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  1. 2021 SLE DC w/ X31 pkg. Thule Upride on the GM GearOn crossbars; rocking my Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 650+
  2. The slot in the cross rail is 15mm at the wide part, 10mm at the slot itself, and about 5mm deep. The Thule standard T-bolts will work, if you grind the head down to 15mm in one dimension (they are about 20mm square). Let me know if you need more detail. Good luck!
  3. Near as I have been able to deduce, GearOn was rather ill-fated partnership between GM and Thule, with just enough influence from GM to make the system somewhat incompatible with most of Thule's regular line of stuff. But those crossbars themselves are pretty cool; very slick system to quickly attach/detach from the GM accessory tie-down loops (which are also quick to install/remove), and the bars are heck of stout. I can sit my 200-lb+ carcass on the middle of one with no visible flex at all. So it was worth the slight trouble for me to conform the UpRider bike rack to the GearOn crossbars.
  4. Yes, I used t-bolts engaged in the slots of the cross bars. Neither of those clamps included with the Thule bike rack were large enough to fasten around the GearOn rails, which have a pretty beefy square profile. And I had to grind down two sides of the square heads of the t-bolts that came with the Thule UpRider rack, to fit them into the slots.
  5. https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1128892_california-firm-hyperion-unveils-xp-1-hydrogen-supercar Just saying, more than one way to drive a motor, even an electric one.
  6. That's a Thule Upride, mounted on the GM/Thule Gearon crossbars. Works a treat.
  7. Thanks - I'm really enjoying them both. And the setup has worked out great for hauling the bike.
  8. Good system, but I also found little info. Found mine on eBay from dealer close out. Works great for mounting Thule upride bike rack.
  9. All of this is why I was very happy to order, receive, and now drive my DC SLE. As we all know, for a 2021 DC, only had a choice between Elevation or SLE. Fortunately enough, I actually prefer the trim options I was sort of forced into: cloth seats, minimal safety nannies, chrome bumpers (well, that was preference in choosing SLE over Elevation). All worth it for the DC, even with the extraneous pair of door handles. ? It’s a perfect configuration for me. Just enough cab, and a real pickup truck bed.,
  10. Nice find on that SLT DC. I was a little slow on the uptake, so I’m “settling” for a 2021 SLE DC w/ the 3.0l. It’s very close to everything I wanted, so I’m happy. And planning to keep it awhile. Also really nice to hear so many folks still see the attraction in the DC.
  11. I was really wanting that setup, but was too slow off the mark. Now (2021), they don’t even offer DC AT4. I’m kinda jealous.
  12. Those baby seats are a whole 'nother thing, for sure. That's when I gave up my beloved Silverado DC, some twenty years ago. But I'm soon to cure that loss. Two important things that fit nicely in a 6 (and a half!) foot bed, but not in a 5 foot bed: me, lying down, and any of my bicycles, standing up. And there's scads of stuff that fits much better: stack of 8' studs, sheet goods (you've got a solid 8 feet with the tailgate down), more boxes of anything (tile, flooring, etc). But that's my world. I'm sure you're digging your Z71 CC.
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