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  1. same feeling i had when i looked at one.....i was so so close to buying one lack of storage really killed it, by the time i added what i wanted to inside be cheaper to just do the lift and wheels and lot less headache.... but totally get why people buy em….its bitchin truck just very basic
  2. ive always done dealer trades as well, you know they are gonna try and get max profit especially if its ordered cuz they have your deposit.....seems you can always find the truck you want from somewhere if your patient...and no risk
  3. there is always deals, just depends how long your willing to research and maybe how far to travel.....but interesting thought " if someone said ill pay you 3k, 4k, or 5k to drive 400 miles, 500 miles, 600 miles heck even 1000 miles would you do it?.....cant believe these 80k truck prices tho, wtf you all do for work.....1-1.5k truck payment, jeez I had to blow thru so many ad prices it was crazy, I called em and they said yeah, well …...umm no that's not really what we can sell it for...…but in the end I did find one, just cant believe all ads is all
  4. the front end is about 1 1/2- 1 3/4 inches lower than rear.....if you replace block with one half the size you be really close tho still hair of rake, which isn't bad imo…..I rather see bit of rake than the nose high..., lots of ways to do it... I have RST 4x4 and has no block
  5. don't buy it if that's their recomendation
  6. I spent about 2 1/2 months b4 I got what I wanted.....tons of dealers, mostly thru emails and phone calls
  7. some dude on "what did you pay for your truck" says he just got 61k 2020 sierra for 45k otd…...idk interest rate but still that's smokin deal on 2020 if true....PS: sorry it was 45k plus TTL not OTD still really good invoice pricing is made up, its not really what they pay (you will never see that piece of paper) negotiate price and get your own financing...if they can beat it great but at least youll have it and can use it to negotiate better... take your time and research, and contact tons of dealers thru emails, lot easier, more convienant and gotten better deals this way vs walking in when I bought my 19 I went to few other dealers after I already had a "deal" in place....they said no way will they do that deal, I don't qualify and blah blah...they said "youll see"....well they were wrong and probably knew it.....doesn't matter what incentives are, let them figure it out.....bottom line is what you pay for truck.....I got almost 28% off MSRP and have heard many more like it or better....just tell em what you want to pay and move on, see what happens.....6k off MSRP is way too high....shoot for 20% minimum....theyre out there
  8. I love red trucks, even if they still are most pulled over vehicles.....I didn't get it this time but I would have in heartbeat..... cant believe the sport bar is coming back.....in 70's everyone had a tubular one and we used to sit in back of pickups, even in 80's till it was outlawed.....maybe that will come back too, lol
  9. got 7k on mine and still is great, not a 6.2 but still no issues and runs smooth......lil clunk from first to second if I jab it too soon or take off when cold but nothing alarming, its me mostly.....I have chevy but the first time I saw it I thought it was best looking 1/2 ton by far!.....I didn't need to be convinced or cozy up to new look....badass from first sight
  10. yeah never heard doin a lift will cancel out 4wd.....whats the point if that's the case
  11. the trail boss monos are supposed ride a lot better than Z71 twin tubes, from most say anyway......only trail boss gets monos which is what you got.....you cant tell a difference between em?
  12. my phone is S7 and working construction it gets beat up, either port or cable ends stop working after awhile, its happened on every phone I have had....even charging them can be a b%^& sometimes....but don't want or need to get new phone every year so
  13. I hate having to plug my phone in to use AA....cables are junk and don't last, and it loses connection to easily
  14. heat is your friend....even a hairdryer works great
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