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  1. Thanks for moving it for me, appreciate it!
  2. I may have a lot of posts and replies to others but I'm honestly not sure what part of the site to post a for sale item. If it belongs somewhere specific, let me know and I'll move it. I do want people to see it obviously and I'm more than willing to play by the rules, just need to know where.
  3. Hey everyone, not sure if this is the right place in the forum to put this but I have a set of 4 35x12.5R20 tires and wheels for sale off my 2019. The tires still in good condition and have over 11/32 of tread left on them. Tires are Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ and Wheels are Moto Metal. Comes with GM TPMS sensors already installed. Asking $1400 OBO
  4. Who else has taken their truck offroading? This was last summer at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. The video was the first time going up Test Hill.
  5. I would order from a different dealer if they can't provide you with an update. It sounds like the dealer doesn't have allocation to build one. You should have a build date by now.
  6. I would order from a different dealer. There is no reason for it to take that long. Most guys are getting there's in 2 months
  7. 56k miles. One of the very first T1s built
  8. I would recommend the Readylift +2 inch lift for a total of 4 inches. I have 28k miles on the lift (56k on the truck) and no issues and zero regrets.
  9. This is my post from Nov 2019 when I did my ReadyLift +2 inch lift kit Ok guys, I did it. I installed the lift this weekend and my Trail Boss is noticeably higher up than it was stock. I am now running 35x12.5R20s on a total 4 inch lift. My rims are 20x9s with a 0 mm offset, however I added 1.5" spacers to stick the tires out even more. They sit about 3 inches past the fender line and it really balances out the truck nicely. Without the spacers there was a very minimal rub only at full lock. To run the spacers, I trimmed the first wall part of the mudflap (see pictures below) and with the spacers there is only a small touch at full lock now which I have no problem with. The truck rides fantastic, even better than stock and is super stable around turns. See below for pictures and before/after measurements. Best thing is I still fit in my car wash (monthly subscription) which has a 7 ft clearance. Parking garage wise I believe it will be tight fit, especially with speed bumps for the 7 ft ones but a 7' 6" garage should clear easily. As always, any questions just ask. Before: Front Fender to Floor: 39 7/8 Rear Fender to Floor: 41 1/8 Cab Height: 77 Roof Antenna Height: 2 3/4 Hood Height: 52 Bed Height: 58 1/4 Front Bumper Ground Clearance: 14 Front Suspension Ground Clearance: 11 1/8 Side Ground Clearance: 16 5/8 Rear Bumper Ground Clearance: 20 3/8 Rear Diff Ground Clearance: 9 1/2 Front Distance from Top of Tire to Fender: 7 7/8 Rear Distance from Top of Tire to Fender: 9 After: Front Fender to Floor: 42 3/8 Rear Fender to Floor: 43 1/8 Cab Height: 80 Roof Antenna Height: 2 3/4 Hood Height: 54 1/2 Bed Height: 59 5/8 Front Bumper Ground Clearance: 16 1/2 Front Suspension Ground Clearance: 14 Side Ground Clearance: 18 3/4 Rear Bumper Ground Clearance: 21 7/8 Rear Diff Ground Clearance: 10 3/16 Front Distance from Top of Tire to Fender: 8 3/8 Rear Distance from Top of Tire to Fender: 9
  10. Its minimal, like super small amount of rub. I have zero regrets.
  11. Sorry just saw this. I have about 28k miles on the lift and have had zero issues with it. I even took it to the sand dunes and it performed great. I will post a sand dunes video later today or tomorrow
  12. I am at 56k miles now and still love my truck. I plan on trading it in for a 2021 LT Trailboss 6.2 in the next few months. Not because it has any issues but because I want to make a new build and want some things that weren't available when I got the 2019. I'll write a full review before I trade it in
  13. I am running 35x12.5R20 tires with the ReadyLift +2 inch lift. Here is the link for the spacers I have: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07XF3J1QZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_KNMMBPSHXR2YFSQM6FHN?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
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