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  1. Thanks all for the insight so far, and I totally agree. I have a great Chevy/GM dealer and a great Ford dealer, so should be good either way. Last question I have, Ford has 2 or 3 dealers that sell extended warranties online (Ford ESP, not 3rd party) at a hugely reduced price. Do you guys negotiate the extended warranties? Is there a site or auto group that sells them cheaper? thanks again!
  2. How much of the truck do you protect? Are you talking like 3m or ceramic coating? I know 3m is pretty costly and has to be redone every few years? thanks for the recommendation, if it worked in Alaska, should be what I want to do here!
  3. Looks like I'll be picking up a black Sierra elevation tomorrow. 2 quick questions: 1.). There's a decent scratch that will not buff out on the outside bed panel. I know, I know, it's a truck, but it's brand new, and I like to keep things nice as long as possible. Would you have them repaint it? I swore I would never have another black vehicle, but...black on black...it just looks so awesome! 2.). I have a painted bumper on the F150 I'm trading in and they are known to chip super easily in the Ford world, which then exposes the steel bumper and starts to rust. Will I run into that as easily with the elevation? Will I regret a painted bumper? Thanks for all the insight so far!
  4. Well, it’s looking like my f150 XLT will be traded in tomorrow! The one thing I’ll give Ford is they have never questioned covering anything under warranty in the 2 f150s I’ve owned. How good or bad do you find service/warranty experiences with GMC have been? Will I have to fight if there are issues? Also, extended warranty or buy it towards the end of the standard expiring? Thanks!
  5. So, my 2016 XLT FX4 is out of CPO warranty and it looks like I can no longer purchase the extended warranty due to mileage. (Verifying that for sure.). With the issues I have had listed below, I am a little wary of keeping the truck without any type of warranty on it. Would you be? With that said, I'm looking at potentially trading it for F150, RAM, or Sierra, but have analysis paralysis due to reading way too many reviews, forums, concerns, etc. Any thoughts? Door handle recall issue happen twice where I've had to drive 30 min to work holding my door shut Windshield wiper/turn signal control arm go out, causing the wipers to stay on, on a dry windshield to and from vacation in FL. (Could have pulled the fuse, but rains so much en route and in Florida that I didn't want to stop and put fuse back in every 10 miles.) Rear window defroster went out last week, whole rear window replaced. Rock Chips rusting through the bumper (Not so much warranty, just frustrating) Got in after not driving it for 2 weeks after having surgery, wrench icon came on, "auto start stop motor is dead". Dealer is trying to cover it, but It's "outside" the transmission so technically doesn't fall into powertrain coverage.
  6. I would LOVE to get a TB! 2 things caught me (and yeah the rebates on them are insane!) wifey NEEDS heated seats, and 6 spd tranny (which I was told here to avoid?) I’m sure I can add Aftermarket LED headlights pretty easily? the TB is THE best looking truck on the market to me!
  7. Silly question then, what is the difference between a Chevrolet RST and GMC elevation? LED headlights on both, console on both, looks a bit different but the only difference I see is 8 or 10 speed tranny (which sounds like I should go with the elevation no matter what then?). After reviewing everything I’m still really leaning towards these 2...
  8. I looked at Tundra’s again, and the longevity and reliability are really good, but my wife brought up (again) that its lowest on crash test ratings and we have 2 small children...I’m not sure how much to really weight crash test ratings, or if all vehicles are pretty darn safe these days? (Haven’t ever really looked at ratings until now)
  9. Found a GMC SLE and then...if I REALLY want to jump 2k more, an elevation, both with 5.3 and 10 speed. As of now, unless I got another ford, I’m leaning towards one of these 2. I didn’t notice before my wife asked, but they look a little low on crash test ratings from the passenger side, and whoa did Toyota perform bad on those!
  10. So...if I do go with a Chevrolet/GM, I know to avoid: The opening rear window of death Which transmission do I avoid, the 10 sp? Avoid the 4cyl and go V8 for sure? What else do I stay away from to get my best bet on a "solid" truck? Tundra's are good, but expensive, out dated (have to get a 2020 to even get CarPlay) and I drive so much, the 16 or less MPG is kind of a deal breaker as well. Thanks again for the help all!
  11. A bit of backstory to make the whole post make a bit more sense. My last 2 trucks have been F150s, first one was bought new, but stripped down (XL) in 2015. Drove it with my family (wife and 2 7 year olds) to Florida, and at 8k miles, halfway there, lost AC, Ford covered it of course, but 16 hrs in summer with no AC was rough. Traded it after I realized I wanted XLT, FX4, etc. Grabbed a slightly used 2016 (20k miles) XLT Supercrew. I realized after buying it the painted bumper had rock chips that had already started to rust through which they wouldn't cover, so had the bumper painted. The door handles have had 4 recalls now, and resulted in me driving 30 miles each way having to hold my door shut as the latch, in cold temperatures would not catch. On our next trip the turn signal stalk went out leaving the wipers on, on a dry windshield for about 15 hrs. (Couldn't pull fuse since it rains so much in that part of the country). Now just a month ago, still under 47k miles and the rear defroster went out, and had to have the whole rear window replaced. Today, after not driving it for 2 weeks (but did start it every 2-3 days), I got the "wrench" icon, not a CEL, but a drivetrain issue generally after driving it 12 miles. It's the pump on the transmission that keeps fluid moving during the auto start stop. Drive train warranty is covering it, but I am outside of bumper to bumper now. Would you guys trust this truck to drive your family on a 10+ hour vacation each year, and to ensure daily you get where you need to go (we are still paying on it, if that makes any difference)? Or would it legitimately be a concern for you being out of the bumper to bumper, and having had these issues prior to it expiring? Thanks for all the insight so far!! Really appreciate it!
  12. Ended up taking it in today, AGAIN. Had major knee surgery so did not drive it for 2 weeks. (But did start it every 2 days). Drove about 12 miles today and the "wrench" icon popped up. The pump that keeps fluids running during the start/stop has failed. Will be covered under power train, but keep getting more and more concerned to keep this...
  13. Hey all! I’ve been researching till I can’t see straight and am at an impasse. I can currently get a trail boss crew cab 4x4 with the 5.3, SLE or an Elevation with current rebates...or any other brand on the market In that range, to be honest. Based on what I’ve found all companies besides Toyota are currently facing all kinds of recalls, quality control issues, and I’m wary across the board of even buying a truck, the more I read. I’ve contemplated going the SUV route but just love having a truck for more reasons than I can list. Needs: decent mileage (Currently have a 2016 f150 with the 2.7 and am happy, a small reduction is good) 4x4 crew cab rear vents seat heaters are a plus but not mandatory in the words of my wife “must last till you die because no more trucks for a while” So...if you were shopping today, with that budget and those needs, what would YOU buy?
  14. Thank you all for the insight and help so far! I think I'm going to go drive a Sierra and see how I feel. I drive a LOT, and don't haul a ton other than to the dump, furniture home when we buy some, etc. so have been looking at the 2.7, as I LOVE the MPG I can pull with my Ecoboost 2.7. I'm a bit wary though, despite people's mostly positive reports so far, to go with one if longevity is my main concern, as they just haven't been around long enough yet? If you guys hadn't gone Chevy, or are actively looking at something else, what route would you go?
  15. And GM vs Chevrolet makes no difference right? I grew up in Detroit, and growing up, everyone swore they were "better parts", but sure doesn't seem like it from my quick review.
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