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  1. I am pretty new to the truck ownership world. Rode in plenty but never owned one, I spent months test driving and researching every brand and ultimately ended up with the truck i really wanted, GMC Sierra SLT. For me GM trucks just have that correct balance of simplicity and refinement. For the last 15 years i have driven mostly Mid to High tier German cars and there was up until recent years an emphasis on understated luxury, for me my GMC is as close as i can get to that point without complicating matters with huge infotainment screens and electrical gemics. I am not sure outsi
  2. That's a nice looking truck. I have a Sierra SLT with the X31 package, Love the truck, The 10 speed really is amazing.
  3. I ended up getting the $200 Amazon Gator roll up cover for my Sierra. I liked the lower profile fit. Keeps water out. I’m happy with it. Let’s see if it holds up over the years , oh no issues either with the automatic tailgate release.
  4. Looks Good !! I saw a T1 Sierra in this color over the weekend. Nice combination with the chrome!!!
  5. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. I think i will have to drop mine a level lower . As your can see no bars attached and the trailer sits relatively level but i have to raise it considerably higher in order to hock up before i could drop on the ball. I think dropping it down should help with that.
  6. Nice looking setup. Do you have to run a drop hitch receiver? We just bought a 21 Sierra SLT and the center of the receiver sits at about 18", Our other tow vehicle (X5) Has a center point of the receiver at 15". We haven't had a chance to head over to storage yet and see how the new truck levels out with our 23ft Airstream. Hoping i dont have to go the drop hitch route as we use a WDH.
  7. These look great. Installer done a great job
  8. My SLT also has a very clear back up at night in very dark conditions. Believe OP's truck has LED bulbs also?? Either way back up camera on mine is by far the best iv ever had. Much better than our BMW x5
  9. Had it for a week now. 2021 SLT Z31, Satin Steel Metallic
  10. Not Apples to Apples but i did test drive a 2021 Silverado Custom, Sierra SLE and 2021 Sierra SLT. I ended up buying the Sierra SLT for a multitude of reasons vs a lower trim level but i would say overall the sound difference is small. All were powered with the 5.3. My SLT has the Z31 package also which i would say gives a slightly noisier ride due to the tires but if comparing the Custom with the SLE they seemed almost the same to me. I felt my SLT was overall quieter at higher speeds (Freeway) vs the other two. That could also be the fact that i was leaning towards this truck more also. Tire
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