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  1. I haven't done the swap yet....was maybe thinking of trading it in for 2500 but if that doesn't work out ill be doing the swap, have no idea when that will happen though
  2. yes....idk if this is common but after seeing so many threads on people not happy with trim level and or accessories they don't have and either didn't check or assumed it would, have to think they will check next time around when they do another purchase...
  3. not only losing but also riding in a harsher/stiffer part of shocks valving more often than it was designed too...adj struts and coilovers are designed for it, these other types aren't....point out the pros and cons and let everyone decide for themselves...
  4. what did you get that truck for if you don't mind?.....used trucks here are kinda high and am little amazed actually how they can get almost same MSRP price as new one...idk if that's case everywhere
  5. not that hard to do spacer in front and 3in block in rear....theres your TB + 1" lift
  6. get some aftermarket shocks......eibach, fox, kings, or whatever your comfort level is financially manufacture always generate towards masses.....you can fix the ride pretty easily though, bit of research and your budget will net good results..... stock trucks are usually oversprung with soft shocks.....in which you want opposite.....softer spring and more dampening 22in rims wont have the best ride....you have no cushion so if your suspension isn't right you will feel everything.....your tires are suspension as well...
  7. if you want/need it buy Z71 pkg....I have 4x4 and will probably never or rarely use it, if I need it I have it.....I didn't get Z71 because I am sure the 'terrain mode' is more than sufficient....and I don't want the shitty twin tube ranchos (had them before)…...I am sure alot don't need it to do what they do but are used to it or its all they know or don't really understand dynamics and just want it cuz that's what everyone else has, who knows.....the internet is full of every breed....its everyones 50k so spend it however you like....if you want it they have it is all that matters, lol.
  8. i could see it being beneficial on 6.2 i did as well on my 5.3 and same result @ wizard4878 so ill save the cash.....
  9. whats wrong with chrome?.....I dont mind it....must be youngsters who want to "murder" everything out, lol.....
  10. 350k......cant touch anything for under 600k in the hood here....you can leave here but you cant come back, lol but living beyond means is American made... there wouldn't even be 80k trucks available if only people who could afford cash or 3 yr loans bought them.....or anything for that matter....we invented consumerism, lol
  11. the internet is vast array of different people with different experiences, perceptions and expectations....no way to decipher which of these anyone falls into.....you give them options and experiences and they take it from there.....live and learn
  12. me as well but doesn't seem they are in a rush either....I would take 12-13k off a 1500 but am looking for 2500 and nothing even close to that yet....think maybe they will just sit on what they have and sell it slowly....nothings being built so not like they have a ton of trucks coming.....think this is the best well see.....but like you I have offers out there just waiting for someone to bite
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