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  1. No problem at all. The tires stick out about an inch or two but the OEM mudflaps still block most of the rocks that they would kick up. The 2" leveling kit should bring your front end up to the same height as the Trailboss is stock, but the back of your car will lower than the Trailboss as my rear is about 1.5" higher than my front. -44 mm offset rims will rub if you plan on doing just a level and 33x12.5 tires. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  2. Do you still have the H2? My dad has owned 3 H2s over the years and I still love that car. He currently has a 2004 silver H2.
  3. Sierra Tailgate

    No. That option is only available on the Silverado LTZ and High Country, not the Sierra.
  4. My truck is completely stock in terms of lift. That being said it is a Trailboss so it has the factory 2 inch lift. I am running 33.5x12.50 tires on 20x9 rims that have 0 mm offset. They is a very slight rub only at 100% full lock. It rarely occurs. Future plans are to throw on some 35x12.50s next fall on the same rims and offset. In order to make them fit, I am going to lift the truck another 2 inches all around once a kit comes out for that.
  5. Mine is flush mounted and can fold up all the way so u have full access to the entire bed. Tonneau covers are expensive. I had a Tonneau Pro hard tri fold on my last truck and that one cost me $500. This new one is by far better in both ease of use and looks.
  6. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    Rick, Here is a forum post with more info. Maybe they can chime in with some more info, but it has been done by several owners already (even though some may not go on the forums like us). Icon also leveled a stock Silverado and fit 35s on stock rims.
  7. I am running 305/55R20 (33.5x12.50 R20) Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tires. These tires are amazing, second set that I have owned over the past several years. They have 22,000+ miles on them as I had them on my previous Silverado as well and they look like brand new. The rims are 20x9 Moto Metal MO969 with 0 mm offset.
  8. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    There are several members on here already with leveling kits on their Trailboss/AT4s and I have heard of no issues so far but they can chime in on this. Also, there are a handful of Trailboss/AT4 owners out there that are running 35x12.50s on stock rims with no issues
  9. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    No problem. I agree the stock tires, even on the Trailboss/AT4, are tiny.
  10. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    With the stock 18x8.5, the widest size tire you could put on it would be a 12.50. That being, you should be able to fit 35x12.50 tires on the AT4 without lifting it at all, as long as you use the stock rims. There may be a slight rub at full lock. If it does slightly rub and you don't like the rub, just level the truck with any available kit ($60) and you should be all set.
  11. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    With an 18, the sizing is slightly different. An 18x9 Rim such as this Fuel one below(1st pic) comes in three offset sizes: -12, 1, and 20. If you want it to fit on a 35 on a non-Trailboss/AT4, your best bet is to go with a 4 inch lift and the 1 or 20 mm offset. The 20 mm offset may or may not fit with a level, but it would be a close one and I am sure you don't want to buy a level only to find out it wont fit and have to buy a 4 inch lift on top of that. The difference between the 20, 1, and -12 in terms of looks only is that the 20 mm will have the face of the rim towards the outer edge (stock appearance), the 1 mm will have the face of the rim almost exactly in the middle of the rim with almost equal lip on both sides, and the -12 (1st pic below) will have more lip on the front side of the rim and the face pushed back farther. The -12 mm is pushing the tire out too far and will rub on a 4 inch lift with 35x12.5 tires. Any other questions, let me know.
  12. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    Correct, the stock offset is around 20-30 mm depending on which rim you choose. That is why he was able to fit a 35. I can't tell 100% from the picture but the 35s on the blue AT4 may not be 12.5 wide either.
  13. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    It all depends on the width of the rim and the offset it has. For example, I am running 33.5"x12.5 on my '19 Trailboss. There is very minimal rubbing but the rim is a 20x9 with 0 mm offset. In order to fit 35s you will need either a 4" inch lift on a non-Trailboss/AT4 or a level on a Trailboss/AT4. That being said, it will only fit 35x12.5 tires with a 20x9 rim and 0 mm offset(will rub very slightly). If you attempt this lift and tire setup but run a 20x12 or 22x12 rim, it will have -44 mm offset and will NOT fit unless you have at least 6" of lift on a non-Trailboss/AT4. Also, the Sierra has a different wheel well opening then the Silverado so it is possible that you may not be able to run as large a tire on a Sierra as you can run on a Silverado.

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