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  1. Lego Trail Boss

    Saw it in person today!
  2. Range Technologies

    Lt models and up have DFM. WT, Custom, and Custom Trailboss have AFM
  3. Sierra AT4 wheels and tires

    At this moment, there is no official kit that is for the AT4/Trailboss. Some members have used the regular level kits even though they specifically state not to use them with the AT4/Trailboss.
  4. Just came out. https://fabtechmotorsports.com/product/3-5-budget-uca-system-w-factory-adaptive-ride-control-k1128/
  5. Sierra AT4 wheels and tires

    I have a stock height(no level) Trailboss and am running 33.5x12 tires on 20x9 rims with a 0 mm offset. It barely rubs at full lock. You will not be able to run 35x12 on that rim unless u level it. If you do level it, it would rub just slightly. Any other questions, just ask.
  6. Then yours should be the HD one. Not sure why it's not clear. Maybe you got a defective one or they installed the wrong one? Only other thing I can think of is that it's a little dirty(like has some dust on it) and maybe that's affecting the clarity. Idk to be honest
  7. What kind of truck is yours and do you have Convenience Package 2? You only get the the HD back up camera with convenience package 2 which comes with the better radio. An easy way to check if you have convenience package 2 is if you have the power rear sliding window on your rear windshield. If you do then you have the package, if not then you dont have it.
  8. My camera is very clear during the day, much clearer than my K2 was. At night, it's a little grainy but not that bad. I've actually had a friend comment on it saying "damn that's a clear camera". I do have the IOS rpo code radio which is one of the top versions with HD rear camera. Do u have the HD camera or the regular one?
  9. Here are a couple of the OEM versions. There may be more out there and I believe one member installed mudflaps on his car after buying it so he may have small covers that he removed it. There is also a post where one member removed them and bought plugs for the holes. Click the post below and scroll halfway down. Hope this helps. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/search/2019/Chevrolet/Silverado 1500#/98018/Splash Guards?sortId=top
  10. Have you tried trimming some of the plastic? It's the negative offset that's causing them to rub. The only thing I can think of besides lifting it higher is to check with the dealer and see if they have any other type of plastic cover to go there instead of the mudflaps. I believe there are a few different options but I'm not sure if they make a small cover for it instead
  11. Cleaned her up today.
  12. I am running 33.5x12.5R20 on a stock height Trail Boss with 20x9 wheels that have a 0 mm offset. A 295 60 R20 equates to a 34x11.5 tire so you will almost definitely need a level so that you can be at equal height as the Trail Boss in the front. As for rims, you could use the stock ones or run any 9 or 10 inch wide aftermarket one as long as they clear the front calipers, as they are larger on the 19s, and as long as the offset isn't too negative.
  13. Also, another thing to note is that Denali's come with adaptive suspension and there are currently No lift kits or levels that work on that model yet.
  14. It may fit a 35x12.50 on stock wheels with just a level but it is likely that it will rub when turning. It would be best to get a small lift kit to avoid this issue, such as a 4 inch lift (Trail Boss with a level height). Currently, there are only levels and 6 inch lifts available along with the factory 2 inch lift and a yet to be released Rough Country 3" lift.

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