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  1. Lol. 3k on a lawyer for a 3k engine problem. Thanks for your advice. I’ll keep looking for someone who knows what they’re talking about.
  2. I hear what you’re saying. I also understand a company not wanting to foot the bill and trying to find any reason not to do it. If you’ve been to the dealer with one of your five for warranty work, I guess there’s no issue with it.
  3. I feel like that should be the only reason for warranty refusal. I’m having a slight tick come from the engine but, I’d like to change my oil once more and see if it helps the noise any. If it does, I’ll wish I’d have bought the valve and installed it ahead of time. I think the Valvomax sits below the threads in the oil pan. There shouldn’t be an issue of gunk building up above fitting because the valve doesn’t protrude above the pan inside. Just curious. Thanks for your response!
  4. If I install an oil drain valve like the Valvomax oil drain, will it void my warranty?
  5. I agree. The problem with mine is that it’s intermittent. I’ll check tomorrow morning and wait the 5-7 minutes and see what happens. I can manually turn off the AFM. However, the DFM is still running. Does turning off the afm help any when I do it first thing when I get in the truck?
  6. I saw the same thing but different lol. This TSB is more current. Thank you. Do you know if using Pulsar LT will quiet it down or is damage done?
  7. Does anyone know if the pulsar LT works with a truck that has an intermittent tick already or should I carry it to the dealership and MAYBE have them “fix” it?
  8. Yes, I’ve seen this tsb before. I sealed them but not good enough apparently. Is there any way to disable these?
  9. At least I’m not alone lol. This is extremely common. It was when I did it the first time as well. I poured some leftover ethanol free fuel in there this past Saturday (mower fuel from two months ago). The code is low voltage but I’m sure it didn’t do it any good. My dad has an 06 with the CEL on… it’s been on for a couple of years . I’m confident it’s the same thing. I just hate seeing that idiot light come on. I RTV’d the damn things last time. They were corroded all to ******. Both aluminum oxide and rust. I cleared the code and will see what happens.
  10. Hey guys, I replaced these sensors about 7 years ago. The code just popped again. In the last 2-3 weeks I’ve had a MAF code, a head light and a turn signal go out. The p0332 is the knock sensor low voltage bank 2 code. Any chance of it being electrical ie: alternator? I can and will change them again if required. How much harm am I doing if I continue to drive it with this code? Ideally I need another month before I can work on it. Thank you for any advice you can give.
  11. Hey guys, got it changed. Nothing too unusual. Just really dark red lol. I didn’t use the full two quarts. I was lacking exactly 4 ounces from having both quarts in the transfer case. Is this usual? Ground was “pretty” level and it dribbled out the fill hole. I ASSume the 2.0 quarts is for an initial fill? I used GM P/N: 88861800 as this is the replacement for dexron III. As per @Newdude. Thank you for the heads up again.
  12. It’s a 2005. With a manual 4wd. I read in several places that the 6 is compatible with the 3. Is there a manufacturer’s reference that is available?
  13. Sweet! ?. Thanks you two! Really fast response time.
  14. I’ve got a Silverado with 169,000 miles on it. To my knowledge the transfer case fluid has never been changed. I’ve read it’s bad to change or flush the transmission fluid with this many miles. Would it damage anything to change the transfer case fluid? Ie: break crud loose or gum up something?
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