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  1. Thanks Random. The dry weight pin is about 2930 lbs's on the trailer. I haven't bought it as I'm trying to asses the pros and cons, specifically the extra 200 lbs above the recommended chevy pin number. I wouldn't trust a dealer to tell me "no problem" and i get the readings on the scales but since I haven't bought it I can't do that just yet - trying to avoid a big surprise. UI'm pretty sure I can offset any additional weigh added by keeping a 2 to 1 ratio of new weight behind the trailer axles I would guess we wouldn't put more than 1000 lbs in the trailer so about 700 in the back - should keep the pin weight close to 2900 lbs but I'm no expert, just playing with math. I purchased my truck about 18 months ago and other than some warranty repairs, I really like it. Wasn't thinking about a 5er at that time as we have a 34' travel trailer and it tows great. I would give up the desired 5th wheel before giving up my truck Thanks again, this has been very helpful.
  2. All good responses and I get the extra baggage, people , etc. I dont really have a lot of extra weight or baggage and if I did, I would put it in the rear of the camper so as not to add to the hitch pin weight. It doesn't get towed a lot - bsaically sits in an rv park 6 months of the year in the mountains then maybe back home. My issue is the wifey likes a specific design that;s about 150#'s over the pin weight recommendation. I was just trying to figure out that if I stay below the rear axle capacity by at least 200 lbs does it matter if the "pin" weight is 200 lbs over. Thanks for the comments - shout out to JAY WPS! as I'm originally from AR.
  3. Newbie here - I have a question about pin weight and rear axle payload. I have scoured the internet and get more confused the more I read. Basics. My 2020 HD Duramax has a Max tongue weight (gooseneck and I assume 5th wheel hitch as well) of 2775 #'s. RGAWR of 6600 #'s and max payload of 3444 #'s. Assume hitch weight of 125#'s. Assuming another 300lbs of misc weight (fuel, etc) and subtract all of this from the payload (3444-125-300= 3019 lbs) is it reasonable and safe to assume I could tow a 5th wheel with a pin weight a little under 3000 lbs? I don't exceed any of the other recommended gross weights on the label on the door panel. Basically, just trying to figure out if I can tow a pin weight a couple hundred piunds over the recommended weight if I dont exceed the payload capacity. Thanks in advance.
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