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  1. a couple days of driving, was worth every penny (about 190 bucks for 2 back shocks), am going to look at front now.
  2. just put mine on (took about 10 mins overall)....should hit the highway later today.
  3. that is what I am hoping for, a rebound dampen.
  4. Thanks! My new shocks will be here this week and will go on this weekend...will report back with what I experienced.
  5. I did not flash, just unhooked battery for a reset. I have the K&N.
  6. I did not flash, but did turn off my air filter reminder...works great.
  7. I may go that way if the shocks don't help...Thanks!
  8. Thanks for clarity - I would argue that outside of where you installed the guard would still be the warrantors responsibility, they might try to bully you a bit, but stand your ground....I believe it would be pretty hard for them to show they are not liable where you have not added any aftermarket...
  9. how can this void your warranty? I see that often on here, is GM trying not to cover things that have nothing to do with this? or are you just saying for the paint you covered?
  10. Thanks! I ordered them last night....intend to install myself, any watch outs?
  11. I did not, but will now....I was looking at Tire Rack.com...Thanks!
  12. they don't have 5100's for my truck - but thanks for the lead, looking at the 4600's.
  13. as a note, it is much better when trailer is on (of course).
  14. 18's and just the standard RST Silverado suspension, no z71 - have lowered tire pressure a bit - didn't notice much change.
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