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  1. unless your sure its coming from there idk if thats the tranny.....most of tranny issues were between 1st and 2nd gear (clunk or slam)....my RST had it but wasnt bad at all and rarely happened.....my 21 gmc has been flawless maybe its tires, balance or driveshaft vibration...... there are some huge threads on this though
  2. its sidewall of tire....you want sidewall for offroading......to an extreme but still applies in off road in general is look at trophy trucks, rock crawlers, etc....17in rims there is more options possibly for 18" rims and cost less......nowadays with big rims becoming popular for show you can find quite a few though...... more sidewall gives you options for airing up or down, reduced pinch flats, reduced scuffing on rims and or rim catching on rock, root, etc and bending of the rim ( either cuz no air volume or spokes being close to ground catching a rock, root, etc).....tire flexes more with more sidewall, also your tire is the very first shock absorber, more air volume is better....its all pluses with no minuses i have 20s but prefer 18s....ok for now as i dont plan on thumping my truck quite yet smaller rims give a much better ride as well in general........street wont matter can throw whatever on but ride will be harsher
  3. i like the fact of being able to replace ball joint easily.....and i think all of them are stronger than factory and have better articulation and thats all you need......if your gonna hammer your truck than camburgs or similar......most are just trying to correct geometry so any will do that better.....
  4. yeah i never got flashed in the year i had mine in 2020 HD.....you can adjust them fairly easy though if needed,
  5. i had those same wheels on my 2500 and i actually really like them....i probably would have powder coated them black and went up a few sizes on the tire eventually but i sold the truck......still i really liked wheel pkg and for $500 GM charges its a steal
  6. yeah you can just swap to a console no need to change the seats..... if you have preferd pkg the SD card for bench seat is on the dash where its in the console if you get it from factory.....idk how guys are switching it to console....sure there is a way and there are alot of threads on this if you search.....
  7. exactly....if you already know what you want no need to be at dealership if you dont have too....can do your test drives on another day or better yet rent the truck for a day
  8. yes you need to contact a few of them.....depending on the timing and vehicle one will be better than another......carvana was the low offer few months back ( give me the vin was highest) but when i actually was ready to sell they were the highest......same on previuos vehicle last year where carmax had highest offer ( but were low this time) so just depends thats why its good to contact all of them Carvana paid me 5k more than the next highest bidder( and number didnt change when they showed up) so i went with them, doesnt mean they will always be the best on every car though......i am sure all of them have similar process and its very easy still cant believe what they paid....I.paid $47,300 OTD new and they have it for sale for 51k right now
  9. i just came down the mountain in big bear, CA.....tow haul mode so very little braking (amazing how well it works though my 2500s tow/haul was bit more aggressive) 50 MPG in a 5.3l coasting down the hill, lol.......never see that again
  10. yeah i dont understand 22s on an offroad truck.....i have 20 and would prefer 18 but they came on it
  11. i bought a brand new truck online without any issues and never set foot in a dealer.....it was brand new though and i looked it over when they delivered it......an older used car is bit different story
  12. carvana was super simple.......filled out online, they gave me a price and scheduled an appt.....they showed up towed vehicle away and i signed some papers......they direct deposited the positive equity into my bank and paid off the balance of the loan
  13. i did ceramic 35% and when the sun is shining and you put your hands up against the glass on both factory and ceramic you can sure feel difference....$100 for both driver and passenger windows....sadly i sold the truck as they "paid too well"
  14. springs basically just hold up the vehicle weight.....all the dampening is or should be done with the shock, you want to run lightest springs you need to hold up the truck (if you have winch, steel bumpers, or equipment) than they should be little stiffer.....if you are feeling the springs its not because the springs are too soft or too stiff (doubtful they are too stiff) its because the shock has improper dampening abilities....you should not feel the springs in proper set of shocks.......springs hold up the vehicle at ride height and thats their only job....if you overspring a vehicle and have little dampening in shock the spring will over take the shocks capacity......but believe most companies have that already figured into their coilover packages unless your running extra weight, if you are tell them and they may want you to go 700lb spring vs a 600lb or whatever case may be get correct shock with ability to dampen the forces and type of driving you do ( will be a compromise if DD and slamming it offroad)...if not no worries no shock has ability to do both extremely well, its just not possible even with clickers (fine tune).....and springs offer no dampening characteristics....without dampening of a shock they just pogo up and down forever.....
  15. i checked eibach and they say something different about sierra than silverado.....wonder if anyone has done a eibach kit for sierra.....have to believe its same plus i live really close to them and can have them do it bilstein uses digressive valving ( lcon) eibach uses progressive valving ( king, fox, and most others) not a right or wrong way just different methods of valving can see where a progressive setup would be a bit more forgiving for DD...
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