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  1. chevy prolly will offer the 10spd in a bigger gas motor......does anyone offer just transmisson upgrades without a motor change in HD truck?....i havent heard of one aside from 5.3 in 1500s ( 6, 8 and 10spds) chevy will have the 10 spd in a bigger V8 gasser as upgrade i am guessing as upcharge i have the 6 spd...while mpg could be better imo its not bad at all.....
  2. They corrected it this year All have storage for 2021 as they should.....thats ridiculous that 2020 dont....really thats bs move You now have to make 2 separate lids instead of 1...wtf I bought LT for this reason and few others
  3. I have 6.6 gas and empty in town LA coastal ( live at beach with tight streets and lots of lights and stop signs)....its around 9 mpg Once I hit freeway its 16-20 mpg unloaded If you have a ton of stop and go it kills mileage... In gas version it loves momentum....but stopping every block it hates
  4. agreed.....RC isnt a shock company, i would not run their shocks.....I ran 2 other " lift kit" companies "shocks" and they were horrible....and i yanked off bilsteins to do it on 1 of them....lesson learned.....use actual shock companies for shocks
  5. think Custom vs LT is only $1800 difference....lot less of spread than i thought it would be these are the 2 I debated hard over when deciding
  6. yeah i was over 20% but back in aug 2019....right now is tough, i was thinking of going back to 1500 but the hit i would take is too much.....so decided just stay with mine
  7. havent tried the pump method but i would be all over an aftermarket brake kit if it was reasonable
  8. even back in April when i got the one i have now inventory was super slim
  9. I would just piece it out.....or mix and match....probably the diff would need addressing as well get UCA of your choice, buy some keys, buy a block and get shocks you want.....would at least put an eibach or bilstein shock on there...they are afterall suspension companies...KING or Fox would be really nice ..that would be my thought anyways they all look the same at any given height ....put some decent shocks on for sure...
  10. follow baja racing and see what the guys run..... you wont see RC anything out there
  11. LT 2500 crew, gas, standard bed and payload is 3596 lbs
  12. Kearney Mesa in San Diego...but any dealer would do same i believe
  13. looks like a riser on gas pedal is only solution, i understand the concept of the offset but these are bit extreme..... or aftermarket arm which i see fat chance of that becoming available.....custom fabricator is only other option
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