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  1. Do a Google search as GM was trying to reinforce the roof from the inside.. There should be a bulletin or TSB with pictures of the process.
  2. The Dealer should be able to cut a new key with your VIN number and not have to use your current key that may be worn which may or may not work or you may want to spend that money on the new ignition switch and keys. Good luck.
  3. I thought the proper procedure was to do a re-program and a fluid change to an updated fluid and if that does not work then a torque converter change. There should be a bulletin on this procedure.
  4. No mine blows at a lesser speed as I turn it down. Probably need to take it to the Dealer and I would check another 2018 while I was there and see how it operates.
  5. I use the manual fan speed knob to turn mine down.
  6. Buy the inexpensive new cable which was posted in this thread from Ebay.
  7. Some have been fixed with a fluid change and re-program. Others have had to have the TC replaced. Good luck.
  8. Best Replcement Battery Value?

    I agree with carnutdallas. This is like asking what is the best oil. You are going to get a lot of different opinions and which one are you going with as there are many. Sometimes it is more confusing. I would look at Discount Auto parts on line as they are offering 20% off and you can pick up in a local store.
  9. Had a bad shake at 70 mph and higher. 22 seems high on your RF balance. Just had mine done at my Chevy Dealer and they were all under 20. My ride with 22s is smooth as silk.
  10. I would take it back to the Dealer as they need to fix it. If they are not capable of fixing the issue then I would find a new GM Dealer. For some reason the FOB is not communicating with the truck. Good luck.
  11. I would look at the bill and see what they did to repair the screen to determine if it was only the cable and if that is the case then they over charged you and I would let the Service Manager know that you are not happy about the cost. Brand new car batteries can go bad sitting in a new car on the Dealers lot and there are many other reasons so your battery going bad is just part of vehicle maintenance unless something is draining the battery which the Dealer can check. The car starting without a FOB and the no start indicates that there is an issue that needs to be fixed. I would talk to the Service Manager and contact GMC customer service. If you get no satisfaction from this Dealer then I would find another GM Dealer. You should not be having these problem but sometimes it happens and it makes it a lot harder when you have kids and being left stranded. I am assuming that you have no warranty since you had to pay for the repair which that money could have gone towards an extended warranty which I would recommend on these vehicles with all the new technology.Repairs can get rather expensive for labor parts and diagnosing electrical issues. I would look on line for Dealers who advertise extended warranties and you should be able to save money over your local Dealer pricing or have them match the on line price. What is the year and mileage of your vehicle?
  12. There should be products on the market to help clean the engine like Seafoam or others before you start tearing it apart.
  13. Do a Google search to see if there is a TSB or Bulletin which should describe the symptoms and how to repair. If it is a known problem something should pop up when you do your search. Good luck.

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