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  1. Have you tried a Google search, just enter "2015 Denali stuck in 4hi", if its been discussed it should pull up including all truck forums, TSBs, Recalls, ect. Good luck.
  2. I know it cost more but I have had good luck with the Range Autostop eliminator with no issues with over a years use. I didn't want to pull all the trim off. The Range is just a plug and play unit.
  3. Also if not mistaken there is an antenna located in the drivers side door which has fixed this issue.
  4. Kickrocks, I would be setting up a meeting with the Service Manager to discuss your options letting him/her know that you just spent $600 to fix the problem and it is still there. I would be professional but stern on them taking another look at the issue on their dime. He has the authority to do so. Also ask him about being told to throw your other remote away. Good luck.
  5. Buy an extended warranty that covers the DVD and then get it repaired.
  6. Mine does the exact same thing and sounds like the drivers side front door, as soon as I drive off it sounds like the water flows from the front to the rear. It only does it during the initial take off. I thought the front fender where it meets the front door may have been the issue, I checked the drain in that spot and it was clear. I will check the door drain.
  7. I agree with CITSIG on the GMEPP warranty only. There are lots of discussion on the Corvette forum and Tahoe forum about the GM warranty and several Dealers that sell at a discounted price. Get the best price from one of those Dealers and see if your Dealer will match the price or just purchase from the Dealer with the best price. State of Florida and North Carolina set their own prices on warranties and they will not discount. Too many electronics on these new vehicles to not have a warranty.
  8. OK thanks. Its amazing the length of the wait time. What part of Florida, usually in Central Florida it is only a couple of days.
  9. Take it back to the Dealer and have them fix it since the leveling kit has been removed and they can't blame that anymore. Good luck.
  10. It depends on your state law. Not all states are the same. I did a successful Lemon Law in Florida with no problem. Got all my money back and it did not affect my credit score. Good luck.
  11. Stephen, good for you. I did the same thing in Florida on a 2015 Chevy Tahoe early build with electrical gremlins that service was unable to fix. They refunded me everything including tax and GM accessories with a receipt that I had added. Deducted a small percentage for mileage. It was a bit of a challenge and I had to go to a hearing which I won, I had all of my documentation which helped. What are you looking at for your next purchase?
  12. Maybe try a floor jack with a board and see if you can raise it an inch.
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