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  1. The wheel bearings should be covered by your powertrain warranty.
  2. Key programming issue

    New vehicle, I would be asking for a Driver 1 key and FOB and Driver 2 key and FOB not Driver 3. I would want it set up just like it came from the factory. The dealer needs to make it right.
  3. Key programming issue

    Since it is a new vehicle I would be taking it back to the Dealer. They will probably have to re-program the keys.
  4. But new news for the 15 owners and covers a wider range of vehicles.
  5. Yea but you forgot about the power steering recall that was just issued.
  6. Robert, did you check with the Dealer to see if they can order the hardware since you have the part numbers.
  7. Bad injectors

    I would have looked for an Independent Garage.
  8. Dealership advice

    Any update?
  9. HMI usb port?

    Does it say anything about it in your owners manual.
  10. Rear defrost

    Google search is your friend.
  11. Dealership advice

    I agree with some of the others. Request the original covers and put it back the way it was. That's the only way its going to look right. I personally could not handle the way it looks now. The whole interior needs to be black or cocoa but not a mix match of both. Good luck.
  12. Look at the Lemon Law in your state so you can get rid of it and not loose all that money.
  13. Lemon Law. Check your state for what qualifies and follow it to a T. Consider a Lemon Law attorney who normally get paid as part of the settlement so no up front out of pocket expense. Been through this myself in Florida and I can assure you GM is not your friend and will fight you all the way. Good luck.

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