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  1. Her 2022 absolutely 100% has auto stop start. I have to disable it with the button every time we drive it.
  2. Her old 2018 did, but we had a Superchips tune in it that disabled it. My 2019 LT TrailBoss has DFM and doesn't give any visual indication when it kicks in...
  3. Tried to scan the QR code from my iPhone and it wouldn't pull up... Hmmm...
  4. I have a 2019 LT TrailBoss and I put the Range box in it to disable DFM... My wife just picked up a new 2022 RST Z71 with the 5.3L and I am wondering if hers has DFM, and if I should disable that to help avoid lifter issues... I am reading that due to chip shortages, some trucks don't have DFM enabled... How do I determine if her truck is one of those?
  5. So... what are those differences? I am sure that is what people are interested in knowing.... This is awesome, either way... although the fact that it probably instantly voids the warranty... That's what gives me pause...
  6. I have the 5.3L 2019 LT TB and just cut out the muffler and the flapper valve, and had a local muffler shop bend and weld in a length of stainless pipe. $200 for parts and labor, sounds awesome. I also did this to my wife's 2018 Z71 Silverado:
  7. You have to remove them from the strut, change the setting, and reinstall it. It's a pain, so set it at the right height the first time, if you can.
  8. I did a muffler delete and when I slow down, using engine braking, I get crackling and popping... I get the same on my motorcycles.... I like it. haha
  9. yeah, we have a lot of stuff like that down here... national forests, fire access roads, some off road parks for trucks and jeeps, etc...
  10. Cool. I just saw the claim of "increased power and torque" and thought maybe it adjusted the tune... only to find out that what it really means is "more power and torque for less push of the gas pedal"... lol In the end it seems like it's just a range box with a pedal commander built in... I already have a Range, so I can't justify roughly $500 just for the throttle adjustment... I can just push the gas pedal more and get the same response.
  11. Yeah, but adding $300 to the price just to adjust the throttle response? Which is really just a gimick... it adds no power... The Range disables start/stop and DFM, and I just click it into Sport Mode when I start the truck...
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