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  1. I jumped in last month and placed an order for a 21 Double Cab, motivated to move now because it seemed the choices for Double Cab trims and options were getting fewer every day. I picked an SLE, the only other available trim besides the Elevation if I wanted a Double Cab, and loaded it up, including Multipro Tailgate and spray-in bed liner. Dealer called me yesterday and told me order was "not accepted" by GM. Seems they've got too many trucks to build, and not enough parts and supplier support. So they are *not* offering the Multipro or the spray-in bed liner on Double Cabs. They are saving those options for the Crew Cab upper trim levels. I realize the bed liner is no big deal - i can get that added from a dozen different sources. The Multipro, I'm just out of luck. But what I am really surprised at is that the Double Cab is so apparently unpopular. So who loves the Double Cab? To my eye, it is easily the best looking config - all the proportions are spot on. And you can get a full-size bed! And what I really like is that it is an individual setup, kinda like a two-door sports car: you get a Double Cab when it's a truck just for you and your gear (and sometimes your plus one). And isn't that really what the pickup truck is all about? The iconic lone cowboy? A man and his truck (and maybe a dog)? I've always thought that, but that is apparently the minority opinion. Enlighten me.
  2. OP - I know the situation has changed a lot since your original post and review, but I wanted to say that I thought your review was very well done. Balanced, thorough, and fair. You don't see that too often on the interweb. Nice work.
  3. On Sept 28th, I ordered Sierra 1500 4WD Double Cab SLE w/ Duramax 3.0, Cayenne Red, 20" alloys, and Off-Road and Protection Package (and a few other baubles). Due "8 to 10 weeks". Not what I wanted to hear, but I'm settling in for the long run. Really excited to get this truck. Been Jonesing for a pickup ever since 2001, when I sold my Silverado for a kid-seat-friendly Trailblazer. "Open bed or death!"
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