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  1. Overall I'm happy with the setup. The fender liner on the front side is what I heat up and pull towards front bumper and ultimately had to ziptie into place. The firewall side I heated a little bit it only moved back a little bit. I get a little bit of rub on the firewall side when I'm at absolute full lock but it's not terrible. I have no problems with the control arm distance. I do have the Bilstein 6112s coming which I think will lift it another 1/4 inch over where it sits now.. so whenever that arrives I will report back.
  2. I'm very interested in this. I have a '21 TrailBoss and a 2017 Tahoe, the MagRide sucks on the Tahoe it's super bouncy and my wife hates the ride quality. I'm swapping suspension on the TrailBoss to Bilstein's (whenever they ship) so I will have the rancho kit available. Have you attempted the swap? Geometry issues?
  3. So I went with the Zone lift level with control arms and 35s on method wheels on a trail boss and what I'm experiencing now is what I would call an "anxious" or "jittery" suspension. Very bouncy/jittery over bumps and very anxious to spring back. I'm assuming the Ranchos are not that great so I've been looking into this 6112/5160 setup. I assume everyone with lifted wheels and tires notice significant smoother ride quality with the bilsteins?
  4. I went with the Zone Lift Level kit for the TB. No issues, 35s with some fender liner movement. with a stock TB or AT4 you are already at 2" over stock. if you put in a spacer or anything that lifts close to 3.5 or beyond I would just put in UCAs for peace of mind. $630 is an inexpensive way to not end up at the dealership or with blown out joints. and in all honesty it took me 5 hours with distractions of kids during the install to complete the lift and control arm install. its really not that bad. https://zoneoffroad.com/products/175-in-leveling-kit-2019-2021-chevy-silverado-trail-boss-gmc-sierra-at4?variant=39468191154264
  5. So after reading countless posts about if they do or don't and the mixed bag that came out of all of it I decided to just go for it. Here's the jist of what I did: -Zone off-road front level with control arms https://zoneoffroad.com/products/175-in-leveling-kit-2019-2021-chevy-silverado-trail-boss-gmc-sierra-at4?variant=39431680295000 -Method MR305 NV 18X9 -12 OS - Nitto Ridge Grappler 35x12.50x18 Zone kit comes with separate plates for 1-3/8" or 1-3/4" lift. Zone suggests 1-3/8 for TrailBoss and 1-3/4 for AT4. *MINE IS SET TO 1-3/8 Front side - Heat gun and pry bar or block of wood will be needed for the front of the wheel well. Heated the plastic mounting bracket and pushed it forward about an inch, hold it in place till it cools off and holds. Then I drilled a hole in the bottom of the fender liner and zip tied it back to the front valence (last picture) Back side (firewall side) - I removed the lower bracket (4 - 13mm bolts) that is for the mud flap and lower screw fit fender liner. Zip tie thru bottom screw hole in the fender liner back to lower frame hole (pick a hole any hole) and pull it back as far as possible pics 2 and 3. Simple mods took less than an hour to accomplish all of it. Full 35x12.50x18 Any questions or other pics you want let me know.
  6. Zone off-road front level with UCA Method MR305 NV 18X9 -12 offset Nitto ridge grapplers 35x12.50x 18 Yes they rub but with a little love to the fender well they don't anymore.
  7. Great to know we are making progress!!! Was your problem on startups or was it all the time? im lost why it only happens on startup (cold starts and auto S/S) and then goes away after 30 ish seconds??
  8. Add me to the list of bird chirp. '21 TB 6.2L. i first noticed it at about 1700 miles on it. id say it happens on 90% of startups from sitting (not auto S/S). I will say that it is coming from the drivers side, under side is more pronounced than above the motor. Someone previously mentioned possible problems as the DFM cylinder shutdown, has anyone tried using the Pulsar LT DFM delete to fix it? I have one on the way so I will report back if that resolves the issue. i have an appointment to take it to the dealer, lets see what they say! im also trying to understand what a "squeaky exhaust valve" is? i dont see how its possible to have that little oil in the valve train to cause a squeak/squeal and if so we would have a lot more bent valves and rods than the 1 listed above! as for this being "normal" I would disagree. It didn't squeal at the dealership when I drove it so i would say that this is not "normal"
  9. All good. Have you run into any of the issues with 4WD like the others running the 2" lifts? I figured at 1 3/8" it shouldn't have the issues like the 2"
  10. Thanks for the info. I assume the kit doesn't come with nylon lock nuts? I will probably go with this for now and upgrade shocks later.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the Zone kit? https://zoneoffroad.com/products/175-in-leveling-kit-2019-2021-chevy-silverado-trail-boss-gmc-sierra-at4?variant=39294395023448 comes with UCA and lift spacers for 1 3/8 or 1 3/4 inch lift over TB. Any good or bad to this. Seems less extreme than the Ready lift SST. Seems less likely to have issues with the CVs
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