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  1. I’m pretty sure the body guys seen that before. There’s no reason it should look like this in 6 months.
  2. I brought this to a body shop today and he told me to go see the dealer. He seems to think that the paint has a defect. Tons of micro pores which fill up with either salt or grime and make it next to impossible to clean.
  3. no this is the only location on both sides. its tiny chips in the paint smaller then a size of sand. if you took your fingernail over it you could feel the chip
  4. i was washing my vehicle when i noticed a whitish section in front of my rear tires. i thought it may be a film of road salt. closer inspection shows the paint completely chipped. what would you do. have the section repainted. or apply paint protection film and install mud flaps. truck is completely stock, no lift or aftermarket wheels. What are my options. i havent even had the vehicle for 6 months
  5. is 2.5" motofab level to much for the upper control arms or still within the safe limit? currently my front end with the 3.0 duramax is 36.5" and rear is 38.5". what does the factory rear block measure out at.. id like to lift the rear an 1" above stock.
  6. has anyone installed motofabs new 3" front 2" rear lift with upper control arms. Is there any negative effect with just adding blocks to the front shocks and not adding any preload to the spring/shock assembly like other kits (readylift, super lift or rough country) Are motofab kits built well with replaceable balljoints?
  7. I’ve had my truck for 7 months now and this spot on the gm seems to collect a lot of salt film. I constantly wash it but it always seems to have a haze. The paint is not chipped or worn. So why does it still have a haze after washing
  8. Will these Phillips work for the 2021 gmc 1500
  9. Just bought a 3.0 Diesel 1 month ago in that short time it’s done it twice. Once at 146 miles and just now at 1,077 miles. Is it possible there is an issue with the pushbuton start. There have been several times I’ve hit the push button to shut the vehicle off but it won’t and I have to push it again. I’m getting really disappointed with this vehicle. I love it but I hate there is no fix for this. These trucks are so damn expensive. This shouldn’t be happening
  10. has any noticed that the roof on these trucks is tingy. i feel like there is zero deadening. anytime it rains its super loud in the cab. is there anything that can be done to deaden the sound besides turning up the radio haha
  11. I Hope this isnt a stupid question but when you add these rubber isolators to the leaf pack, does this change the amount if weight you can put in the back of the bed. i know the more weight you add in the bed the more the leafs compress. if you add these isolators does it not allow for the full compression
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