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  1. Just keep your half ton . If you’re that concerned with mileage you won’t be happy with any 3/4 on the market.
  2. Are you sure you’re truck didn’t get flooded??
  3. Lol . Here is my trip average, forgot to post it .
  4. The shifting was noticeable but it wasn’t horrible . If I turned the radio on I would forget about it . It was landing barely above 3k . I’m fine with the mileage especially with gas at $1.80 a gallon . With the work it did it’s an improvement. I’m happy . I’ve never dropped below 8 in my LMM but neither has it hit 10 on this trip
  5. Mine is silky smooth . The heads up display is awesome towing where you can keep your eyes on the road and not get a speeding ticket .Changing lanes with the technology package cameras is great too . I caught a car in the lane I didn’t see in the mirrors already towing my Travel Trailer
  6. I just finished a 600 mile round trip from Sc thru NC and TN mountains towing 9130 pounds . Interstate grades were a 3 mile 6% , 1 mile 7 % , 6 mile 7% and a few 10% backroad grades . I can say I was amazed in the mountains. One thing I noticed is that it tows better on grades at speeds 65-75 vs trying to run 60 due to gear ratios in the transmission . With my setup at least with the 34+ tires . The first grade I hit running 61. It took about 2 miles to drop to 56 at 3200 rpms and I finally floored it to find it wouldn’t downshift further at first ( noticed the same with my 6.0’s ) so I double pumped it and it downshift to 5k , it immediately picked up speed and once it got to 61 5500 I backed off to try and hold the gear but it up shifted to 3500 and it continued to pick up speed no problem with the grade not letting up . It got to 71 and I just backed off more because speed limit was 65. I was less than half way into it on the initial climb and must have let it drop too much to recover . The 2 7% I hit at 66 mph and it carried the speed the entire way running 3700 rpm. On the way back I played around a little and drove 70-75 as the trucks stability wasn’t changed and wasn’t concerned about fuel as much . I hit one and made it downshift to 4K and it didn’t give a crap about the hill at that rpm . It accelerated me effortlessly past a car in the fast lane quick enough to get over before I got stuck behind a 35 mph semi . I pull those same grades 75% of the time when I rv and can’t tell you how many times that’s been but it put a spanking on my 09 duramax on those grades . I can only maintain 58 on the 2 longer ones nearly floored and if I ever tried to floor it to hold low 60’s it has always got to hot for me , transmission and motor . Ive never been able to get into the 70’s with it there . My 6.0‘S stay in the 4000-6000 rpm on those grades and usually drop to 56 floored with nothing left . Once I hit it running 75 and was able to keep 70 staying over 5000 the whole way up with my 6.0 and have tried to do it again and haven’t . But the 6.0’s never got even close to overheating and have had no mechanical issues . Downhill performance was a definite improvement over my 6.0 ‘s also . Not much difference from my duramax without an exhaust brake. When I slowed to 49 on a brake application and it downshifted the second time it eventually dropped to 44 on the 7% and I had to give it the gas to pick speed up before getting in the way . Fuel mileage was 7.8 -8.2 -9.5 . The only place where I can definitely say that my duramax was more pleasant was on the way back in the rolling hills running cruise it would go from 6th -5th after 2 mph drop then from 5th-4th at 4 mph drop . Afterwards it would climb back up to the speed I had it set at (70) . With my foot it was in 5th mostly with some drops to 4th when anticipated the hills and gave it enough pedal to downshift on purpose . I eventually selected manual 5 and set the cruise back and it would just drop 2 mph then recover . The hills were 5- 6% . My duramax tow mode automatically locks out 6th and will downshift on the same hills but it’s less noticeable because the nature of the diesel limited rpm range so 500 vs 1000 rpm increase . Overall i can clearly say it’s the most pleasurable tow I have had with any of my trucks ever . 50 miles into it I would have never thought it would be but after getting the feel for how it tows over a broad range I’m certain. In the backroads it was a cakewalk running 40-50 climbing much steeper grades . I know a l5p would do better but it still amazes me how it compared to my tuned LMM
  7. You can order the flip down online and install. It’s pretty simple to do
  8. So have you towed with one or you just watched the IKE pull and know everything about it now? You ever thought about the fleet perceptive ? The 6.0 is one of the most respected engines for HD service vehicles for capability , reliability and cost of ownership. The 6.6 has a 15-20 percent efficiency increase over the 6.0 . It has as much torque at barely over idle as it which translates into better towing and drive ability performance. Behind the wheel of one it feels very powerful and is a pleasure to tow with. Of course it doesn’t have a turbo like a diesel and if it did it would be challenge to drive . The 7.3 with the 4:30 gear won’t match the efficiency of the 6.0 much less the 6.6 . Most fleet buyers buy the gas version and historically consumers buy the diesel but that’s changing and all it takes is getting in one . The stigma of you gotta have a diesel is dying because it’s BS. Ford gave it there best shot . Gm is just getting started with this . They can add gear selections, transmissions and bring out a big block . What you see now with Ford is all it will be for years to come with the 7.3 . Either way none of it matters to me . I have a truck that I feel more confident in than in my Diesel with the same efficiency with lower cost fuel. It pulls my stuff without a sweat and when I upgrade my fleet vehicles I won’t think twice about getting the 6.6. No missed marks here I’m delighted with it .
  9. The 6.6 is the base model just as Ford has a base model . Ford has 3 engine options. Gm has 2 . The GM big block capability is yet to be seen. The 6.6 is completely capable of its rating
  10. Yeah I use to have pos Toyota that’s supposed to be magical with gas but somehow my HD gets better mpg and can tow 2 1/2 times the weight
  11. Yep big tank makes a difference towing. My 09 Duramax has a mid 20’s tank and it’s a pain looking not only for a station but also a diesel pump. My town has 8 stations, 3 carry diesel and only one you can get a big trailer to the pump. My last 1500 was a 2010 5.3 it only got 17 so I’m jumping up and down having a HD getting 15-17 . My duramax best tank was 16.6 average 14.5 . Always single digits towing
  12. Cut that one lose . What about mpg towing and not?
  13. There’s no sluggishness in the 2020 gas and as far as the Ltz goes with the electric steering assist it’s very light . The 6.6 is a completely different feeling engine. You need to run E rated tires but other than that I haven’t had problems with wear on my gas or diesel models. I’ve been getting 50k-65k out of Mud Claw Extreme and Toyo Mt , my service trucks are getting roughly the same with Goodyear tires. Granted I rotate them as recommended.
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