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  1. I ordered mine on 2/19/2020 and it was to be built in Ft Wayne the week of 3/16 I was sure I would have to wait until they got back to work. BUY NO the dealer call this morning and said it was built on Tuesday. Now I wait until it's delivered already heard the truckers are not taking time off. Should see in in a week or two. Should I name my new truck Covid-19 ????????????????
  2. My friend just bought a loaded $57000.00 2020 trail Boss yesterday he got $3000 off from dealer, $1000 rebate from GM and 0% for 84 month. So he left the dealership with a new truck and a check for $1000 and his first payment is July 18 2020. Many of you don't like this but this is free money every cent he pays comes off the balance, he has no intentions of paying on his truck for 84 month but he can it's free money. Another guy in the dealer took a check for his trade of $16000 cash and financed the whole amount of his new truck he walked out the door with a check for $17000. and is using GM free money. If I get the truck I ordered in February I'll be doing the same thing.
  3. I have one ordered it was to be built the week of 3/16 or this week in Ft Wayne. I should know Friday if it made it or not. I ordered it 2/19 I believe. My dealer swapped a truck he had allocated to them for mine. My luck well my luck has not been good of late so I'll bet I wait. As of today there is not a truck like the one I ordered with in 2000 of me. 19 out of 22 is the best I can find. I already sold my 2017 Chevy Silverado that I bought in hast .
  4. I'll be waiting it looks like now. I did look to see what those other truck were missing if it was anything small I could add later or do without. But there is always one on the list that I could not live with. Like I said I'm not spending $51000 on another truck I don't like or is missing something I want. But thank you for telling me about what to look at.
  5. My dealer did a 2000 mile search for the truck I ordered just in case NOT a one the same. 18 out of 22 was the best there is. Buying a truck that I didn't like is where I am now, the truck I just sold I bought after wrecking my old truck and had to take what the dealers had on the lots in August. Many have said you might have to take one your not in love with ( not going to do that again) I'm a double cab guy the back seat is for my stuff, if you want to ride in the back of my truck you can get in the box. And loading down a double cab is just not done to much anymore. I still have my fingers crossed that the guys in FT Wayne will get it built this week.
  6. That's what I went with the black with some silver on them. Now I have 4 new wheels with 4 new BF Goodrich A/T on them and still no truck yet. I'm hoping next week. Fingers crossed the plant doesn't shut down before that.
  7. That looks good any more I would put fender flares on. I ruined the paint on a 2007 Chevy truck buy have to much wheel outside the wells
  8. Don't shut that plant down until after the week of 3/16 the week my truck is being built. I know it's being built in Ft Wayne and should not take to long to get to Sparta, Mi. I sold my current truck and the new owner wants it this Saturday and then I will have NO truck.
  9. Give it to me what do you all think. Is it going to get better. Is 0% the best deal GM is going to give us. I see Ford has $5000 and 0% for 60 months. Im not thinking 0% for 72 or even worse 84 months is what people want. I don't want to pay for a truck for 7 years. With all the bad news lately is Gm going to help themselves boost truck sale. Truck month I think every month is truck month. What you all got ??????????????
  10. Those back seats IMO were never designed to sit in very long they are called CREW cab for that reason. My ext cab was designed to hold my junk my stuff. Hey people these are trucks.
  11. I ordered mine on 2-24-2020 was told the next day they accepted it and the build week would be 3-16 so this coming week. Was told it will be built at the Ft Wayne plant. I need it to get here in March I would like the 0% financing, it looks like we are running out of time to reorder looks like 3-26 is the last day they will accept orders. I sold my 2017 truck sure hope it doesn't take to long to get it here. Only about 140 miles north of Ft Wayne.
  12. My wife's company leased her a 2016 Trax LTZ and she retired about the time to turn it back in. With so few miles on it we bought it out right. Ours get great mileage and has been a great little car. Not much room in the back seat our seats are always folded down. In a city this is the car to have zip around everything. I wish they had not removed all the cubby from the 17 and newer.
  13. I guess you are happy with that deal. Here you walk away you'll never hear from them again. It's all in what part of the country your from. I see these great deals and try and get close to the same, it's just not going to happen here. I guess I'm happy someone is getting a good deal best I could do was $6000 in cash back and 10 free Mobil 1 oil changes I'll get buy with that.
  14. Good luck with those trade in numbers from NADA or KBB. I just tried to trade my 2017 Chevy Silverado Z71 black edition that booked at $27000 trade in. Mine was in near mint condition even dealer said so. The best I could get from 3 different dealers was $21700, I ended up selling it out right for $30500. Now I sit and wait with no truck waiting for a truck I ordered might get it in April I hope.
  15. I'll get back here in the next month when I should have my truck and the wheels and let you know.
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