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  1. I have had my 2020 Chevy Silverado Z71- LTZ a year now. This truck is miles ahead of my 2018 a truck I truly hated. I have had no problems at all and I have just over 16000 miles so far. This truck is every thing that I every wanted in my truck. I'm retired and when we go it's always in the truck. First thing I did was change the stock wheels and tires. I went with BF Goodrich K02 285/65/18 and KTM wheels.
  2. I was at the dealer the other day and my friend showed me one that had apart. Wet head liner is a dead give away it's the spoiler that is leaking. I'm think this is a no win those that think the rear widow is the cause will never think other wise. We have a large group of friends that all camp and ride motorcycles together and we count 18 of us that have 2019-2012 Chevy Silverados 2 have had leaks and both of them were fixed by sealing the spoiler. I'm going to end this.
  3. I asked about the spoiler leaking that's what I was told. I use my power rear window a lot and have been looking after every time it sits in the rain or it goes to the car wash.So
  4. I like reading these. My buddy is the service manager at a huge Chevy dealer. I have asked him how many they have had that leaked out of the 600 truck 2019, 2020 and 2021 they have sold. And the number don't come close to the reading I see on the internet. He said you want to find problems go to the internet. I keep reading about the same 3 problems 1-rear window leak 2- 8 speed transmission and 3 - bad lifters. I have been told the transmission issue was solved with the synthetic tran oil. The lifter is very isolated and and the window leak it's not the window it the roof spoiler that was installed without 2 round seals. The dealership Ron works at sold over 600 trucks and they have fixed 9 trucks with leaking spoilers. I'm going to get hammer for this aren't I ok give it to me. My truck a 2020 Silverado LTZ that has near 20000 sits outside I have had none of those problems. lets have it
  5. My thought on this. The internet has not be kind to these trucks, so far I have had very little trouble with mine. But I was offered a GM extended warranty when I bought my truck for a real good price. I keep my trucks 4-7 years on average but like the dealer said to help it hold it's value a ext. warranty can only help and if you need it you got it. Buying it from the start was about half as much. I figure weather I use it or don't it should help me in reselling it at some point.
  6. So I see it's near useless. I'm guess there must be a power inverter somewhere in the truck I wonder if that could be switched for a bigger unit. Any ideas where GM put it????
  7. So what can we run with that outlet. I can't find anywhere in my owners manual how many amp, watts anything. Will that plug run my circular saw. Even the dealer wasn't sure about the bed plug, he said the one on the lower dash would run a charger for a laptop but not a coffee maker.
  8. Last year 2020 I tried to order a RST and wanted power folding mirror. I could not get them I had to go with LTZ. I don't like how GM has changed the ordering system for new trucks but what are you going to do. In the end my LTZ is by far the best truck I have ever owned and I have owned several of them. After having 2 midnight editions have the chrome is a nice change.
  9. I got my 2020 Chevy Silverado April of 2020 with in a day or two I was back at the dealer asking why my alternator needle was on the negative side of the gauge. I was told that was normal. It didn't seem normal but OK I will live with it. Now February 2021 I got a update and the only thing I can find different is now the alternator needle is straight up or a little to the right ( more like where I thought it should be) but the dealer claims the update had nothing to do with it. Anyone else notice where your needle is now?????????????????
  10. So happy I bought a 2020 Double cab LTZ because it looks like it the last one's. GM has pulled this build in 2020 no more of them. You need to go to crew cab to get the LTZ package. Some of us just need that double cab over the crew. For me rear seat is for my junk . After having 2 midnight editions in a row I needed some chrome this time around looks like it will be my last double cab LTZ.
  11. I too love mine. I ordered mine in February of 2020 it came in late March and I had to wait until the end of April dealer was closed due to Covid. I have a little over 12500 miles so far other than 1 recall I have had nothing go wrong. I hated my 2017 truck which I had to buy because I wreck my 2015 truck. But this truck has been great good thing I ordered this one because GM does make this truck anymore or at least how it's equipped after 2020 no more double cabs LTZ. I went LTZ because I have had 2 mid night editions trucks back to back and I'm tired of all that black, black everything. So yes I love my truck.
  12. Same thing happen to me last summer. And I got it off the paint but those carpeted wheel wells. I took a can of flat black paint and painted over the yellow. It's been like that for 6 months and still looks good.
  13. It could be the seats, I like the seat in my 2020 but I hated the seats in my 2017 Chevy Silverado to the point I had to sell it with only 42000 miles and I took a bath. Both have lumbar and heated and cooled seats but that 2017 was brutal on my lower back. Before I bought a 2020 I rented one for a week to see. I never could figure out why that 17 hurt me like it did. So lucky buddy I know what your going threw.
  14. Is that it, I have left it out in 5-or 6 rain storms 2 of them lasted all day and most of the night. My dealer is a very big dealer and they claim they have sold around 1000 2019-2020 trucks and so far only had 7 of them with leaking windows. I know at least 4 guys that have them and none of them leak either. From what I have learned it seem like very few if any trucks built in Ft Wayne leak.
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