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  1. Nah, decided to just leave the screens alone. I don't have a muffler. Just straight pipe with resonator planels. Its LOUD when I stop the gas, but purrs and no drone when going down the highway. Best of both worlds, and cheap.
  2. It's still being tested, they will update their site when its ready for sale and they have ramped up production...
  3. Drove it for a bit and didn't feel any of the surging... Auto Start/stop was disabled despite the light being on on the switch. power delivery felt good, nothing felt out of place... I assume that the motor and trans will continue to sample and learn as I drive and if anything smooth out even more?
  4. Agreed, but it would take the programmer like 6 minutes to make the wheel colors reflect the drive mode... I mean, the graphic is already there, its just adding color... LOL
  5. Truck is a 5.3L 2019 LT Trail Boss On the display near the speedo, you have different screens... One of them you can enable is the "Off Road" screen that shows lean angle, pitch and what mode the drivetrain is in... On my 2018 Z71, if you are in RWD the rear tires on the graphic are green, with the fronts grayed out. When you put it in AWD or either of the 4WD modes, all the tires turns green. On the 2019, the tires, all 4 of them, stay grayed out no matter what mode you are in. It "says" AWD or whatever the drive mode is, like the older models... But as far as what the graphic shows, it doesn't give any indication of what mode it's in... none of the tires ever turn green... Glitch? One of the graphic designers fell asleep? LOL
  6. Installed mine, will take it for a ride tomorrow.
  7. So is the overall consensus positive? Mine is arriving today but I won't be home from Jamaica until tomorrow night, so I won't really be able to test it till Wednesday...
  8. You plug it in to the ODB port under the steering column. That's it.
  9. Mine will be here Friday but I will be out of the country until Tuesday night and not able to test till next week. I don't care about gas mileage... I didn't buy a big V8 truck to worry about 1mpg. It's irrelevant to me, the cost is equally irrelevant... What I will be focusing on is deactivation of DFM, and drivability, and disabling the stupid auto-start-stop crap... If it does that, I will be happy.
  10. I don't think you need to reset anything... it's constantly learning and will continue to adjust and adapt as you drive it...
  11. Mine shipped out yesterday, hopefully have it in a few days.
  12. On both trucks, the resonators change the harmonics and resonance of the exhaust and keep the droning at bay... You can remove the muffler and flapper and it will sound great.
  13. Barks at Cold Start and then settles into a nice rumble... The second truck in the video is the Trailboss, and I left the resonators in on that one, so no drone on the highway...
  14. Straight pipe, leave the resonator flaps intact. $100 at your local muffler shop, or do it yourself with a piece of pipe and clamps
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