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  1. Thanks for letting me know. I like the way it looks on ur truck!
  2. Turn the dial towards Tow/Haul once and it should shut it off. It only starts in Tow/Haul Mode if you had that mode on before you shut off the vehicle. The default is Tour
  3. Worst case scenario, just remove the mud flap bracket like some of us have and it allows more clearance
  4. My Trailboss is 1.5 inches of rake. Not sure it's the same for non-Trailbosses
  5. Try Meguiar's Natural Shine. It's worked for me before to remove the lighter scratches. If the scratch is deep, there's not much you can do.
  6. Not sure if you tried this yet but what about if you add some weight in the back like maybe 300-400 lbs of sand/dirt bags and see if it does the same exact thing. I'm thinking these shocks are bouncing too much with no load on them
  7. I had the cherry bomb extreme on mine initially but I removed it. It's not that loud on these trucks. If you want loud, do an electric cutout like I ended up doing. No drone and sounds like a corvette. Deep and throaty.
  8. Undercover Ultra Flex. Very clean, low profile look and it folds vertically if need so u have 100% to your entire bed. Very solid built and very satisfied with it
  9. 305/55R20. You have to do the mudflap bracket removal mod. No rub after the mod. I live in Michigan and they are excellent in snow. They wear really good and have a long tread life
  10. I drive mostly city but they arent that loud on the highway and very smooth. No complaints at all
  11. I'm running Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ that have 39,000 miles on them so far(20k last truck, 19k this truck). Below is a picture I just took now. I love them. They ride smooth and wear really good. They look like almost brand new.
  12. I heard them say black chrome for the Trailboss around the time when they announced the entire lineup back in Jan 2018.
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