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  1. Looks good, now you just need to take those screws and bolts that are sticking down off the bottom of the bumper, remove them and flip them around so that only the heads of the bolts and screws are showing.
  2. Wheel Spacer?

    Any thoughts on those? Are they thick enough to make a visual difference on the truck?
  3. Here is how I cleaned mine up. The lightbar helps fill in the gap, and I removed the bolts that were sticking down, and reversed them so the pointy ends are no longer hanging down.
  4. I removed mine because it was getting hung up on rocks off road. I removed that bracket and cleaned everything up, and then installed a light bar in the gap between the rescue hooks.
  5. Wheel Spacer?

    I see these, and they are in stock and much closer to me than Summit. I see some people seem to like them? https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/g2-6x5-5-inch-bolt-pattern-with-1-5-inch-offset-wheel-spacers-black-93-83-150t/_/R-FCNB-93-83-150T
  6. Wheel Spacer?

    Looking to see what Summit has, but they don't list anything for my truck. 2018 Silverado Z71. Has a 2.25" level kit in front and a 3" set of lift blocks in back. Nitto RidgeGrappler 33's installed on the stock 18" rims. Have very slight rubbing at full lock, but more than that I just want a little better stance. I am reading here that the bolt on spacers are best, and to get them thick enough so that you don't have to cut the stock lugs. I also don't want to go wide enough that I have to worry about wearing out bearings prematurely... So what is the best balance here? 1.25? 1.75? Anyone got a link to what they go from Summit? I can drive down there but looking online, not sure which ones I need.
  7. Well, I just bought this one. If I am gonna go and spend a bunch more money, I would rather just take the truck to Vengeance Racing and have them custom tune it. I am overall happy with this tune, just curious if there are some even better settings, that's all...
  8. I completed the airbox mod... Took a Dremel and cutting wheel and opened up the sheet metal so that it matches the new larger opening on the airbox inlet. Made sure it seals properly against the metal and only sucks air in from that fender area... Then I cleaned the MAF sensor just for good measure. Truck seems to run great, but if there are some better "performance" settings to try with the Flashpaq, I am open to hearing about them. Not concerned with fuel economy, just performance and fun. If I wanted better mileage I would have bought a Prius, not a big truck. haha If I go on a long trip and want to save a little on gas, there is an eco map in the Flashpaq that I can load before I go, and flip back to 91 performance when I get home... :-)
  9. Opinions on wheel spacers

    I like the wider stance, but when I did this on my last ATV, I started eating up wheel bearings and had to replace them twice a year. I didn't use spacers, I got new rims with 2" offset, and that put a lot of stress on the wheel bearings and caused premature wear... Is that a problem on these trucks?
  10. So I have a 2018 Z71, 2.25" level kit in front and 3" lift blocks in the back to keep factory rake... Both lower air dams removed, 33" Ridgegrapplers mounted to stock wheels, metal skid plates, etc... For the performance end, straight pipe from the CATs back, resonator and exhaust flapper removed. Airaid MIT installed with a K&N air filter *very lightly oiled* so as not to mess with the MAF... in fact when I got the filter, I washed and cleaned it first, dried it and then lightly oiled it, as they shipped dripping wet and didn't want that in there. I also modded the airbox so that instead of breathing through that little snorkel that extends into the passenger side fender area, it now breathes via the whole side of that box being opened up. Still has the outer insert with the foam sealer on it, so it's not open to the engine compartment, but it does have the ability to draw in more air, easily... May even open up the metal in that inner fender a tad to make it more efficient, and then put better foam sealer so make sure no water can splash up in there... Anyway, my question is that when I flashed the 91 octane performance map to the truck, it made a very positive difference. I made sure it used all the "Superchips" defaults for things like shift points and shift torque, etc... Added 20% sensitivity to the throttle so I don't have to mash it to the floor to get it to react, etc... However, are there better settings to use on some of the things like torque or shifting? The settings are usually "stock", "SuperChips Values" and then other options that frankly I don't know what they mean and I don't want to just guess and do trial and error... Does anyone with a 17+ Silverado with the 5.3L and 6 speedy tranny(sorry, non-binary gender transmission) use the Flashpaq F5 and Performance map with settings better than the defaults that the tuner suggests?
  11. Another CAI question

    No worries on off topic stuff, it's all good. I don't bother with race plastics, I just take my streetbikes to the track once a year, maybe twice.
  12. Another CAI question

    Yeah, done several and I am signed up for another track day on May 4... Not sure if I will take the Panigale or the Aprilia... The Ape is faster and has better electronics, but the Ducati is better aero and more set up for track riding... probably less work too...
  13. Another CAI question

    Yeah, they are like 20-25 minutes from here.
  14. Another CAI question

    Well at this point I have: Made straight pipe from the CAT's back. No restrictions, no muffler or resonator. K&N high flow air filter(minimal oil applied so as not to mess up MAF) Airaid MIT SuperChips Flashpaq F5 with 91 octane Performance map, trans optimizations, 20% throttle sensitivity added I am not that far from Vengeance Racing... I could always book some dyno time to see how the power curve and AFR is doing, and have them custom tune it if needed...
  15. Another CAI question

    Installed the MIT last night. Easy to install. Not sure if it made a difference or not, I guess I will have to drive it around a bit and see how it feels. I just went around the block real quick, but I am not sure that I felt a difference...

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