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  1. A lot depends on what level(silver,gold,platinum) you get as far as coverage. Also there has been many discussions on every different manufacturers forums as far as on line Dealers who sell at a substantial discount and many times your Dealer will match or even beat that price. Just all part of being prepared and doing your home work before actually buying. So many variables when actually buying, pricing, financing, time to buy for the best deal, rebates ect,ect,ect. I have seen more good stories with extended warranties on saving someones butt on repairs than ones that don't. But of course everyone is entitled to make there own decision on whether to buy or not. We can only share our own experience. That's what makes forums informative.
  2. I think this is a by-product of water based paint.
  3. Extended warranties are not a bad thing if you get the correct one and the correct level of coverage. It is always best to buy original GM warranty (GMEPP) and not an aftermarket which is what aseibel may have purchased. The hourly rate dealers charge for repairs and the high cost of parts,especially electronics, is certainly something to consider when making an extended warranty purchase.
  4. The used 2018 EXs on Cars.com are going for $26,000 so they will probably offer you $22-23,000. Depends on what they are going for at the auto auctions. Not sure you will find a truck that cheap.
  5. If there are no spots on the floor and the level is not dropping considerably on the dip stick then I would not worry about it. You could also clean them with some brake clean on a rag and just keep an eye on them. When you do decide to replace them just get the part # from your Dealer and look on Ebay. Dealers sell on there all the time at a discounted price with no tax and sometimes free shipping.
  6. I think GM is running 0% for 72 months right now on the Silverado so no interest on the loan.
  7. If you are unsure about what you have just hit the blue button and they will explain everything to you. Good luck and enjoy your new to you truck.
  8. I thought they had extended the warranty to 60,000 miles on the 15,16, and 17 year models.
  9. Call the Dealer with your VIN number and they should be able to tell you for sure.
  10. When it comes to noises I always ride with the tech or Service Manager to make sure they hear it. Too many times they say they can't duplicate which is unacceptable. Be persistent or try another Dealer.
  11. I went with all GM parts(except the seat covers) and had a friend that was a Tech that turned on the heated seat control using his GM computer.
  12. I did Kaztskin and also integrated heated seats and installed the oem heated seat control.
  13. Seat Movement Issues- should be in there some where. Pretty long thread. Good luck.
  14. I wish you were not to far away as I have a great working relationship with AutoNation Chevrolet in Orlando and I could hook you up with my Service Advisor.

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