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  1. I'm just waiting for a big block to come out. Hopefully with that 10 speed and I'll get one. I like the way the custom and ltz look. Just dont like the lt and ltz.
  2. Towing Pics

    Shocks wont make a difference in sag. Its the spring rate on the leaf springs that are soft. I added airbags to my trail boss for that reason.
  3. Towing Pics

    Heck do what I did and put some airbags. I've towed 12k pounds with my trail boss with them.
  4. Towing Pics

    I think it varies from the package. The at4 and trailboss have quite a bit lower payload and tow capacity.
  5. Aftermarket Wheel Specs

    I'm curious to the amount of trimming it's going to take. I just noticed the crash bars hiding right behind the felt liner.
  6. Aftermarket Wheel Specs

  7. Aftermarket Wheel Specs

    Well these rims clear with loads of room to spare. Fuel rebel 17x9 +1 offset
  8. Aftermarket Wheel Specs

    17x9 +1 offset. I'm going to put a 35x12.5 on them more than likely. Just have to make sure they'll clear the brakes first. It looks like they will but we shall see.
  9. Aftermarket Wheel Specs

    Gonna test fit this tonight. Came in earlier than expected.
  10. What steps are those? They look like the ones I put on my f250 I had before I bought my TB. love those steps!
  11. Swapped my 1" leveling kit for a 2" kit today. With the brush guard and winch up front it's more of an 1-1/4" to 1.5" level.
  12. AT4 leveling kit updates

    It looks like i'm going to be bumping up the 1.5" level up front. Now that i've added my winch and brush guard up front i've lost 3/4" of height up front.
  13. Installed my winch and brushguard today.

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