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  1. I have a 2020 Chevy Silverado LTZ double cab I got in March it has 12800 miles and I have not had any problems. So far it's been the best truck I have ever had and I'v had a lot of Chevy trucks. From what I have learned it will be the last model year for double cab LTZ trucks. So this one could be my last. So yes I would buy it again.
  2. But for me ordering out weighs the rebate. They rarely go down. I get what I want and nothing else. My dealer will bend over backward to make me happy. The truck I just got dealer gave me a nice set of Z71 floor mats and 10 free oil changes. My last 2 truck were mid-night editions all black I wanted a change this time . I tried to go RST I just could not get what I wanted without taking what I didn't want for me LTZ was the way to go.
  3. I order all my Chevy trucks for that reason alone. I ordered a LTZ in February this year now that took me until May 19 to get because of virus. I order them so I get just what I want. And you need to find another dealer, I not only order my trucks I have the dealer trade my order on a truck they already have allocated to them which helps with the delivery time. I have never giving them a dime down they have my signature. Many of those packages give you things you may not want. I also always order the cheapest wheels and tires I can get knowing I'm changing them for some aftermarket wheels and tires. This one I'm not lifting getting a little older and my wife has enough trouble getting in and out now. My 2020 Chevy Z71-LTZ
  4. I didn't really look at different covers. I have always had Extang cover and the Hard fold 2.0 being the best for me so far. Everything stays dry and it secure. I have had a soft cover cut once just so happened that time I had nothing in the truck for them to steal. Find what you like because they are near impossible to sell used. The Extang cover I have on my 2020 is the same cover I had on my 2017 truck, they say they won't fit but they do. Get what you like best
  5. I ordered mine in February and went back and forth on the options between a RST and a LTZ. My last 2 trucks were midnight edition so I was ready for a change and the chrome didn't bother me ( something different). I could not load up a RST and get what came on the LTZ or I should say not for less than another $8000. Equip the same RST was $57292 and the LTZ was $52850 because so many options I had to add to the RST came standard on the LTZ. So that's the way I went LTZ. I ordered the cheapest wheels and tires I could get knowing I would change them.
  6. So now finally I know they do fit but just barely they clear the front caliper by 1/8 inch
  7. So this is what my truck looks like with the above tires and wheels.
  8. I did a search to find this tread just what my truck did the other day. But my truck has no sd card slot anywhere. The navigation came from the factory so there is nothing to be removed. But as other have said let the truck sit over night and now everything works again. NOTHING fixes itself.
  9. Offset. I ordered new wheels and tires for my 2020 Chevy Silverado and they sent 3 of the wrong wheels and 1 of the right one's. But we did get to do a test fitting. The wheel has a +18 offset. My question is does it matter how close to the caliper the wheel rests I have about 1/4 of an inch. Everything is tight nothing is moving so I'm I good as so as there warehouse sends the other 3 correct wheels. I'm not lifting this one getting older wife has trouble getting in and out might be last truck for us. I went with these wheels KMC-KM540 and BF Goodrich 275/65/18 tires
  10. I shut the truck off a an hour and when I started it back up the volume was working. It got to reset the system. But this is very annoying
  11. I just got my truck last week it been sitting at the dealer since the dealer was put in lock down. I have some aftermarket wheels KMC and tires I'm putting on it as soon as the tire guy near me opens back up. I have lifted near every truck I have had but I will not be lifting this one. This is a driver. Bf Goodrich ko2 285/65/18 and my KMC wheels. I know they will work because I saw another one and stop and asked the guy. Looks very sharp without the lift. The picture of the tire is not right 285 are 11. 1/2 inches wide
  12. Now that you have your truck the dealing is over. No need to keep looking back here. Because sooner than later a better deal will come along and you'll be wishing you waited or will you. I got what I was after and I got the best deal they would give me at that time. The oil changes and free extended factory warranty might have been worth not get a low price. In the real small print in that extended factory warranty it does say 5 years or 99999 miles which ever comes first. I have read here some say it doesn't say that mine does. Maybe soon when they start building them again some of you will get a better deal. And if you do good for you. So far with only 850 miles on mine I love this truck. Best one I have had to date. My first LTZ. I have some other tires and wheels for it as soon as lock down is over.
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