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  1. This is pretty cool but if you choose the G2 option what is full unlock given you? Since gm disabled playing video from USB on 2017+ is this checkout price right?
  2. It comes and goes current drops to point 5 then the resistance climbs to 65-66 . do the glow plugs fail that way? im wondering if the wire is not on tight. all the plugs were replaced in 2020
  3. Your probably right. But funny how the epa banned different freons and does not force gm to fix leaks into atmosphere.
  4. Seems like of the EPA got involved they would sure fix the problem. My 2011 hd had been perfect with ac. I'm planning on trading in on a newer duramax 18-19.
  5. I was hoping they built it like these performance tranny shops did. Hi end torque converter and more plates. Bigger trans cooler. But I still have not got detailed information from anyone.
  6. I took my 275/65/20 0ff and put on nitto ridge Grappler 295/55/20 changing my effective gear ratio to about 3.88
  7. I couldn't find any info on the upgrades on 2020 six speed. My 2011 hd transmission has been great. I plow with it and tow. What upgrades did they do?
  8. I love the black custom chevy 2500 but they left no option to add leather power heated seats. Im still driving my 11 slt sierra 2500 lifted 33k but would like that extra power without going diesel.
  9. My truck was fine one minute and next morning wont start. No click battery is newer truck has 27000 miles. Thinking it may be ignition switch i tried remote start no dice. Did hear fuel pump run for second. I picked up a new starter but have not had a chance to install. Battery terminals look clean and tight. Dash stays lit during attempts This is a gas 6.0
  10. actually, 1981 and 1982 had them I owned a 82 with transverse composite
  11. no one knows? I just plugged in a new actuator still says service 4wd. how can I reset this?
  12. intermittent Service 4wd , comes and goes the motor seems slow to shift most of the time. Truck has only 20000 miles. But what's weird is I'm not even using the 4wd when I see this error. I been told to go look for bad ground. Which is could be with a 6 yrs old truck.
  13. neighbor had his done at dealer last 8 months , I think the kid tightened the crap out of it
  14. I guess they don't cover 2011? I only have 15000 miles on it , just started cutting me
  15. I looked at the fasteners and they are put on very tight the plastic cannot expand in the oval slots and it seems this is exactly where the cracks form.
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