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  1. I think this is what a lot of people probably don't think about, and...despite ME wanting a more firm, planted ride, and this feel, I think my 3 daughters and wife would complain to high heaven on 12 hr drives on vacation...or 30 min drives to and from sports each day, lol. They are "garbage" but what most people want? Is there a happy medium somewhere, lol? At this point I'm leaning towards the top mounted spacer and calling it a day, as despite the ranchos being "garbage", which I assumed they were, my wife got in when I bought it and said "OMG, this rides SOOOOO much nicer than your F150 FX4", so your point is totally well taken.
  2. Hey all! The most “upgraded” suspension I’ve ever had is the Ranchos on my 2020 X31 Elevation. I had leveled my F150 FX4 before I got this truck, and had no issues with the ride quality. In all honesty, the ranchos ride much better than any truck I’ve had before, even my wife agrees. With that said, I want to level this truck, but am back and forth on the spacer vs the bilsteins all around. Is it really THAT noticeable? I know it’s not a million bucks, but 60 vs 500 Ish is a pretty drastic swing. Thanks!
  3. Hey all, I may be totally blind, but haven't seen much about the extended warranties on GM vehicles. When I had my F150 the F150 forum guys directed me to a dealer that sold them online, and much cheaper than other dealers. It paid for itself the first post warranty repair, and I am contemplating, depending on pricing, buying one for my 2020 Elevation. Thoughts? Best place to buy them at a discount if that's possible? Thanks!
  4. Would replacing the stock “non Bose” speakers help at all, or since there is no amp without the Bose system, I would really need an amp?
  5. Well, the dealership says they do the rough country lower spacer, which from my understanding I don’t want, correct? They also quoted 880 for the leveling kit, install, and alignment. They said the older trucks weren’t as involved, but the 2020s are harder to install...I’d like to go to 4wp or a local mechanic but maintaining the warranty may be worth the premium? But again, lower spacer? I feel kind of silly paying for the x31 and replacing then replacing the ranchos with the bilsteins but I feel like I could probably do all 4 bilsteins installed and aligned for around that same price?
  6. Remote started this am, and saw this when I got in...2020 elevation! Lol.
  7. This helps immensely, thanks! I don't mind the ride of the Ranchos at all, but I also have never ridden in a vehicle with the Bilsteins. Trying to figure out how marginal the cost of the the Bilsteins would be between the 4, plus the install. But, again, if I don't mind the ride, just go with the upper spacer and call it a day? Thanks again!!
  8. Hey all! I have a 2020 X31 Elevation and LOVE it. I want to level out the front, and used a 2in spacer on my f150 prior to this truck with 0 issues, so am thinking that's the route I want to go. I have read so much, I think I have analysis paralysis, and want to ensure that with simply the 2in spacer, dealer install (so I retain my warranty coverage), and an alignment I would be good, and do not have to worry about CVs, UCAs, etc.? I have been very happy with the Rancho shocks (as opposed to the FX4 package on my 2016 F150), so just don't think I need to go for a full setup, but am open to opinions! Thanks!
  9. Thanks so much for the insight on this! When I said 2" "kit", I was referring to the basic 2in block for the front. I WISH I could get a real kit for $500 installed. With that said, based on your comment above, since it's still just 2in, but does not add or remove any parts but the block, all should still be good?
  10. Anyone actually touch the audio system in these? Or should I just leave it alone and live with it until my next truck in 10 years? lol.
  11. I've been debating this as well, but am leaning towards the simple GM 2in leveling kit my dealership sells. I, and I may be the only one ever, am happy so far with the ranch shocks that came on my 2020 Elevation/X31 package. I have read so much back and forth on the UCAs, angles, etc. The GM techs indicate that I don't need anything beyond the kit, the install, and the alignment. The people who seem to have issues with the leveling kits go above 2in, or already have 2in, and go 2 more, correct? If I want to be safe, am I best just leaving it alone if I don't want to spend the money of the 5100s plus install, etc.? Thanks all!
  12. Hey all! I have the base model elevation (no Bose, no sub) and am curious if anyone has upgraded the speakers/add the kicker sub from the base stereo? I saw the thread about the trucks equipped with the Bose system adding the underseat kicker sub. I can go aftermarket of course, but like the idea of using the "stock" speakers/setup designed for my truck. Just a sub may be sufficient, but am open to anything. Thanks in advance for any insight or ideas!
  13. Looks great!! Been thinking about leveling my elevation, this decided it!! Thanks!
  14. So if I were to go with the 2in leveling block that my GM dealer offered for my 2020 elevation, the UCA angle won’t be an issue. It only would if I went TB lift plus the blocks, equaling 4in ish of lift? Im happy with the ride of the elevation, just want it level, so am thinking the easiest and cheapest option is just the GM blocks?
  15. Not to thread high jack but if I want to level my 2020 Elevation but obviously not have any issues with the suspension/ball joints etc (or at least no issues I could have controlled), is the GM kit (84768243) the right one? The dealer quoted me ~500 installed, headlights re aimed, alignment done, etc. Which sounded good considering I retain the factory warranty.
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