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    2019 Silverado Trail Boss
  1. AT4 Exhaust

    See below thread. Scroll halfway down for parts and instructions

    Trail Boss and AT4 only have Sport and Tow mode. We have 4 low as a button instead of the Offroad mode and Snow mode and the Tour mode is just normal driving
  3. I have an LT Trailboss so I have the new DFM on my 5.3
  4. Floor Mats

    I have been using a power washer at my local DIY car wash
  5. Might want to check this forum post out. I haven't added a sub but maybe someone on here can help.
  6. Leveling kit for Trailboss

    Nothing yet. Supposedly, Readylift is coming out with one soon. Everyone has been using the 1.5" Motofab leveling kit in the meantime
  7. A 1.5" spacer will level your Trailboss. If you want to keep the rake, you could add a larger block and u bolts to the rear. However, if you want to lift the truck any higher you will have to get a full suspension lift kit. You cannot put a larger spacer on the front like that without new suspension components to adjust for the new height difference. There is currently only a 4" lift kit available for the Trailboss. This kit adds on to the 2 inch stock lift for a total height of 6 inches. You would need the entire kit to perform this lift not just the spacers.
  8. I have 17k miles on my Trailboss with the 5.3 A8 DFM engine. Absolutely zero issues related to the motor. You must have a defective one. The DFM is 1000% smoother and unnoticeable compared to the older AFM engines
  9. Level kit install

    I'm not sure about the standard trucks but the ones with the GM lift (Trailboss/AT4) cant fit a lower mounted 2 inch level because the bolts hit the CV axle. I would assume it's the same situation for the standard trucks but I'm not 100% positive
  10. Level kit install

    I believe 1.5" is the most you can go if you do a lower shock level. You have to have both the top and bottom spacers or just the top spacers for anything above 1.5".
  11. I do have a few very minor paint chips and the frame is metal so eventually it will start to rust. If your concerned about the paint, I would ceramic coat it. It is pricey but definitely worth it if you want extra protection. Paint on any car is not what it used to be but that being said I am beyond satisfied with the whole truck overall
  12. I only got $3500 off my MSRP because I ordered it on day one and it was made first week of production. I knew going into this that I wouldn't get much off but I didnt care because I had a previous lease that was ending and I wanted to be one of the first ones owning the new Silverado. That being said, there are some decent incentives on them now and I have seen a bunch of dealer listings on Cars.com and Ebay that are discounted pretty nicely. I have no regrets at all. Just shy of 17k miles right now and no issues, Thank God!
  13. They *mostly* fixed this issue a while back with a software update. The reason I say mostly is because it is caused by a user turning on the vehicle and immediately putting the vehicle in reverse. The camera needs time to boot up upon start up and while they did reduce the boot up time, it still is possible to trigger this issue if you super quickly put the vehicle in reverse which is why you only see it every once in a while
  14. The ECU is encrypted to prevent hackers from accessing which is something GM is doing across all there cars since they are shifting towards autonomous vehicles even though there is no autonomy in the Silverado obviously. The same thing happened with the Corvette ZR1. It took 11 months for someone to finally crack it and the company that did was HP Tuners.

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