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  1. Wanting to order a new Yukon XL for my wife and a Sierra 2500 HD for me. Anyone know of a dealer that’ll allow me to order them using GM family pricing? My grandfather sold his GMC dealership about 10 years ago and I can get family pricing but I can’t find anyone that’ll sell me one using it in the Auburn, AL and Columbus, GA area. Willing to travel some to get them but can’t find anyone who’s willing. Thanks.
  2. Would love to use your dealer but I’m in Alabama. If someone knows of a dealer in this area, I’d love to give them a shot. I still want a truck, just need to find a dealer. Ha ha. Thanks
  3. Called 2 more dealers within 100 miles and were told NO AGAIN on ordering with the Friends and Family Discount. Guess no new GMC 2500 for me. I can't pay over MSRP for a truck that's going to depreciate like crazy in a year or so
  4. Have tried 5 different dealers and have gotten the same answer at each one. None honoring the discount and all wanting anywhere between $5K-$10K over MSRP. Crazy times we’re in. Can’t see me paying $10K more than a depreciating asset costs. That’s how to really lose my butt. Really want a truck but can’t see it happening any time soon like this.
  5. The cooler line was one of my concerns. Is the transmission in the 2500’s the same as the transmissions in the 1500’s? Just wondering if they “beefed” up anything in the transmission for the 3/4 tons over the 1/2 tons. Thanks for the replies
  6. Thanks for the reply. I figured someone had to have one somewhere on here. I was just curious as to drink holders for back seat riders. I have 2 kids. I know the center console ones have the 2 drink holders on the back of the console. I guess the SLE would just have the flip down arm rest in middle of the back seat? Thanks AGAIN
  7. I have currently built 2 different GMC SLE 2500's. Both are equipped the same but one has the diesel and the other has the new 6.6 gas motor. I know the Duramax comes with the 10 speed transmission and the gas has the 6 speed transmission. There's about $8,000 difference in price with me getting Friends and Family pricing. I can get along fine with the gas for my needs, I'm just wondering about the transmissions between the 2. I'll keep the truck 7-8 years like I normally do. Just trying to get a truck as economically feasible as possible. I've had diesels in the past but I only have a bumper pull camper and a pontoon boat now so I know the gasser will pull them both with ease. Is the different transmissions and motors worth the $8K over how long I'll keep the truck? Just don't want to be stuck with the 6 speed transmission if it isn't really reliable. THANKS
  8. Am trying to pull the trigger on a new GMC 2500 and a mew Yukon XL for the wife as well. Have built and got the numbers to get the GM pricing on both and can not get any dealer within 100 miles of Auburn, AL to honor the pricing. Have called 5 different GMC dealerships. My grandfather owned a GMC dealership for over 30 years and now GM won’t honor the prices for the Friends and Family discount. This is crazy. They’re both around $6500-$7500 each so we’re looking at around $14,000 total saved on both vehicles. Any advice or just hold and wait on the economy to bust?
  9. Nice. What did not do do the MPG with the mew 6.6 gas and bigger tires? Wanting to do something similar with 35” tires thanks
  10. Does anyone have pics of 2020 and newer GMC 2500 SLE with gray interior and flip down console bench seat? I keep seeing black interior. None at any dealership near me. Curious as to how the brownish dash looks with the gray seating??? Can't find any good pics of front and back seats. THANKS
  11. yes, I have heard the Autotrac 2 speed transfer case was a good option for the $200. Was definitely getting it for the $
  12. is the X31 Package on 2022 GMC 2500 worth it?? I know its a Z71 for GMC, just curious as to see if it's worth the $900 add on. Wanting to order this week but want to get all I need. Coming from a Ford F250 diesel. Ready to get back to my GMC's. Wanting the 2022 GMC 2500 SLE, getting the SLE value and convenience packages. Just seeing what else I may need? Wanting to stay under a budget if possible. THANKS
  13. is that black or a dark gray? I am leaning towards the silver metallic and the only @ interiors to choose from are the black and gray. THANKS
  14. does anyone have pictures of the KATZKIN leather on the new body style 2500's? Still trying to decide on the SLE vs SLT or the LT vs SLT. Definitely wanting leather though. THANKS
  15. Does anyone have any pics of their 2500’s with aftermarket or factory 18’ rims on 35” tires? I’m leaning towards the GMC 2500 SLE but unsure about the 18” rims. Really don’t want to spend $1400 upgrade to the 20” factory rims. Seems like a steep $ jump to me from the 18” to the 20”. Thanks
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