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  1. Height of Hitch

    This is all trailer dependent. I believe the OP's question is a valid one in that he has a trailer that is setup correctly and want to know if his current setup will work on his new truck. The trailer should sit level when hitched and loaded. So drop or rise is going to depend on trailer.
  2. Please Help!

    Post back when you have it solved.
  3. Please Help!

    You are right, I looked up the part number for what I was referencing and it isn't until 2003 that the flasher module appears. Some searching another forum suggests the turn signal arm. Hope that helps.
  4. Please Help!

    Sounds like it might be a flasher module. It takes the turn signals and brake lights and send them to the trailer as the trailer shares brake/turn in a single bulb.
  5. I suspect the flasher module.
  6. Would you tow this?

    I think the one question that has been missed is "How far and how often?" From what I have read you will be right at your towing limits for the truck so yes it will tow it, but you are going to find towing any distance or hilly terain is going to be work, not just for the truck but for you as well. To keep highway speeds without the transmission hunting for gears you will have to keep it out of overdrive, this means higher engine speeds and more cabin noise. Even then you will likely find it downshifting fairly often. I tow two boats back and forth from MD to FL, 1200 miles oneway, every year. The larger of the two is an 8k load. I used to tow with a Yukon XL and at the end of the day you would be exhausted. Now doing the same drive in a 2500 is a whole new game, you really can forget the trailer is back there. So it really is more of a question than simply "can I tow it" The answer to that of course is Yes.
  7. Please Help

    Sounds like it is time for a new battery to me. The radio stations have a memory of there own and will not reset with a low battery. Best thing to do would be to have the battery load tested, they should be able to do it anyplace that sells batteries. But another simple test would be to not remote start it, instead get in and turn the key to RUN and check the clock and controls. Now crank it, I bet the clock resets.
  8. u.s towing regulations?

    Well I just moved from Southern California after 50 years. Respectfully, running that fast in a semi is foolish and reckless. In California they won't let you run that fast. If Texas wants to "look the other way" I guess it's their business. Thankfully, most states don't tolerate those type of speeds by semis. And that's a good thing. In West Texas, all you see is road and rabbits for many, many miles at a time. 85 is no worse than 70 for that matter, there is not much to stop for. Guess, you have never been on I-95 over here on the east coast either. If you only run 70 out here on 95, you will get run over rather quickly. I was out there on it last week for a bit testing my 6.2 and logging the computer, and had to run 85 to keep up with the traffic. Guess ya'll better not come over here... LOL I do about 5k a year running between MD and FL towing and I run exactly the speed limit of 65 or 70 the entire way. Sure there are plenty that pass me but it surprises me how many I pass as well. I will say that when passing I will hit speeds of 80 just to move right and back out of the left lane. But you can run the 70 no problems at all.
  9. Duramax VS 8.1L

    Yep, bet you there will be a lot more answers before this tread dies
  10. Duramax VS 8.1L

    I always liked the Gray. My old Yukon was gray and it didn't hardly show the dirt. I did notice two are long beds and one is short. Do you have a preference? I have a CCSB and it is still long when parking some of the places I have to go, mainly DC parking garages and my own driveway. But there are plenty of times I wish I had long box too.
  11. u.s towing regulations?

    I stand corrected, not sure where I got 60 in my brain when responding, but as you can see once it got there it stayed. And for what it is worth, goodyear has put out a bulletin about running them 10psi over to allow for speeds to 75. I have been running mine like this for about 5 years with only one failure do to a tread seperation. I do most of my towing on I95 on the east coast. Speed limits are 65 - 70 and I tow right at the speed limit. Goodyear tire service bulletin
  12. u.s towing regulations?

    Google ST tires. They are all rated at 60 MPH. There is no such thing as a "trailer" tire rated for a higher speed. Many have resorted to using LT tires for this reason but depending on the size of the tire you might not find an LT tire with a proper load range. Find me a 205/75R14 tire rated for 1750 pounds other than an ST. if you find me one that is rated above 60 I will buy it.
  13. Duramax VS 8.1L

    Yukon, I agree. A 2500 or 3500 is a tool and a big one at that. It isn't a grocery getter. I will say though, my '08 isn't to bad on fuel. I am getting about 14/15 in town and about 20 highway if I drive 70 or less. I can live with that given that a good half of its use is towing or hauling. But also I am 100% stock, seems that everybody looses big time in the MPGs when the go to larger tires and a lift. But since I bought the truck to tow, I have no interest in being anything but 100% stock, well the DPF might fall off at some point but not sure that is worth the expense either.
  14. Duramax VS 8.1L

    Can a guy want a bigger badder truck just to want it? I know it's not gonna be efficient or as comfortable and all that stuff. I own a very nice 1500 but I just want something different with all the capabilities that a 2500 has to offer just in case. Like I said I like to travel. I'm slowly working my way up. Eventually I'm gonna want a very large enclosed trailer or a toy hauler. Gas money for a daily driver isn't an issue with me because I work across the street from my house. I don't have to drive much on a regular basis. I want a truck that has more balls then my 5.3 and can handle whatever I throw at it. Also want a crew cab instead of my extended. That drives me nuts and eventually I'm sure the wife is gonna make me have kids Lol. Maybe I am just being stupid and want to swing a longer dick to show off cause my 1500 can handle What I do right now. But it's a want thing and gas isn't an issue when I don't drive much daily. Sent From Samsung Galaxy S3 Hell ya, and if that is what you want then the dmax is the way to go IMO. The point of my first post was to simply give you food for thought, but if bigger is what you want go for it. You will never feel like it is underpowered with the diesel. I tow several boats, the largest is about 8k so still no where close to the max the truck will pull, but when towing it there is at least another 1k in the bed. I would say I do about 7000-8000 miles a year towing like this and thus the reason I bought a dmax. With 8k behind you it isn't a question of will it pull it, it is only a question of how fast do you want to go. You can romp on the throttle and pass at will and set the cruise at any speed you choose and it will hold 6th gear except for the steepest of hills. I used to do this with a Yukon and it was maxed out and frankly it was work towing. Now I can say you really forget the load is back there.
  15. Door Moulding Discoloring

    2008 white 2500HD and yes they look like s!#$. Keep thinking about taking them off. I have seen penty of pictures both ways and just can't decide.

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