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  1. I remember reading through the instructions a lil while back and noticing the same thing. I think rough country does a diff drop.
  2. Trailboss oversize tires

    I went with the 1" as well. I wouldnt want to push it any further.
  3. Activating 7 pin plug 12v power

    Lol I'll have to get a pic when I go back to my pops house. Mostly a bunch of west Texas deer. 2 or 3 of them are pretty decent deer.
  4. Activating 7 pin plug 12v power

    I figured out what was going on. I blew the fuse. It puts a full 12v to the accessory from the factory. I must have crossed a wire. Working great now though. I'm using the 7 pin to power an electric jack and a transfer pump for a little mechanics trailer I'm making.
  5. I just read through the 4" lift description for the readylift. It says not intended for off road use or abuse lol.
  6. That's the first fab four bumper i've really liked also. But i agree, that price tag hurts lol. I'm very impressed with how clean they were able to integrate it with the new front end design.
  7. Activating 7 pin plug 12v power

    I'm going to start digging through fuses and see whats hooked up. I know there's one for a trailer battery. I'm going to check and see if the fuse is in place seeing it should be routed to that pin in the plug and go from there. Only down side to being the first owners of a new generation of trucks lol
  8. Does anyone know how to get 12v power to the accessory line/trailer battery hook up on the new silverado 7 pin trailer plug? Does it just need a fuse to be added or is there a jumper line for it?
  9. Any Trail Bosses with White Letter Tires

    More than likely the bfg k02s. We've had really good luck with them and they actually do pretty good when its muddy for an all terrain. Definitely dont want a set of mud terrains on this truck. ( I mean I would like some copper discoverer stt pros but I know better than that lol)
  10. Any Trail Bosses with White Letter Tires

    I plan on swapping my duratracs out for some white letter tires. I haven't decided which ones yet though. Anyone else have an issue with the duratracs being floaty on the interstate?
  11. Airlift airbag system

    Oh and don't waste your money on the stainless lines. %75 of the line is going to end up being the rubber/plastic to the pump regardless.
  12. Airlift airbag system

    Bags are fine. I haven't towed anything heavy with it lately but it does still work lol. I saw the auto level setup and honestly i don't think its worth the extra money. Once the trailers loaded and you pick your psi you want its very easy to bump it up 5-10psi if you think its being a little to bouncy.
  13. Early build question trail boss

    My truck pulled the crazy hard shift crap twice on me when i first got it. I'm about to hit 5k miles and it has never done it again since those first 2 weeks. My only complaint on my truck is it doesn't seem to hold its lane very well. Not sure if its the tires or what but im going to check the alignment next week when i get my oil changed.
  14. 12000 ibs isn't puny but i used to haul that with my f250 and that really never felt like it was taxing the truck. Same thing with my old lbz duramax. 15-20k ibs you really start to notice especially if its something enclosed.
  15. Whipple Supercharger 2019 Truck

    My buddy tunes vehicles. He said he can ship the ecu off to get unlocked but there's no tuning support for the new trucks right now. I doubt it will be as easy as just plugging a programmer into these new ones.

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