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  1. Hello AllWe purchased a certified pre-owned 2015 Suburban at the end of last year. It was shiny and pristine at the dealership. Within two months of having it home, we notice the paint on the hood and roof looked dull and like the paint was swirled. We had it detailed and were advised by the detailer that he felt the paint was defective. The vehicle had approx 30,000 miles on it when we bought it. While we didn't expect it to be 100% unblemished, we never expected the paint on the hood and roof to completely fail. It was disguised with wax apparently when it was on the lot.Since then, we have been in touch with the dealership that sold us the vehicle, GM corporate, and our local dealership. The dealership where we purchased the vehicle has told us that they will do nothing to assist us. This was in January of this year, well before the warranty was up, not even two months after we purchased it. We do not feel this is a warranty issue anyway but rather a defect.The treatment by corporate has been nothing short of appalling. I have been unable to speak to anyone in a supervisory role and have been strung along with countless phone calls. We were directed by the person working on our claim to take it to our local dealership for evaluation. We did that, took it took a Chevy dealership in San Diego . Corporate even made the appointment for us. The manager of the auto body department evaluated it and told me the paint is absolutely defective. He called it bad paint, said it looked terrible and the he would be angry too. He said that the paint should not look like this and he confirmed that it was factory paint.He relayed his findings back to corporate along with an estimate of $2,000 to paint the hood and roof alone. GM is offering a paltry $800 "assistance" for this defective paint. The entire vehicle is affected, with the worst being the hood and roof. GM refuses to put anything in writing or have any contact with me via email except for automated messages notifying me of a missed phone call. I have asked to speak with a supervisor or anyone in a higher position, and I have been refused every time and redirected to the person who has been handling my claim.We are searching for other Chevy owners who have similar paint issues, preferably in San Diego but not necessarily. We have contacted the local media outlets, and our local television station is interested in coming out to interview us, and we would like to find others in the same circumstance. There had been a story on a major news show years ago regarding GM defective paint as well. I am disgusted that GM will not take care of their bad paint and instead puts it on the consumer! Please email me if you have had any paint issues.I can be emailed at [email protected] Thank you.
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