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  1. I have the jump seat with storage right now, I was thinking about going with the whole center console replacement, seat to dash.
  2. Just bumping this to the top to see if anyone has gotten it resolved? I did log a complaint, for which they wanted me to go to the dealer, of course. I let them know until there is a resolution for this seemingly common issue, I won't have my brand new truck pulled apart for them to say it can't be recreated. The shifting temperatures back and forth seem to increase it. It definitely seems to be getting worse, having gone from 200 miles the first time I heard it, to about 1500 miles now.
  3. Any chance anyone has just gone to the dealership and asked what it would run to buy the parts/swap it? I'm pretty handy, so assume I could probably do the install as long as the wiring is just harnesses, but...it's my baby, and I kind of want it done 100% correctly...
  4. Hey all! Think I am in analysis paralysis mode currently, lol. I have a 2020 Crew Cab Elevation X31. I would like to throw a 2in level on the front like I did on my f150, but have read about quite a few concerns/issues regarding the CV boots, the UCAs, etc. So, question is, is there a safer or better way than the blocks to level the front end? The dealer said the kit plus install, and alignment is ~600, and will retain the warranty. Do most just do the front blocks, despite the above concerns? Or go a different route to ensure they don't have CV/UCA issues? Sorry, I know the leveling question "What kit?" is asked daily, but feel like this is a little different...hopefully.
  5. As a new GMC owner, I used it for the first 30 days and thought "this is cool", but not having feedback showing that it's running, or it locked, other than "command succeeded" makes me wonder if it's worth the cost. Do you use it? Is It worth the $120 a year to you? Just wondering if I missed any helpful features that may make it better than what I tried out. Thanks!
  6. For clarity, left the resonators, but killed the flappers, and minimal to no drone, but the sound did get better? Thanks! Since I have the elevation, I want to leave everything bu the flappers/muffler.
  7. Going with xpel tomorrow! Only question I have is, is this part of the grill worth the $350 it costs to do or did you guys who did a clear bra do it? Or is it cheap plastic and replace it if it gets too bad? Looks like the part is $460 Ish.
  8. Well, I realized something else this morning. When I went to leave the coffee shop with my kid, I couldn’t see into the back windows at all. Didn’t know if she was in there. Yes, I just opened the door and it was fine, but being able to at least see her outline through the window is good (in my opinion). I think I’m just getting old, I used to do 5% all around without worry, lol. Probably gonna have to pull it and go lighter. Any worry about hurting the defroster in the rear window?
  9. Has anyone used the suntek one over the xpel one? It’s substantially cheaper, but if it sucks, I don’t want to cut corners, but 1400 vs 900 is kinda nice (and would cover a level, lol)
  10. Which canister one did you go with? All of them seem to be about 2k?
  11. Thanks for the insight so far! Gotten so much done on and to my new Sierra already! On my previous truck I had a bakflip bed cover (which was replaced once under warranty in the 2 years I had it) and we used it every day. It was 99% waterproof, and after reading every thread I could find on here, I’m a bit worried that, even with the cover, I’ll end up with water “2 feet into the bed” because of the multi pro tailgate. Between hauling tools, to family vacations with a bed full of luggage, I don’t mind a little leak, but do need to keep everything mostly dry. What have been your experiences with a bed cover and the multi pro? Also, my local shop I’d recommending this one. Seems good, but hadn’t heard of it until they did, any experience? Thanks again all!!
  12. How does the multi pro tailgate with a cover work with rain? Like hard rain? Not only do I use it as a truck, but my family likes to travel in it. I try to keep the luggage as dry as possible, obviously, so am curious about rain. I understand high pressure car washes, but usually rain doesn’t come in at that angle.
  13. That’s a good point, and a thought I had too. Guess if I did decide to do something, I would be best pulling it off the back Windows and going with the “air”.
  14. Went and got the windows tinted on my 2020 Sierra Crew Cab. I know with trucks the tint can vary slightly based on how much light gets in, and how giant the windows are. I was going to go with Pinnacle "air" on the rears and I believe 35% on the front (which should have matched), but the gentleman doing it recommended a bit darker in back, due to having small children (nap easier, more heat rejection, etc.). I will admit, I'm extremely ****** about my truck, and tint, and my truck...LOL. After picking it up, although the job was done perfectly, I am contemplating having the fronts pulled off, and going a bit darker to match the rears now (as opposed to having the back pulled off and redoing those with air, due to costing more to pull 3 windows off than 2.). Thoughts? Am I crazy? Is it closer than I think? I do prefer it to match, it's just a "thing" for me, clearly.
  15. One shop is 900 for the partial front kit and says about 8 hrs to do it. One is 1300 for the same kit but does paint correction, touch up, then installs it. His reviews are stellar but man that is quite a bit more. Do you get what you pay for on these Xpel installs, or go with the cheaper of the options? thanks again guys!
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