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  1. 2" lift front and back to maintain the stock rake, removed the lower air dam and 285 width RidgeGrapplers.
  2. Z71 ?

    I went with the K&N air filter myself. But I cleaned it prior to use. It comes dripping with oil out of the box and over-oiling is what causes it to mess with the air sensor... I don't think that the filters are inherently bad for the sensors, it's that most people tend to put too much oil on them... Clean it, and LIGHTLY oil it. Like it should just have a light pink tinge to it. If its red, the same color as the oil, then you used too much.
  3. Z71 ?

    https://www.gmwholesaledirect.com/oem-parts/gm-under-body-shield-v8-engine-only-23176881 This fits my 2018 Z71 and I will be ordering one up shortly. Like everyone else, I too feel that the plastic stock plates are worthless. There are wires and vital things down there and the plastic won't hold up to jack...
  4. So what's this gonna cost me?

    Yeah, I didn't ask for it, but there was some sort of big lawsuit several years back and State Farm was one of the primary companies names in the suit. The GA courts ruled against them and now it is required by law that when they cover your accident, that the accident is defined as the total cost of making you whole. It's not just what it took to fix the issue, but also any diminished value as a result of the accident.
  5. So what's this gonna cost me?

    Yeah, the way that state farm explained it to me, just the fact that my car now shows up in a Carfax report, will lower the sell or trade value. In GA, they are required by law to pay out not just for the repair, but also the diminished value of the vehicle. The rep said that at the dealer that I went to, last year some guy had a major accident with is brand new loaded top of the line Tahoe. It needed new bodywork, the frame was bent, etc... They didn't total it out, but chose to fix it. Took 6 months, but they did finally get his truck back to him looking and riding brand new. The owner then got a check for $28k for the diminished value..
  6. So what's this gonna cost me?

    I already got the diminished value check from my insurance company.
  7. So what's this gonna cost me?

    Good news! Got a call last night from the guy's insurance company(Liberty Mutual). They said that they have been trying to get in touch with the driver and he and his mom will not return their calls or respond. So they went and got the police report, and it was very clear from the report and the cop's notes that their client was at fault. They gave me a reference number to give to my insurance(State Farm) and told them to send them an invoice and that they would reimburse State Farm for the repair and my deductible. They said at that point, once State Farm is reimbursed, my "accident" will be coded as not my fault and it won't impact my insurance premiums... So good news there. I had hoped that the guy would do the right thing, but as I guessed, his mom probably took over the process and tried ignoring it and hoped it would go away, which forced his insurance to do their own homework and the police report saved the day for me. Great success!
  8. I negotiated to get the crappy OEM tires off and a larger set of Nitto RidgeGrapplers installed when I picked up my '18 Silverado Z71.
  9. Exhaust & Tuner Advice

    My Colorado throttle response was like that, always running too high a gear, jerky shifting when you did mash the peddle... Didn't drive like a 305hp truck should... My solution was always running in trailer mode. It basically took the motor out of it's "eco" mode and made it much nicer to drive. On the Silverado I straight piped it from the CAT's on back, single exit with a nice Chevy chromed tip. Cost me $200 parts and labor at a local muffler shop, sounds awesome. Added the Range box and plugged it into the diagnostic port under the steering column, no more AFM. And when the truck goes to the dealer for warranty work, I simply unplug the Range box and no worries about my warranty. I don't care about fuel economy. If I wanted that I would have a Prius. I bought a big 4x4 v8 truck and did so knowing the mileage would suck and I am fine with that. In total, I spent about $400 on the K&N air filter, straight pipe and tip and Range box. Drives really nice.
  10. So what's this gonna cost me?

    You never know. About 7 years ago I had a guy in an F250 make a right turn into a parking lot, from the left lane without using his turn signals or even looking. I was on an FZ1 at the time, went into a full on stoppie, and he still hit me. I ended up going under the back of his truck and his tail pipe went up inside my jacket and he ended up dragging me halfway across the bank parking lot. People had to run out and tell him he had hit and was dragging someone, he claimed he had no idea. I was wearing my gear so I pretty much shrugged it off, but he did about $1800 damage to the bike. Luckily by the time he hit me, I got the bike from 30mph to about 3mph, so it kinda just fell over and slid maybe 5 feet. I had no medical bills, but State Farm did go after him to get my deductible back. They also bought me a new helmet and Alpinestars jacket.
  11. So what's this gonna cost me?

    It seems to be a State of GA thing, where insurance companies don't just have to cover the costs of repair, but there is a calc that they have to run to come up with the diminished value. My account says that they are sending me a check, so we will see what happens.
  12. So what's this gonna cost me?

    Back as good as new! Total repair came to about $1500, so I had to pay $1000 of that. State Farm also did a "Diminished Value" assessement, and came up with $1,106.20 that they say I am to be paid? Sucks that my value went down, but at least that will cover my deductible. 72 hour turnaround time and you can't tell it was hit.
  13. So what's this gonna cost me?

    Dealer is doing the final buffing right now, seems like they are done. The Z71 decal won't be in till Friday but I am gonna see if they let me pick the truck up today and then go back for the decal on Friday. I have to say, these guys are fast!
  14. So what's this gonna cost me?

    Dealer texted me, looks like I will get my truck back on Friday. I guess they are giving the paint a day or two to cure...
  15. So what's this gonna cost me?

    That's kinda where my head is at... I can sit here second guessing myself, and of course, had I KNOWN that his door was inside my wheel well or saw it happen as I pulled forward, maybe that would be different. But yeah, if the person opening the door is responsible for whatever their door hits.. but it a car, a bike, a pedestrian... then I see that it makes little difference if their car door opens and hits something stationary, versus something moving. Ultimately, it still falls on them for opening their door "into another object"...

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