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  1. I can not comment on this issue as I have not experienced it. You seem to be headed in the right direction for a fix and I like your idea of riding with the tech, then they can't use the old "can't duplicate". I wish more owners would insist on a ride along when the Dealers try to pull this crap. Good luck.
  2. Not a good question to ask on a forum.You will get all kinds of answers. Your truck that you are paying big bucks for so you should decide what color you will be happy with. I would go to the dealer and look at the red in the sunlight and then the evening hour and even dark just to make sure. You already know what the black looks like in all different lighting conditions. Good luck.
  3. I think there was an issue with one of the battery cables on some of the models. I agree with the other posters, batteries can cause some very strange things to happen and sometimes it is either a dead cell or a cell on the way out and can be very hard to diagnose. Good luck.
  4. 100% buyback at MSRP plus sales tax and Dealer fee minus a small amount for mileage including reimbursement for a few GM accessories with a receipt of course. Documentation I feel was the key to my success.
  5. At this point just go through the Lemon Law process. I did this in Florida with an early build 2015 Tahoe. In the end I was taken care of but not because of GM or the regional rep who offered me $2,000.00 assistance trade money when I was loosing thousands. Needless to say I declined that generous offer. I hate to see someone post that they got aggravated and traded it in(many do) but loose thousands of dollars in doing so. GMs no customer service was of no help. Just people who answer the phone and have no authority. Just give it some time and it will work out. Good luck.
  6. Shame on the Op for not pursuing the Lemon Law route as it is available in most states if not all. Sure it is a pain in the a** but its better than loosing thousands of dollars. There are Lemon Law attorneys in every state and no up front money as they are usually paid as part of the buyback process by the manufacturer. I have been through the process myself and was successful. No attorney, did it myself and it was an early build 2015 Tahoe..
  7. I would check a site like Angies list for a certified mechanic in your area which would be less expensive than the dealer and order your parts off ebay for a discounted price plus free shipping and no tax. If you need help with the part numbers post exactly which belt you need and trim piece plus color. Good luck.
  8. I hope that works but I am not so sure if cleaning the seats will do it. Many posters have theirs working great including mine and I just wipe my seats occasionally with plain water. Reading comments on this forum it seems like some cool and some don't, same with heated seats and heated steering wheels. I commend you for trying to get it fixed for your brother. Sounds like my family as we try to take care of each other. The 2020s are sweet but for now I am happy with my 2016 diesel. I"m sure you will enjoy the working cooled seats in your new 2020(the way it is suppose to work). LOL.
  9. Maybe have the Service Manager get involved and go for a ride so you can point out exactly what the issue is. Also see if there is another truck same year with cooled seats and see if it works properly and then show the Service Manager how it is suppose to work.
  10. I would do a Google search and see what pops up .Usually prices are posted from different vendors. Also look for free shipping and no tax. I got mine,(bilstein 5100s), from Amazon but I know I could have done better on pricing. Ebay is another good place to look. Good luck.
  11. If you want to remove the seat cover yourself there are a couple of youtubes floating around(Google search) that show step by step how to remove them. Good luck and hope you figure it out.
  12. Shouldn't the window sticker list the special edition which should show what options were added specific to the special edition. If any options are not listed with the special edition group then more than likely the truck was ordered with specific options that the Dealer selected when the Dealer placed the order. Nice truck with lots of options. You will love the Katzkin leather seats.
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