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  1. I can get friends and family discount. My grandmothers husband owned a GMC dealership for years. My new debate is getting the SLE with flip console and cloth vs an AT4 loaded out with the new gas. I can get them for about the same cost. I have a pontoon boat and a 31’ bumper pull camper. Both engines can pull anything I have. I only pull each one 6-8 times a year for about 50 miles round trip so that’s not a big issue. Any thoughts and advice. I currently have a Ford F-250 diesel and am wanting to get back to a GMC. Just not sure on the engines and options. Thanks
  2. thanks for the reply. Had not heard about the leveling kit on them until today. What kind and size do people normally run on these? 2.5"-3"??? Does anyone run the 1" in the rear on those newer trucks? THANKS AGAIN
  3. Looking at ordering a 2021 GMC 2500 AT4. gas, I know about diesels, I have one know and have had one for 20 years. Buying a gas for daily driver and giving estimates for work. I heard the AT4's have a 2" lift or leveling hit on them from the factory. Will 35"s fit without any more lift? Also, is it a lift or leveling kit on the 2021 AT4's???? THANKS
  4. GSwift, what size and kind of tires do you have and what size and brand of lift do you have? Great looking truck!!! THANKS
  5. Thanks. So the 2 convenience packages and add 20” tires will give me the look and options iI need I believe. Going to add the bucket seats and leather. Will look almost like an LTZ i believe. Or close enough for my taste. I plan on keeping it 10 years or so, so wanna make sure it’s go all I want and really don’t want. Seems like it’s equipped about just right. Thanks Again
  6. Njmurvin, what all options does the Convenience 2 offer that the Texas or All Star do not? just want to make sure of what all I am getting and not getting on a truck over $50K. Never paid this much for a truck and just want to make completely sure of EVERYTHING before I order. I configured the 2500 LT with both convenience 1 and 2 packages. I added the 20" wheels and leather interior with bucket seats. Came in right at $50,500 because I'm leaning towards the white iridescent tri-coact pearl color. Otherwise, it would be a little under $50K. THANKS
  7. can you get any color other than WHITE when selecting All Star or Texas Edition packages? Always takes it back to white when I select it. THANKS for ALL replies and help
  8. Was at a GMC dealership yesterday. Was going to order the 2021GMC 2500 SLE crew 4X4 with cloth and bench seats. It was $49,500 for dealer pricing which I can get. I couldn't decide so I came home and got on gmfamilyfirst.com, built a 2021 Chevrolet 2500 Crew 4X4, and can get the Texas or All Star editions with leather for $51,000 with bucket seats. I've always liked the GMC's appearance better but for close to the same price, I can get leather and bucket seats. Any input or pics of the Texas or All Star Editions???? THANKS
  9. Just about to order a or buy a 2020 or 2021 crew GMC 2500 GASSER with the 6.6 4x4. Me and Ford diesels are parting ways after about 20 years. I have grown tired of FORD and these new emissions. What kind of MPG can I expect with a leveled 2020 GMC 2500 with 35's? Looking for averages in city/hwy and towing? Also, ANY pics with this configuration would be greatly appreciated. Leaning towards silver but pics can sway me. Wanting a A/T aggressive tire. No M/T and no highway tire. THANKS for ALL the HELP and ADVICE.
  10. I'm in Alabama, do you happen to know the dealership in Alabama? I've been looking at Laura Buick GMC in Collinsville, IL online but would rather get one closer if possible. THANKS
  11. me too. Wanting a SLE GMC model if possible. can add a few upgrades to get it where I want it. Would take a Custom or WT model but my center console would have to open, I'd need the flip down drink holder armrest in the middle backseat and would like radio controls on the steering wheel. GM could've done those for very cheap but I guess that's what makes people move up to a higher model.
  12. I’m in Alabama. Just very few selection of them. Laura Buick GMC has only one gas 6.6 left and they normally have 50-100. May have to wait til everything gets back up and running. Hate to buy one in a hurry then the prices drop $5K or more when production passes the demand again.
  13. Does ANYONE know when or if the GMC 2500 will get better rebates or incentives? Saw the new $3500 off HD for GMC but the 1500's are still getting $10K-$13K off. Really wanting a GMC 2500 6.6 gasser SLE with about half of the options for that $42-$45K range. Anyone see that plausible in the near future? THANKS for input
  14. I’m curious to this as well. Not buying a diesel this time. Have had 3. Just can’t justify the extra $ for something i don’t really need. I know this new 6.6 will pull all i need to pull. Only pull 15-20 times a year. All less than an hour away. Thanks
  15. Any other pictures of the Custom 2500's with some mods? THANKS
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