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  1. I have the same concern especially when turning, especially to the left, at intersections with busy crosswalks. The front bulk of the truck in addition to the mirror blockage makes it difficult to see if small people such as children are in the crosswalk. My solution is to crane my neck and head around as best I can to allow visual clearing of the blind spots. While this certainly isn't foolproof it is the best work-around until GM gets their asses sued after school children get flattened and GM corporate decides it prudent to add "cross-traffic" alerts similar to what is already included with the higher trim levels for the rear of the truck.
  2. Yeah, with the exception of right turn signal side view when trailering and the reverse backup camera, the remaining cameras haven't functioned correctly or consistently since delivered new early June this year. The flashing camera view selection buttons really aggravate me. I would think the owner's manual would have some information about such a fault error but nada. I was OBE in June and wasn't able to properly assess cameras function. The rear view back-up camera worked (most important) and I could by repeated button pushes get a front camera view and so I let a thorough check-out slide. I test drove a similar 2021 3500 over a year ago and all the cameras worked, with a nicely intuitive infotainment interface, and the surround vision overhead views were impressive and a big selling point. Given that my factory order truck was actually built (-light of chip modules) back on 17 Aug 2021 and it was almost a year later before the thing was shipped and delivered to me on 3 Jun 2022. I suspect the truck is still short of functioning chip modules required for correct and complete camera functionality. Hopefully the dealer service specialists have been properly trained to use whatever diagnostic tools GM sells the dealer to sort out these types of electronic anomalies.
  3. Right turn signal enabled side view no longer is active. Other than that, no differences. Camera view buttons still all flash and can't change camera views. The problem doesn't seem to be directly related to trailer status. Will contact my dealer service advisor after return from a current trip to find out if they have been presented with any similar camera issues.
  4. Additional information: I reliably get a good truck and trailer side view on screen when I use right turn signal. Use of left turn signal results in a black display screen only. Other views using display buttons are inoperative.
  5. Camera views on my 2022 Denali HD with Pro-Trailering option do not change when I press buttons on the infotainment screen for cameras. The buttons all continously flash and it is difficult (repeative pushes needed) to change rear-view camera guidance from normal wide to hitch line-up function. I cannot find in several searches any trouble-shooting guidance. Frustrating that I cannot make use of all the claimed GMC Surround Vision capabilities to make towing my travel trailer easier. Bad or missing modules or poor firmware????
  6. Gemarsh -- Thanks for the clarification. I too had never tumbled to the subtle procedure you described. I tried today and yes it works but it is hard to not over-push the button. I'll continue with the procedure I described. Marpel -- I'm not sure how I came to learn the procedure I described but I did learn it on my now traded-in 2018 Canyon. Glad it works on my new GMC 3500 HD.
  7. Marv -- The secret to crack the window open is to push down twice in short succession. The first push starts the window down and the second push stops it. Much easier to crack open the window this way than to fight it as you describe. The reverse also works... start with window fully open, then pull up once to start the window up and finally pull up second time when window reaches the cracked open target. Easier to get the desired crack height this way as you'll have more time to prepare to engage the second pull. Try it... you'll like it. Cheers
  8. RTFM! Your owner's manual will give you the definitive answer. Spoiler alert: Change the oil and filter and reset the oil life monitor. Oil change recommendations are based not only on miles but also factor in service conditions and calendar time. Typically at least once a year regardless of miles. As always remember to RTFM! RTFM: Read The F'ing Manual
  9. Silverado4X4 -- Thanks for posting about the problem with the illuminated GMC emblem. I was just about to submit my order. That will save me around $250 now and no doubt avoid a lot of frustration down the road trying to troubleshoot and correct for another poorly designed and implemented GM special option.
  10. Split loom will be adequate and reliable as long as you carefully route and secure the cable along the same path as OEM wiring follows on the frame to back of truck. Do, however, make sure you provide sufficient slack to accomodate frame twisting and bending especially in the area between the cab and bed.
  11. $1800 for a brake upgrade? That seems to be a rather poor value proposition.
  12. In the Light Rail Transit Authority (RTA) area of the greater Seattle area of WA state 1 ton and larger trucks are not assessed the annual RTA Tax which for newer vehicles can run into many hundreds of $.
  13. kf9yr -- Nice job researching and solving your problem and thanks for posting the details.
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