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  1. Sorry it's a little late getting back on this. I really dont remember which fuse it was but I'm pretty sure it was in the fuse box under the hood.
  2. Aside from the nuts backing out I haven't had any issues. I didn't cut the droop limiter off on mine though. Didn't want to risk over extending my cvs. Btw I pulled up the instructions online and it said to use factory hardware. So yeah put the sticky stuff on it lol
  3. I'm guessing not. It's been a little bit since I installed them but I'm pretty sure I would've put them if I had them.. I don't have my instruction sheet to go back an look either.
  4. And I'm not slamming them I'm just giving a heads up. Ive done control arms on my previous trucks and never ran into this issue. Like I said the kit is beefy.
  5. I have this kit on my truck. Make sure you put lock tite or something of the sort on the control arm nuts though. I currently only have one bolt holding on my driverside upper control arm..... Aside from that it's a solid kit. Arms are really beefy.
  6. Hey guys I'm looking the the part number for this connector if anyone knows it. It was connected to the body harness on the bottom of the bed connected to the fuel pump housing. (Dropped the gas tank because of bad gas and broke it) any help would be appreciated.
  7. I haven't seen one in person but the 2021 customs actually have a console and steering wheels controls now. The steering wheel controls come with a package that's Available for it.
  8. I know the single wheel trucks can clear 37" tires with just a leveling kit. Are there any dually owners with 35-37" tires on factory wheels?
  9. I used a westin winch mount brush guard and a 12kibs winch for mine. The look isn't for everyone but I like it. I do recommend the bilstein shock upgrade with it though. The extra weight makes the front end bounce more noticeable than it already is in these trucks.
  10. Hmm... I'm betting my fender flares are messing up my measurements because you can definitely tell I have more than an inch of lift on mine . I think my rear is 41" I shouldve taken a measurement with the 1.5" spacer I had before because I'm definitely taller than I was with that.
  11. Came out great. Just have to find a place to get an alignment now. Anyone have stock height measurements to the bottom of the fender? I'm at 40-1/8" up front.
  12. Well I stuck with the original game plan. I got everything installed. I set the preload on the 5100s to the 1/2" setting and used the large preload spacer from the zone kit (it had to be used the way the kits designed if you wanted the preload spacer). With that and the small top spacer included in the kit I ended up with about a 1/2" rake (I have a winch mounted on a brush guard plus airbags in the rear end which slightly lifted the back). I took it for a short test drive and it's actually pretty darn good. I was pretty nervous about the possibility of adding to much preload but the winch we
  13. Will do. Hopefully will have it all together this afternoon. Unfortunately my rear shocks are on back order for 4-6 weeks so I'll only have half the review to give lol.
  14. Yes sir. The factory ranchos are terrible lol. I'm pulling one preload spacer from the kit and doing a 1/2" preload on the shock which would probably put me at 2" of lift if it wasn't for the winch. My thinking is I'll actually end up at the 1.75" the kit is meant for.
  15. I talked with zone about they're kit with the bilsteins. They didn't recommend the combo together because the bilsteins actually have more travel than the stock ranchos and where concerned about the cv joints. Needless to say the zone kit is going on tomorrow lol. I'm just not cutting the droop limiter off the coil bucket. I must say their control arms are BEEFY!
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