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  1. RTFM! Your owner's manual will give you the definitive answer. Spoiler alert: Change the oil and filter and reset the oil life monitor. Oil change recommendations are based not only on miles but also factor in service conditions and calendar time. Typically at least once a year regardless of miles. As always remember to RTFM! RTFM: Read The F'ing Manual
  2. Silverado4X4 -- Thanks for posting about the problem with the illuminated GMC emblem. I was just about to submit my order. That will save me around $250 now and no doubt avoid a lot of frustration down the road trying to troubleshoot and correct for another poorly designed and implemented GM special option.
  3. Split loom will be adequate and reliable as long as you carefully route and secure the cable along the same path as OEM wiring follows on the frame to back of truck. Do, however, make sure you provide sufficient slack to accomodate frame twisting and bending especially in the area between the cab and bed.
  4. $1800 for a brake upgrade? That seems to be a rather poor value proposition.
  5. In the Light Rail Transit Authority (RTA) area of the greater Seattle area of WA state 1 ton and larger trucks are not assessed the annual RTA Tax which for newer vehicles can run into many hundreds of $.
  6. kf9yr -- Nice job researching and solving your problem and thanks for posting the details.
  7. So given the recent amount of TV advertising of GMC HD trucks, GM must think there will be lots of HDs hitting dealers soon as the huge inventory of "chip held" trucks sitting everywhere around the factories are completed enough to ship. As for expecting the dealer price-gouging to subside... maybe not as all manufacturers are raising their MSRPs given the inflationary pressures of the times. "You can pay me more now or pay me even more later"! What a complete and utter CF!
  8. On the 2022 GMC 3500 HD Denali the trim is the same front and back... wood grain with brushed aluminum ( "silver" ). OTOH, Chevy is known to be lower trim level quality in comparison to GMC or Buick models.
  9. Why do you think it is bent? The pic seems to show a normal looking end of a leaf spring.
  10. It is GM's fault when they do not proactively manage their supply chains. It's GM's fault when they use incoming parts to build new trucks rather than use those parts to repair existing trucks. It's GM's fault when they totally mismanage the reliability and durability of their trucks. I suggest selling whatever GM stock you may have because the recent fiascos are going to cause buyer blow-back and reduced future sales which will drag down stock price.
  11. Running AC is normal to dehumidify people, clothes, etc and keep window fogging to a minimum.
  12. I agree the cause is most likely vandalism. Time to talk to your insurance agent about filing a claim (i would assume under your comprehensive fire & theft coverage).
  13. So Nathan I'm curious what Pam at Robideaux Motors told you to expect for delivery time on your factory order. Availability of Sierra & Silverado HDs continues to be poor because of microchip supply issues, especially for top end Denalis that require more chips than lower trim models.
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