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  1. Did you try a Google search with the GM part number.
  2. Take them for a ride and show them what it is doing. Also see if there is another one on the lot and have them drive yours and then the one on the lot. Good luck. Hope you get it resolved.
  3. I know in the US each state is different when it comes to Lemon Law and Lemon Law attorneys. Not sure what it is called in Canada but I would do a Google search and see what your rights are. If you have an owners manual there may be Lemon Law rights listed or on a separate yellow card. Good luck.
  4. Is it the one listed in this thread? If I remember most with problems were having to replace the USB port. There is a youtube or instructions with pictures floating around. A Google search should turn it up.
  5. You have your answer posted in the other truck forum.
  6. Did they do a road force balance to check for wheel issue or tire issue. I believe the sweet spot is 15 or below. I would do that first and then move forward looking for other issues.
  7. I would un-torque and just snug them up and see if the noise goes away.
  8. Try blue painters tape on different areas and try to pin point it that way. Good luck.
  9. Get the parts diagram from the Dealer's parts department and it should show three different part numbers or one for the whole unit, then you will know for sure and can share it with the glass company. Good luck.
  10. Sounds like one of those builds(true lemon) when the pandemic started out and things were really bad. With that many issues I would check the Lemon Law for your state and find a Lemon Law attorney. Documentation is key so make sure you have a copy of all the work orders. I Lemon Lawed a first year built Tahoe, 2015, in Florida and received full MSRP plus all GM accessories that I had added. Good luck.
  11. I also agree with Grumpy. I have had GM products for a long time and have always used OEM wipers with no issues. This thread is kind of like what is the best oil. Many different opinions but bottom line just use a good quality product.
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