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  1. I wonder that too. I think in the end that I will probably use the front hitch system that I found and linked to that is rated for 9k lbs, and grab a winch rated for 8,000lbs. For most anything that I am likely to ever need, it should suffice, without having to worry about bending the front end up with a winch that puts way more tension on it than it can handle. Would rather have a winch that in an extreme case, isn't enough and I have to call someone, than to mess up my truck.
  2. Well, I upgraded the tires to GoodYear UltraTerrains, which are very similar to the Duratracs...
  3. It gives you nice control and immediate torque. The one thing I wish this truck had, were front and rear diff lockers that worked with a switch. A couple times I thought I was stuck, but what I had to do was let the tires spin long enough for the rear G80 to lock itself, and then it clawed forward just fine. Would have been nicer to push a button to lock it, so that I didn't have to lose momentum waiting for it to kick in.
  4. BBQ was ok. The place we wanted to hit was Jim's Smokin Que in Blairesville, but we got there too late and they had run out and closed up for the day, so we headed over Blood Mountain and over to JR's Roadkill BBQ and it's pretty solid.
  5. Forgot my new GoPro 9 Black, so had to have my buddy use my cell phone to capture video. It's still rendering up to 4k, YouTube takes forever for that, but I stitched it together and here was some fun from yesterday. This truck constantly impresses me. I think with Bilsteins and another inch up front, it will be perfect.
  6. Hmmm... then that mount won't work... And that's the issue I am facing... If I want something discreet and out of the way, then it limits the pull weight I can accomodate. I can get something heavier duty, but then I have a big ugly contraption stapled to the front of the truck that I will realistically use once a year, and hate looking at it the other 364 days... lol What to do....
  7. Well, technically, an 8000lbs winch on a 9000lbs receiver would be strong enough to lift the truck straight up in the air and have it hanging their swinging in the breeze, right? haha
  8. If I get a 12V winch, I could get heavy duty leads off the battery, waterproofed, mount it up under there, and use things other than a winch with it... maybe a light bar that sticks onto a hitch mount, or whatever else I can cook up?
  9. What about this? 500lbs tongue weight, and 9,000lbs pull weight and doesn't look too bad or hang down too low? https://www.etrailer.com/p-65082.html It would allow me to get a winch more in the 8,000lbs range which is better than sitting there stuck, I would imagine...
  10. 2019 LT Trail Boss 5.3L 8-speed. No real mods other than 33" GoodYear UltraTerrains with 1.25" hub centric wheel spacers all around, a set of good rock rails, K&N filter and Airaid MIT... That's it. Been wanting a winch, but I don't want to have to install some expensive, big, heavy and goofy looking extension to the front of the truck. A friend suggested a front hitch receiver and then a winch that could hook onto that, or, I could move the winch to the rear hitch if I needed to pull the truck back out of something I shouldn't have gotten myself stuck in... Sounds like a solid plan, but what do people suggest? I don't want to lose much ground clearance in the front, as it would be ironic to have the winch or hitch be the thing that gets the truck hung up to begin with... What have people used, and any pics of your setup? Don't want to spent a ton of money, but I am thinking that the right, up high or hidden front receiver hitch and a suitable winch in the 4,000lbs or so range would likely get me out of anything that I am likely to ever see... I don't go hardcore off roading, but I want to do some off road stuff and I feel like having a winch might be a good idea, especially if I am alone and out of cell phone range. thoughts?
  11. That's what I feared, it was too cheap to be metal. haha Oh well, I will keep searching...
  12. When I clicked on the link that shows the front one that I want, the price is like $37, so I am assuming that one is plastic. The other 2 that I have are metal, it's only the front one that I would want to replace with metal
  13. Right, for the plastic front piece is what I have that came on the truck... was looking for a metal one.
  14. Hmmm... Can you buy just that front plate? When I upgraded the 2018 it was a kit that contained multiple plates... But if all I need is the front one...
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