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  1. Hey guys, got it changed. Nothing too unusual. Just really dark red lol. I didn’t use the full two quarts. I was lacking exactly 4 ounces from having both quarts in the transfer case. Is this usual? Ground was “pretty” level and it dribbled out the fill hole. I ASSume the 2.0 quarts is for an initial fill? I used GM P/N: 88861800 as this is the replacement for dexron III. As per @Newdude. Thank you for the heads up again.
  2. It’s a 2005. With a manual 4wd. I read in several places that the 6 is compatible with the 3. Is there a manufacturer’s reference that is available?
  3. Sweet! ?. Thanks you two! Really fast response time.
  4. I’ve got a Silverado with 169,000 miles on it. To my knowledge the transfer case fluid has never been changed. I’ve read it’s bad to change or flush the transmission fluid with this many miles. Would it damage anything to change the transfer case fluid? Ie: break crud loose or gum up something?
  5. I have a 2005 1500 with a leaking front output shaft seal. There are two part number a 15801507 and a revised/current part number of 22761722. I have the older one on hand. I’ve read that the older PN was good for trucks 2006 and older. I’d like to do this one time and not pull it back out in 3 months. Can anyone with experience working on these give me some guidance as to what’s best?
  6. Does anyone know if GM tests or runs their engines before we as consumers buy them?
  7. Thank you so much. I’ll try and find a breakdown of it. I don’t have a shop. I’ll youtube it I suppose. I read somewhere else the passenger side was more in depth.(it is the passenger side). Would it be just a matter of changing seals or are there parts I should have on hand to swap out as well?
  8. Good evening, i was wondering if someone can help me identify this seal. It’s leaking from where the CV axle housing mates to the different housing? I believe? This is on the passenger side of a 2005 Silverado. It is an 8.25 axle if that helps. Thanks in advance.
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