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  1. So happy I bought a 2020 Double cab LTZ because it looks like it the last one's. GM has pulled this build in 2020 no more of them. You need to go to crew cab to get the LTZ package. Some of us just need that double cab over the crew. For me rear seat is for my junk . After having 2 midnight editions in a row I needed some chrome this time around looks like it will be my last double cab LTZ.
  2. I too love mine. I ordered mine in February of 2020 it came in late March and I had to wait until the end of April dealer was closed due to Covid. I have a little over 12500 miles so far other than 1 recall I have had nothing go wrong. I hated my 2017 truck which I had to buy because I wreck my 2015 truck. But this truck has been great good thing I ordered this one because GM does make this truck anymore or at least how it's equipped after 2020 no more double cabs LTZ. I went LTZ because I have had 2 mid night editions trucks back to back and I'm tired of all that black, black everything. So yes I love my truck.
  3. Same thing happen to me last summer. And I got it off the paint but those carpeted wheel wells. I took a can of flat black paint and painted over the yellow. It's been like that for 6 months and still looks good.
  4. It could be the seats, I like the seat in my 2020 but I hated the seats in my 2017 Chevy Silverado to the point I had to sell it with only 42000 miles and I took a bath. Both have lumbar and heated and cooled seats but that 2017 was brutal on my lower back. Before I bought a 2020 I rented one for a week to see. I never could figure out why that 17 hurt me like it did. So lucky buddy I know what your going threw.
  5. Is that it, I have left it out in 5-or 6 rain storms 2 of them lasted all day and most of the night. My dealer is a very big dealer and they claim they have sold around 1000 2019-2020 trucks and so far only had 7 of them with leaking windows. I know at least 4 guys that have them and none of them leak either. From what I have learned it seem like very few if any trucks built in Ft Wayne leak.
  6. Mine is a 2020 LTZ and if I have anything I dislike its the alternator needle going to the negative side of the gauge and I know nothing is wrong with it. I have had mine near a year and have 14700 miles and have had it back for 2 recalls. I have driven it through like 1000 car washes to try and see if my back window is going to leak but still not leaking.
  7. I too am a double cab guy. It's just me and my wife now. My last 2 trucks a 2008 and 2017 were both mid night editions double and this time we want something different. We went with a LTZ this time and good thing because 2020 is the last year you can order the LTZ trim in a double cab. My double cab fits my garage better, it has the big box, I'm not always the one that has to drive. I'm sure they make both the double and crew because they have a market for both. I have had mine since March and have 11400 miles on it and other than 2 recalls it's been a great truck.
  8. I have a 2020 Chevy Silverado LTZ double cab I got in March it has 12800 miles and I have not had any problems. So far it's been the best truck I have ever had and I'v had a lot of Chevy trucks. From what I have learned it will be the last model year for double cab LTZ trucks. So this one could be my last. So yes I would buy it again.
  9. But for me ordering out weighs the rebate. They rarely go down. I get what I want and nothing else. My dealer will bend over backward to make me happy. The truck I just got dealer gave me a nice set of Z71 floor mats and 10 free oil changes. My last 2 truck were mid-night editions all black I wanted a change this time . I tried to go RST I just could not get what I wanted without taking what I didn't want for me LTZ was the way to go.
  10. I order all my Chevy trucks for that reason alone. I ordered a LTZ in February this year now that took me until May 19 to get because of virus. I order them so I get just what I want. And you need to find another dealer, I not only order my trucks I have the dealer trade my order on a truck they already have allocated to them which helps with the delivery time. I have never giving them a dime down they have my signature. Many of those packages give you things you may not want. I also always order the cheapest wheels and tires I can get knowing I'm changing them for some aftermarket wheels and tires. This one I'm not lifting getting a little older and my wife has enough trouble getting in and out now. My 2020 Chevy Z71-LTZ
  11. I didn't really look at different covers. I have always had Extang cover and the Hard fold 2.0 being the best for me so far. Everything stays dry and it secure. I have had a soft cover cut once just so happened that time I had nothing in the truck for them to steal. Find what you like because they are near impossible to sell used. The Extang cover I have on my 2020 is the same cover I had on my 2017 truck, they say they won't fit but they do. Get what you like best
  12. I ordered mine in February and went back and forth on the options between a RST and a LTZ. My last 2 trucks were midnight edition so I was ready for a change and the chrome didn't bother me ( something different). I could not load up a RST and get what came on the LTZ or I should say not for less than another $8000. Equip the same RST was $57292 and the LTZ was $52850 because so many options I had to add to the RST came standard on the LTZ. So that's the way I went LTZ. I ordered the cheapest wheels and tires I could get knowing I would change them.
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