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  1. It's in Florida and I'm absolutely positive. Unless washing the outside of the truck isn't something you should do. It was never in water.
  2. Wanted to post code list that my truck pulled up. I'm seriously starting to wonder if anyone at Chevy knows what the **** they are doing.
  3. So update on truck is Dealership found water stains and small amount of something in the intake. They said it is water but I don't go off roading with my truck, I have a side by side for that. Also it hasn't rained here in a few weeks. All in all the dealership says it's not covered under warranty. This is exactly why I didn't take it to them without seeing what was wrong with it myself. I did see water stains but there are water stains in the entire engine compartment. I found no water inside the intake and the oil was perfect. Changed 1 week before. So now my insurance company is involved. Anyone known if there is anyone I might be able to call with GM to help?
  4. The truck is less than 6 months old and around 7,200 miles on it. I've seen a lot of stuff about electrical failures but I'm just waiting for the dealership to give me some kind of answer.
  5. My truck started ruining rough, made it home then went back a few hours later and started it again. Well it caused at least one piston to break and a hole in the engine block. Plus about 14 codes came up. Anyone else have this issue?
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