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  1. Yes, like 4 inches under 7 ft and i still fit nicely at my tunnel car wash!
  2. Gas mileage dropped just a touch. Im averaging like 13 city and 17 ish highway and i have a heavy foot. I love the feel of driving it. The wider stance makes it feel so stable especially when turning. Super smooth and turns heads all the time!
  3. If you went that route, it would half inch less sticking out than mine which isn't too much of a difference. Just took this picture. Both the front and back stick out exactly the same distance
  4. Because of the 1.5" spacers, my offset is about -38. For every inch of a spacer, your offset would be about -25 mm. If you have any other questions just let me know!
  5. You remove the 3 torque screws on the front side of the mudflap, then remove a 10 mm bolt on the back side. The mudflap can then be pulled away from the truck body and pushed towards the engine bay. There will be another torque screw holding the carpet wheel liner to the bracket, remove this and pull the wheel liner up and away as much as you can. This will give you access to the bracket behind it. The bracket has 4 bolts that have 13 or 14 mm heads. Remove those and the bracket comes off. Then put everything back in reverse order. The final step is to drill a small hole on the back side of the carpeted wheel liner near where it attaches to the rear front mudflap and insert and zip tie it into that new hole and an existing hole on the body near it to pull the flap back. Do not drill thru the mudflap, just the carpet. Repeat for the other side.
  6. No leak. Super quiet when its closed
  7. Haha, very true. I usually dont just take off immediately but there are occasions when I do.
  8. Transmission is fine and shifts smoothly. Everyone once in a while if I start up and try to leave too fast, it kicks only once. I didnt get the fluid changed though yet. Seats wise they are excellent. I have driven many trips with this truck some more than 3-4 hours and never felt the seats bothering me. Very comfortable and the leather is really easy to clean.
  9. I did this on my Trail Boss and did use the spring spacer. Looking back I would just skip it. It's only .25 inches and it did help the ride slightly but not worth the time it took to do it.
  10. Its more than that. The 2 inch lift is achieved through a whole different strut assembly along with different CVs, longer shocks that are Rancho, etc. More information can be found on the Chevrolet website.
  11. Thanks!! I think it's closer to a 35 hp increase ?
  12. Thank you! I did not get the performance package because I installed an electric cutout instead since I wanted a very loud truck with the option to push a button and make it stock quiet for trips. As for the quality, mine was built in Indiana but I believe the first few thousand trucks were subject to extra attention and inspections since they wanted a perfect launch. Thanks for the kind words and I wish you the best with your truck as well!
  13. Thanks!! With the lift, my speedo is currently off but between 11.5 and 14 city. Highway is around 16-18. Once corrected, I assume that the city will be around 13-15. I'm not noticing the need to fill up more frequently and my drive has remained the same so I think it's just the incorrect odometer showing a decline in city mpg when the average is calculated.
  14. Well guys, I finally broke 30,000 miles yesterday. It has been an amazing experience so far and I am very blessed to own this truck. Background: I special ordered my LT Trail Boss back in May 2018 and picked it up in September 2018. I have almost every option that you can order on it except the sunroof (would have delayed my production at the time). My truck was built the very first week of production (7/09/2018) and is one of only a small handful of Red Silverados, if not the only one, to receive the Gideon/Dark Atmosphere leather interior as that color was changed to not an option for Red Silverados on the second week of production. Within the first week or two of receiving it, I installed a custom Electronic Cutout System for my exhaust, Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 33.5x12.5R20 mud tires, an Undercover Ultra Flex tonneau cover, and vinyl wrapped the scoop portion of my hood. Later on, I installed some cosmetic hood vents. Then, about two weeks ago, I installed the Trail Boss / AT4 specific ReadyLift +2” lift kit, giving me a total of 4” inches of lift. This allowed me to run 35x12.5s and I am loving the new taller stance of my truck more and more every day. Review: I have driven my Trail Boss all over the place, in a wide variety of conditions and never had any major issues. From -15 degree weather to over 100 degrees, this truck has performed excellent. The only two problems I have ever had (which are resolved) was a Bluetooth sync issue very early on for a few months and a random, once-in-a-blue-moon appearance of the ESC light only to have it go away at next start up. Both of these issues have been long gone now and I couldn’t be happier with the truck. If I had to make a list of my favorite options, it would be the Trail Boss trim level, Safety Package I, and Convenience Package II. In my opinion, the Trail Boss trim gives this Silverado a unique look and a tough image. The blacked-out appearance along with the “Trail Boss” name just emphasizes that this is one bad truck (in a good way). The Safety Package I has saved my skin so many times and in my opinion it is a must have. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert gives you advanced warning of vehicles/pedestrians that may cross your path as you reverse, and the Side Blind Spot detectors are a huge plus in giving you peace of mind when making a lane change. Furthermore, the Convenience Package II adds some nice creature comforts that I can’t really live without. The Bose stereo w/ subwoofer hits loud and crystal clear. The rear sliding window provides nice airflow in the summer months and the garage door HomeLink buttons are a nice touch. The one thing that I do not have because it was not available in 2019 on the Trail Boss is the 6.2 L. This is now an option for 2020 Trail Boss trims, and I am kind of upset that it wasn’t offered in 2019. I would not trade in my truck over this, but I really wanted the bigger motor. That being said, the 5.3 L in this new gen T1 truck is much quicker and more responsive than the 2018 and prior trucks. It may have to do with the weigh savings this new gen truck has, in addition to the new Dynamic Fuel Management system, which is seamless and unnoticeable. Whatever the reason, this truck has a lot of pep, even in 5.3 L form. Overall, I am very happy with this truck and the way it has performed, and I look forward to another 30,000 miles. Any questions just ask. Disclaimer: No one pressured me to write this review, nor did GM have any contact with me about it. This is my honest opinion on how I feel about the truck and I hope this review helps anyone thinking about buying one to make the right decision for them.
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