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  1. https://specialtyvehicleengineering.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/2021_800hp_yenko_silverado_brochure_7.pdf
  2. Didn’t mean to wake up the grinch, Mav I haven’t received the truck yet, supposed to be in Texas this coming week. If being built in Mexico isn’t a bad thing then tell me what American-built parts I can have a problem with, please. I hate all the BS TSB’s, Recalls...and the small stuff that the dealership has to keep truck to fix {after} purchase of truck.
  3. What gallon size and ordering codes for a larger fuel tank? 1500 trail boss 4x4 LT crew cab. do they offer duel tanks?
  4. Where are these trucks assembled “Mexico”? Trail Boss Z71 LT 4x4 6.2 gasser crew cab with 6.5 standard bed
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