k off MSRP but yeah alot of bait and switch goin on out there
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