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  1. Hey folks. Can anyone tell me if these stock 2015 Silverado 17's have the pocket for spacers? I know I could take them off and check but I figured someone would probably know.
  2. Thanks. So the body lift allows you to run s bigger tire than with just the 3" level, right?
  3. One more question - what lift/level are you running? I saw these exact wheels in a parking lot today and they look really good.
  4. Hey everyone. I have a 2 inch front level on my 2015 with stock 17" wheels and tires still. I was getting ready to get some new wheels and go 285/70/17 Toyo AT3s. However, I've been thinking lately about trying to get bigger tires (maybe 285/70/18s) and going a bit higher with the level. I really like the looks of trucks with a 3" level (probably should have done that to begin with). If I switch to a 3" level (with new UCAs), will that give me room for something closer to a 34" tire, like 285/70/18 or 305/70/17?
  5. Nice! I was thinking that I didn't want polished aluminum/chrome, but those look really nice. Especially on our color. What lift/level and tire size do you have?
  6. Thanks everyone. Lot's of good looking setups here. Everyone seems to incorporate wheels with some gunmetal or tint. Anyone running just plan Satin Black? I'm finding wheels I like (really starting to like the Fuels), but I'm also realizing now I may need to grow my budget to get what I really like. I may need to put this off for a little longer until I'm really due for new tires...
  7. Nothing wrong with it. Just not the look I'm interested in at this point.
  8. Another good look, with just plain satin black wheels (no other colors or machined accents). I think these are RDR USA wheels. https://www.randbautocenter.com/pre-owned-cars/detail/2014-Chevrolet-Silverado-1500-Lifted/195917
  9. Just grabbed this screenshot from an American Trucks youtube video. Fuel Anza. Hard to argue with this look....
  10. Not sure why I never though of checking youtube vs looking at static images. It gives a much better idea of what the wheels really look like. "Dark Tint" wheels on Tungsten Metallic. Some good images of Gunmetal Satin Black Rebounds on a red silverado Titanium Rebounds Titanium definitely look too silver I think for a tungsten metallic truck. Gunmetal looks ok, as does the satin black. Interested to hear other thoughts as well...
  11. I definitely could see how that might look really good with our truck color. The thing I'm not sure about though is what that color actually looks like in normal lighting conditions. Does it look as dark as it does on that website, or does it lighten up quite a bit? Some of the images I've seen of the Icon Rebound Titanium (which I guess will be a bit lighter than gunmetal) they are pretty light colored, almost like dirty machined aluminum wheels...
  12. I've been shopping online quite a bit for new wheels for my 2015 Tungsten Metallic 1500. I have a 2" level and am still running the stock 17" wheels with 265/70/17 highway tires. I've settled on 17" wheels and 285/70/17 tires (probably Toyo AT3s). I've probably changed my mind at least half a dozen times on what wheels I want. This particular color of truck looks very different depending on lighting and it's making it difficult for me to pick wheels that will look good under all or most circumstances. In low light/cloudy conditions, my truck looks very dark gray or almost black. But sometimes in direct sunlight it gives off a little bit of a metallic purple-ish hue. I was most recently deciding between Helo 904s in satin black or Icon Rebounds in satin black with the simulated bead lock. In general, I think I'd black wheels (over chrome or bronze). My truck still has a lot of chrome on the front though, and so I though that some chrome highlights (like beadlock rivets or machined accents) might compliment that well. I was heavily leaning toward some Pro Comp wheels with machined accents, but decided they looked a little to "flashy" for what I was going for. Then the other night I started looking at Icon Rebounds in titanium. I've looked online but am really having a hard time figuring out how light or dark they are, and how they look with particular color of truck. Anyone running a similar wheel style to the Icon Rebounds in a titanium finish with this color of truck? Or anyone running a similar style of wheel with a different finish that they found works really well with this color of truck? I know there's a lot on the internet already (and even this forum), but I have googled myself crazy trying to answer this and haven't really found anything that was what I'm looking for. I figured I'd ask to see if anyone had a fresh perspective.
  13. Thank you both for the info! Very helpful as I work out what I want to do.
  14. Thanks for the response, and especially the pics! Your truck is actually very similar to where I'm hoping to take my truck (even same color), and it's been hard to find pictures of the look I'm going for (including black bowtie and grill mesh), so you posting them has really helped me see what it might look like when it's done.
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