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  1. Hey everyone. I just traded in my 2015 1500 4x4 for a 2021 Z71 RST. We also recently purchased a 25ft travel trailer that I'll be pulling every month or so with this truck. My old truck had 2" level, and at some point I'd like my new one to sit a little higher as well. However, since I will be towing with it I want to maintain the factory rake (which is just under 2"). Even with the WD, the back end drops a little more than the front. I was thinking of making the upgrade functional instead of just cosmetic and doing Blistien 5100's up front and setting them for a 1.
  2. We just bought a 25' travel trailer, as well as a new 2021 5.3 1500 Silverado Z71 that I will use for towing as well as daily driving. GVWR of the trailer is 6400lbs. I have a WDH (RV dealer set it up and so still needs some dialing in) that I will always use for towing. I also have a set of EZ 990 helper springs from my 2015 Silverado laying in the garage. I know the helper spring is not an alternative to the WDH, but I was thinking of using them in conjunction to take some of the squish/bounce out of the back the truck when towing, and also to reduce the sag by just a little.
  3. Thanks! It is a 4x4, so I was looking at 2 axel to be regeared. New one is 3.23 axel ratio, but its an 8 speed. 9400 tow rating and I think 1800 payload. The diesel's numbers were actually a little lower due to extra engine weight. Towing would have been nice with it though...
  4. Hey everyone, I just bought a 2021 Silverado Z71 RST. My Samsung S10 connects via Bluetooth just fine, and I can use Android Auto with a USB cable. But Android Auto is greyed out if I'm not plugged in, and if I select it it says to plug in a compatible device via USB cable. Does that mean my truck's unit doesn't support wire Android Auto?
  5. The 3.0L turbo was bought by someone else 30 minutes before got there. 2 other trucks we were looking at (one another 3.0L) sold this morning just hours after we inquired about going to look after work. It's crazy right now... Finally got someone to hold onto a 2021 5.3L Z71 RST for us long enough to get down there and make a purchase. Taking it Mammoth to tent camp in a week, and then will pick up the trailer a week after that and put it to work. Thanks again for all the help!
  6. Dealer also has a brand new 1500 z71 with the 3.0L diesel. Thoughts? A tad more money, but affordable. We'll just be eating Ramen for a while...
  7. With inventory being as tight as it is, finding a 4WD truck with a V8, low mileage, with tow package (hitch and brake controller), with the tow capability I want, and at a price we can afford does not seem possible. Out of all those things I listed, installing a hitch receiver and a brake controller are the easiest things to fix. Unless I'm missing something...?
  8. Hey everyone. Thanks for all the info and help. I was leaning heavily toward re-gearing then talked so some other trailer owners and did some research on how re-gearing will (or won't) affect the legal tow rating for the vehicle, and have decided it's better to upgrade to a new truck. I really liked my truck and was looking forward to having it paid off soon, but I think this will be a better choice. Inventory is pretty low right now, but we found a very low mileage used 2020 1500 LT with the 5.3L V8 and 8 speed transmission that we are going to look at later. Had them send a p
  9. Found some info that includes a reference to a 5.3L Max Tow Option, but it also indicates that's the one with the 3.73 axel ratio... https://cdn.dealereprocess.org/cdn/brochures/chevrolet/2015-silverado1500.pdf
  10. Interesting. This is from my owners manual. Lists the same options as the spec sheet, but makes no indication of which trucks have Max Trailering package.
  11. Thanks, but the row I'm comparing to in the table isn't the Max Trailering Option. Both options I'm comparing are in the EcoTech3 5.3L V8 section, not in the row for the EcoTech3 5.3L V8 Max Trailering option. Or are you saying the trucks that fall into the green boxes I placed actually have a Max Tow package that isn't referenced there?
  12. Lots of good discussion here folks. Thanks for all the replies. So we went ahead and bought the trailer yesterday. Again, we talked it over quite a bit and agreed that no matter what, a trailer of this size is part of the plan for our family. So the towing vehicle thing is going to have to sort itself out, whether it's do nothing, re-gear, or trade in for a vehicle with the right towing capacity. Not all those options are created equally in terms of financial feasibility, but we'll worry about that later... I called two local places yesterday and they both quoted
  13. San Diego area. So it can get hot, and going over the grapevine to get into the sierras will happen once or twice a year. Will do some shorter test trips first and see how it goes before tackling that. But, yes, I think we are going option #2. My wife and I agreed we can find a way to pay for re-gearing or trade in and upgrade depending on how it goes. Thanks!
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