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  1. Yeah, I have no illusions that the Seafoam will magically pull any old oil out of the manifold... but I figure it can't hurt, and if it removes some of the buildup already on the valves, then the catch can can keep it, or at least slow down the process of it accumulating more...
  2. So you think I should pop the cover and look in there, and soak up the oil with some paper towels or something?
  3. I do my oil changes every 5k miles, but the dealer does them so I don't know how low it is... I should probably check from time to time, LOL
  4. So an update... Put around 450 miles or so on the truck, give or take. Pulled the can today to see how much oil was in there, and there was roughly at least half, if not 3/4 of an inch of motor oil in the can... I left it in, and will pour it out and measure it at the 1,000 mile mark. I also picked up a can of the Seafoam intake cleaner that I plan to do soon, now that I am trapping at least most of the oil from going into the intake... I would imagine at this rate, by the time I hit 1,000 miles I will have a couple inches of oil in the can...
  5. Where can I buy this? At least once a month, some scumbag steals gas out of my truck... I guess the best economy in 50 years and record low unemployment isn't enough for some people to just get an F'ing job, and they feel the need to steal gas from people... I need a locking gas cap apparently...
  6. If we didn’t have gdi motors nobody would have concerns...
  7. Was just part of the package deal that I negotiated with them when I bought it. I wanted a spray in bed liner, upgrade the cloth seats to leather, 2.25" level kit installed up front and 3" blocks in the back, upgrade the tires to 1 size larger than stock, Nitto Ridgegrapplers, etc...
  8. I have the dealer do all the work, as oil changes are included every 5k miles till 40k... but I guess I can remove the catch can for when I go in... will take 5 min to return things to stock... for the intake valve cleaning... pay the dealer to do it, or do the Seafoam kit myself?
  9. Where do you get the OEM connectors? Would make it easy I guess, just in case.
  10. That makes sense, but I am not an automotive mechanic, just a mechanically minded person, so I can't say for sure... but yeah, I think that a little vacuum would be fine, to draw a little pressure and vapor out, but it doesn't need to be so strong that it's literally sucking oil out of the case... I went literally 20 miles and there was a quarter teaspoon... That's insane. There is no reason or need for that.
  11. Correct, and I am thinking that it's the massive suction from that line, from the intake manifold, that is drawing the oil out more than it being pushed out. When I complete my 1,000 mile test with the catch can, I will see exactly how many mL of oil is in there. I will then take the vacuum line off of the catch can and plug it, and then put a pod filter on the "out" of the catch can, drive another 1,000 miles and see how much oil it captures and compare.
  12. I think that there wouldn't be so much oil in there if there wasn't such a strong vacuum sucking it out of the crank case... Pull the dipstick on the catch can while the engine is idling and you will hear and feel how strong that suction is... I am betting that if you capped the vacuum line going to the manifold, and just put a pod filter on the "out" line on the catch can, the amount of oil caught would go down drastically. I don't think that the amount that is "pushing out" under crankcase pressure, is anywhere near as much as how much is being sucked out by that vacuum line... Thoughts?
  13. I posted a pic, as well as a link to the install video. There is a line coming out of the top of the case, below the throttle body. That line ran from there to the intake. I checked to see which line was pulling the vacuum and it matched what the video instructions showed.
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