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  1. Does the Dealer have other 2500s on their lot so they can point out what the difference is. I have a 2016 Chevy LTZ Z71 4x4 and they look like mine.
  2. Did they road force balance the wheels and tires.
  3. Oil pump issues

    Good luck.
  4. Oil pump issues

    Genuine GM parts are warranted for 12months/12,000miles if you fall under this category. If not GM should step up to the plate for two days out of warranty for the same problem that was fixed four thousand miles ago.
  5. There is a dealer in Orlando advertising $13,000 discount on the GMC 2500. Maybe a come on for rebates you may not qualify for, not sure. Carl Black Chevy/GMC. The deals are out there and I think they will get better. Maybe something for the 4th of July or Labor Day. You can also check cars.com. Just type in the year, make, model and see what pops up.
  6. Did you try contacting pgamboa who advertises on this forum. He has all the wire harnesses to hook up different towing mirrors and also has a contact for towing mirrors that won't break the bank. Good luck.
  7. 2016 DENALI 4.10 GEARS?>?

    I am just curious why you would say that his Duramax does not have 3.73 gears. I have a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD with 3.73 gears which is listed on my build sheet and Window Sticker. The code for 3.73 gears on my build sheet is GT4.
  8. You could look at Cars.com in your area and find another Suburban and look underneath and then you would know for sure how it mounts.
  9. Glad to hear that it worked out for you. Had the same deal in Florida on an early build Tahoe, but I purchased mine new. Went to the BBB hearing and represented myself. Had all my ducks in a row and good solid documentation. I was successful in the end. GM customer service was a joke as was the GM rep for our area.
  10. You have a really nice looking truck. Keep it for now and pay it off. You have 24 months of warranty to decide what you want to do. You could also consider an extended warranty if you decide to keep it. Several threads on how to get the best deal on the warranty.
  11. I second the road force balance as it cured my chevy shake. It would almost shake my water bottle out of the cup holder at 70mph.
  12. Dash squeak

    I used silicone in my Tahoe and sprayed where plastic meets plastic around my center console and it cured my squeaks.

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