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  1. Have you checked to see if you have a wheel repair shop in your area.
  2. Chevrolet 2006 starts then slowly dies

    Batteries can have a cell going dead and can cause all kind of weird issues. How old is your battery.
  3. Z71 Decals

    Have you looked on Ebay for the grille.
  4. Unfortunately sometimes you just have to go to the Dealer. Good luck and hope it works out for you.
  5. Hope you can get your money back on the used one. You could also see if there are any new ones for sale on Ebay from a GM Dealer. Lots of Dealers sell on Ebay. Cheaper prices, no tax and free shipping. The Dealer would then only charge to program or you could use a local locksmith. Good luck.
  6. Worked for me also. Learn button on the back.
  7. www.gmeppdirectsmith.com and www.knappvehicleservicecontracts.com
  8. 2018 Leftover

    Did you look on Cars.com.
  9. You should check the carfax although not always 100% accurate. You could also check the GM dealer for history on repairs and maintenance. Test drive as you indicated and look at the truck to make sure it is clean and looks well taken care of. I would also recommend a GMEPP extended warranty as these trucks are electronically laden. Check online pricing for extended warranty and have the Dealer match or beat the price. Good luck.
  10. looking for ways to increase HP

    I thought the OP had a 2014.
  11. I was told by a friend, service writer, that GM was coming out with a new fluid after the first of the year to address this issue. good luck with the repair.
  12. Maybe take it to an independent shop that specializes in brake work.
  13. Chevy Shake Fixed

    Same thing on my 2017 Tahoe. Not that road force balance will fix them all but it sure fixed mine. My cup would almost shake out of the cup holder.
  14. Different thermostat sensor than stock?

    Use your VIN number to check for the correct part.

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