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  1. Check the measurements of another truck like yours on the Dealer lot and see if it is the same.
  2. You may qualify for Lemon Law in your state for the amount of time it took to repair if its even fixed. I would also be asking for the monthly payments reimbursed. Good luck.
  3. Look up the Lemon Law in your state and look for a Lemon Law attorney. Most will take the case and get paid at the end through the settlement. Do not deal with "no" customer service GM rep. Keep good notes and all documentation in the form of your Dealer work orders. I would concentrate on the no start issue. I went through this in the state of Florida. Have patience as this will not happen over night, keep after them, do not give up, and you should succeed . Good luck
  4. HJE, I have my advisor or the tech ride with me so I can make sure they hear the noise. Good luck.
  5. Oodles, I don't know how long you have been dealing with this issue but I would have used the Lemon Law a long time ago.
  6. Luckyfd and Jac365 thanks for the updates. I ordered one for my 2020 so I hope I am not expecting too much. We will see.
  7. Understood, I would be interested in any change in initial throttle response without the throttle controller of course. Looking forward to your review and to be sure its the DFM disabler as both are referred to as disabler.
  8. I am on the fence about my purchase. Technical support( he seemed new) told me it would not disable auto start but psk256 indicated it did. Luckyfd I would like to see your opinion on performance since you had one that was defective compared to one that works properly and can you include the auto start disable function. I was told I would need the one specific to the auto start verses the DFM disabler. 2020 Silverado 5.3. Thanks.
  9. Get the part # and purchase from Ebay. Dealers advertise on Ebay, discounted price, free shipping, no tax. Rockauto and Amazon are good places to look. Don't pay full Dealer price if you don't have to. Good luck.
  10. Do a Google search to check the Lemon Laws in your state and also look for a Lemon Law attorney. Good luck.
  11. BusyBeeHive, did the post right above yours offer any help.
  12. That is great news and very happy for you. I had to Lemon Law an early build 2015 in Florida and went into a later build 2015 with no problems. GM "no" customer service was of no help and the district rep wanted to give me $2000.00 towards a new vehicle and I had to take a trade-in offer for many thousand dollars less than what I paid. In the end I got full MSRP for my Tahoe plus GM accessories that I had purchased with a small penalty for mileage. I got the new vehicle at Dealer cost. Took a couple of months and I had to go to a hearing and present my case. Good documentation is very important.
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