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Found 19 results

  1. Does anyone know where I can find these steps for a Silverado? I believe they are factory steps but I can't find any online.
  2. Hey all, we're a local Chevy dealer with a strong ecommerce presence. We have the lowest prices on the Kicker subwoofer package for the 2014+ Silverado & Sierra Crew & Double/Extended Cab sizes. Installation does not require dealer install. it is a plug and play package. We have guaranteed low prices that shouldn't be beat! GM offers a few versions of these units: -Double Cab and Crew Cab models have different parts numbers -GM offers just a sub upgrade, or the sub upgrade plus amplifier on the door speakers. *The standard Sub upgrade works with the Bose system. *The kit including Sub plus Amp on the door speakers will NOT work with Bose systems. For a price, please send us a message with your body style truck, and which kit you would be interested in plus your Zip Code for shipping. Everything is in stock ready to ship. Forum members will find that our prices on all GM accessories will be hard to beat. Please message me with any questions on this or any other accessory you may need for your truck. *** Currently running a little bit of a deeper discount on the crew cab models, with just the sub upgrade. Buy cheap, sell cheap is the name of the game ***
  3. Is there a way to tell if a 2015 Silverado LTZ came with factory HID bulbs? I got a used LTZ that has factory projector headlights but the bulbs in it when I got it were halogen. I’m trying to put LED’s or HID’s in and want to do it as easily and cheaply as possible.
  4. A 2019 Trail Boss From The Media First Drive In Wyoming Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 9/4/2018 It hasn't moved one inch. Our 2019 Silverado has sat outside the Fort Wayne Production Factory for a few days shy of one month after being built. Why? We're still not sure. Also, according to Chevy.com's Chat, our order doesn't have an event code. Without an event code we're not sure where our Silverado is in the system or what its status is. As we said early last week, the reasons for our truck still being at the factory a month after completion range from quality defect to shipping issues. No matter the reason, this is starting to all look pretty silly. In reality, ordering a truck may have been the wrong move. Buying the first random truck to hit our dealer's lot may have been the better move. The 2019 Silverado and Sierra launch is arguably one of the most important the company has ever worked on. Are they moving slow and making sure things don't go wrong? Or is GM secretly having issues producing and moving the all new platform? We're not sure. We want to say the former, but the longer our truck sits in Indiana, we're inclined to believe the later.
  5. These are 2014's... but imagine this as a line of 2019 Silverado Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 6/4/18 Only eight more weeks until GM-Trucks.com's all new 2019 Silverado roars to life. That is, as long as our LTZ's scheduled production week holds firm. If you've been following along, you know we've already put in our order for an all new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ. About three weeks ago we visited our local dealership, Banks Chevrolet in Concord, NH and placed our order into the system on the very first day we could. Not long after we received our official order number. Now, we can report our order has gone at least a few steps further in the production process and has been assigned a build week and entered Status 3300 in GM's production system. If all goes to schedule, we've learned that our 2019 Silverado LTZ will be built during the week of July 30th, 2018. This assignment of a production week means that all of the parts Chevrolet will use to assemble our truck have been ordered, allocated, and assigned to our vehicle. All we have to do is wait for it to come together at the factory. So if all goes to schedule, when will we take delivery? That's the million dollar question. We assume some level of delay leaving the factory during the first few months of production. Assuming our truck rolls of the line during production week two, we expect a hold before the truck starts the journey to New Hampshire. We're hoping for a late August delivery but are prepared for September instead. No need to rush- we'd like a quality truck please. So how did we get such "insider" information about our truck build? Surprisingly, the Chevrolet.com Website Chat. Yes, the brand's website customer assistance chat app. Which means- if you have an order in for a 2019 Silverado or Sierra, all you have to do is ask the Chevy or GMC website chat representative for help with your order. All you need is your order number. It was quick easy, and we found out our truck's production week in about 5 minutes. We'll keep you updated as we get more details about our LTZ's build progress.
  6. Has anyone installed these? They can be ordered from the Chevy accessories website. The part # is 23443854. I have cloth interior and would be for keeping my seats protected from kids, car seats, dogs, etc. Just curious about some feedback on how they fit and material type/thickness and if they're worth $295.
  7. So... bought a new 2017 high country about a month ago. 6.2L, long bed, love the truck. My 3rd new Silverado since 2009 and definitely my favorite. Get it home and the neighbor and I are standing behind it and notice the bed is leaning sharply to the right when using the rear window as a reference line. Get out the tape measure and measure from the top of the bed at the corners of the rear windows and sure enough, a full half inch lower on the right side. Since I bought the truck on a Saturday, I ran over to the dealership Sunday afternoon when they were closed and looked at the other trucks, all parallel. Contacted the dealer on Monday that the bed was crooked and ran it by in the evening. The salesman told me- "Don't worry, sometimes you have to drive them for about 500 miles and they'll straighten right out". ....huh? I don't think so. The next day they run it out to the body shop and call about a day later and say it's ready. Before i picked it up i asked the salesman what was wrong and he said he didn't know. Called the body shop manager and spoke with him. He said they had to shim the bed and it's not uncommon. I asked if it was common to see one this bad and he stumbled and said "it's been a long long time since we've had to do a full bed shim". 1/2" of shim I asked? he said"... well, that's a lot" . My next question was what kind of shim are you using? I asked if they were just shoving washers in there or if they were using a full face captured shim. His response was that GM makes a shim kit that is full face and that's what they use. Ok, not at all happy about having to shim the bed on a brand new 60K dollar pickup but it's a good temp solution. At least the body lines would line up. Washers are the worst option I told him as it would reduce the contact area and at full load the compressive force could damage the bed with the reduced area. He assured me that they wouldn't use washers. So I picked it up, it was better, but the right was still 3/16" lower than the left. Grrr....... back she goes. This time they have it for 5 days as now the tailgate won't open- definitely in a bind as it feels like the handle will snap off if you don't push in on the tailgate as you're pulling the handle. Get it back last week and the reference to the rear window was much improved, now appear to be slightly higher than the left. During the cleanup they sprayed wax all over tailgate handle and stained the handle white. GRRR Had to make a road trip last week so I took the truck and the dealership agreed to take care of the handle at a later date. Make arrangements to have it picked up tomorrow and decided I had better look at the shim job before they wrench on it again as I told them i wouldn't accept shims under the bed of this truck- fix the problem. When I crawled under the truck this evening the first thing I noticed was the GM shim kit was nothing more than stacks of washers, -seriously. Next thing I noticed was a loose bed mount bolt in the rear, and when I crawled out from under the rear bumper I sat up and noticed the bumper to tailgate gap. Every bed to frame mount on the right side was washer-shimmed. The half inch drop at the rear window has now relocated to a half inch rise in the bed over the rear bumper as shown in the picture. Right side gate to bumper is 2", left side is 1.5" stopped by the dealership and they all measure 1.5" on both sides. Can this be anything but a bent frame on a new pickup? I can't see how it could be anything else. This was originally reported to the dealership when the truck had less than 100 miles on it. Logic tells me the entire right frame rail from the cab back has to be lower than the left. I did start a claim with GM on or about the 2nd business day after buying the truck as i was concerned something like a bent frame may be involved. They have been very interested in updates but keep telling me the fix will have to be determined by the dealership as they are the "qualified repair technicians".
  8. Selling the Z71 grille and headlights from my 2015 Silverado. Excellent condition. On truck for less than a year. The grille is selling for more than $300 on eBay but I'd like to try and sell locally. I'm in Eastern CT. Headlights: $200 Grille: $200
  9. Who here is using the factory projectors with HID lights? How is the light output?
  10. Selling my stock headlights from my 2015 Silverado. They were on the truck for a little under a year. Great condition. Just replaced them with lights with black housing. Would love to find a local buyer rather than shipping. I'm in Eastern CT. Thanks!
  11. Genuine OEM CK158 22x9 Wheels with Bridgestone Dueler All Terrain Tires -Tires are 285/45/22 Bridgestone Dueler AT's -off of my 2016 with less than 1,500 miles on them -These are rare and hard to find! $2500 obo Located in Fort Worth, TX 76132 PM me if interested
  12. I have a set of 2014+ GMC Sierra 1500 seat covers, brand new factory, I am looking to part ways with. If you are interested, please PM me for info and pics. Thanks
  13. Hey everyone! New to the site and forum. Been reading alot of posts for a while and figured I'd join. Just as a side note, I have a brand new factory Chevy Silverado interior and a new factory GMC Sierra 1500 interior (seat covers) as well that I am trying to part ways with. If anyone is interested, PM for more info and pics. Thanks!
  14. Located in North East Ohio.. would possibly meet buyer to save some driving if distance is an issue (within reason, we can discuss) May consider shipping at buyers expense. I do not know exact cost but assuming it would be $200-$250 ish. I would possibly sell the wheels and tires separately as well... These were removed from my 2015 Chevy 1500 with only 1,000 miles on it, so these are practically brand new in perfect condition. The TPMS was removed, the tire was not fully unmounted, should still be balanced. The tires are goodyear wrangler SR-A 275/55R20 $1400 call/text 440 840 5238
  15. Cathy Clegg, GM North America Manufacturing and Labor Relations vice president said that “This super-sized investment reflects GM’s commitment to our full-size SUV customers who expect nothing but the absolute best from us and their vehicles. Today’s investment will contribute to Arlington Assembly’s winning tradition marked by strong customer focus, innovative thinking and teamwork.” For more on the Arlington plant, please see our prior story called "GM's friendly 'Howdy' to Toyota in Texas."
  16. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 7/17/2015 General Motors is one of the many automotive companies expanding in the U.S. However, very few can match its latest commitment to the Arlington, TX plant. GM is investing not $100 Million, not $500 Million, but rather one thousand four hundred million dollars in the plant. This money will go to modernizing the plant to make better full-size SUVs. Imagine 1,400 bundles of one million dollars. You'd need 5,600 good-sized duffel bags to hold that amount of cash if it was all in Benjamins. Cathy Clegg, GM North America Manufacturing and Labor Relations vice president said that “This super-sized investment reflects GM’s commitment to our full-size SUV customers who expect nothing but the absolute best from us and their vehicles. Today’s investment will contribute to Arlington Assembly’s winning tradition marked by strong customer focus, innovative thinking and teamwork.” For more on the Arlington plant, please see our prior story called "GM's friendly 'Howdy' to Toyota in Texas."
  17. Hi all, I'm getting ready to put a Ready Lift Level on my truck, and while the dude is putting the level kit on I'm gonna have him put on the 20" wheels I bought off some dude on Craigs. That said, the lug nuts that come on the factory wheel protrude quite a bit. Does anybody know if they'll fit on the new wheels? The new 20" oem wheels have a cap that covers the lugs, but since the ones that came with the 17"s protrude so much, I can't tell whether or not the cap will fit over them once the new wheel is installed. Anybody have any ideas on this? I'll attach a couple pics of both the stock 17"s and the upgraded 20"s.
  18. All the years I've been a member here, never understood why the 2000-2006s were not separated from the 2007-2013s. But anyways, been searching through the website which is terrible and comes back with zero results every time, so searched for about 30 minutes using google and 'site:gm-trucks.com _________' with little luck. I hate making a new thread because I know it is somewhere here on the site, but oh well. Friend's 2011 CC 2WD Silverado 1500. He is going to buy my Maxtrac 6" spindle suspension lift, and I am going to a 9" I am trying to find out about him running my used Nitto Terra Grapplers 35x12.50x20 on his factory 20" Texas Edition wheels. These wheels: My knowledge from reading over the years would lead to me to believe that yes, he will need spacers to run factory wheels. However some results I have found (though it was in older 2001, 2003 trucks) was that no, he will not need spacers. Looking for some insight as I dont think he can swing my aftermarket wheels financially, and I'd rather keep them at this time. Thanks boys, Mike
  19. Looking to sell my OEM running boards off of my 2014 Crew Cab Sierra All-Terrain. Will include all mounting hardware needed. Pulled them off my truck with about 1200 miles on them so there is just a tiny show of wear, but they are LIKE NEW. $800+ at dealership, wanting $300. Will also fit Crew Cab Silverado. Located in Central IL.
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