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  1. Just found the part # 84453734
  2. They used to be on this site. Those are the offroad assist steps. Had them put on my TB when I bought it. Maybe they out of stock right now? https://accessories.chevrolet.com/search?year=2021&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado 1500&modelId=491&body=Crew Cab Pickup&bodyId=22&wheel=Standard Box&wheelId=652&trim=LT Trail Boss&trimId=5101&drive=4WD&driveId=8&engine=5.3L V8 GAS&engineId=2059&bodyNumDoors=5&categoryId=12062
  3. Thanks for the post guy's. i'm in Maryland, dont think there is a lot of open legal trails here, so I got to do some looking. SquireSCA, that trail looks like about what i'm looking for, the truck did alright. I've got the 18in wheels with the duratracs. Gangly, thanks for the tip on the FB group. I've never had a logon for FB, glad someone actually showed me a useful group on it. I created an ID, hopefully they let me in it!
  4. Thanks for the input guys. I have watched some videos and the traiboss looks pretty capable in those, but you can never tell how much "editing" there is. I have the offroad steps, they sit up nice and close to the body. I'll have to measure the clearance to the supports for those before I go out. You get a lot people wonder about your sanity when you say you going to offroad a $50k new truck.
  5. Looking for feedback from folks who are overlanding with a trailboss. I've got a 2021 with the 5.3l. Not looking to do difficult trails. Is a stock TB sufficient or did you find that upgrades ( major or minor) were required. Thanks Dave
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