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  1. here's an update to the transmission noise i have. 2019 6.2 lt, 10 speed a few weeks ago i noticed a whining noise when i put the truck into drive (and reverse). you could hear it as it went through the gears, but no other symptoms. last week, the trans started clunking occasionally during downshifts. then started slipping and surging at low speeds with in town driving (not consistently). took it to the dealer last friday. they think it's a torque converter issue and are replacing that. this particular dealer said they've not seen any of the 10 speeds with issues. they had to call a GM tech to help diagnose the issue. parts are supposed to be in mid-week, then a few days to do the work. hopefully that resolves it.
  2. I think I might have this issue. AT4 6.2lt. I have about 15k mikes. Just noticed the sound last week. I hear it best in the garage. It starts when you put it into gear. Starts whining. I tried listening while driving. I think it goes away once it’s in about 5th gear. I put the truck in manual mode. I don’t think it’s shifting into 4th. There is absolutely no change in rpm from 3rd to 4th (up or down). Likewise from 5th back to 4th. Have to go from third to 5th to get a change in rpms. The sounds seems to be worst on cold starts but pretty much does it all the time. Supposed to drive to Bristol this weekend. Not sure if I should.
  3. 2019 AT4 Crew Cab (6.2Lt) The AC condensation somehow makes it down over the transmission and then drips on the crossover pipe of the exhaust below the transmission pan. I keep hearing the singe sound of the water on the hot exhaust when i pull in the garage. Anyone else have this issue? I'm assuming there is a drain tube or hose that might be missing or misdirected. Any comments/suggestions? Thanks.
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