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  1. You cant really trim it since its the plastic mudflaps and it will probably look bad if you do. You could remove the mudflaps and plug the holes in the body but then you'd be kicking up rocks all over your doors. Honestly though for me it's only at 100% full lock. It does not bother me really and it's a slight rub.
  2. I am running something very similar. I have the stock Trailboss 2 inch lift with 305/55R20(33.5x12.5) tires on 20x9s with 0mm offset. It does rub slightly on my setup
  3. Just found this and thought I would share. https://www.scaperformance.com/chevy-black-widow
  4. None of the front turn signal bulbs are led.
  5. I have not reprogrammed at all and have not noticed any issues at all. I did calculate it and it is off 1 mph for every 30 so if it says 30, I'm going 31.
  6. I understand where you are coming from but I honestly love my interior and think it is way better than the previous gen. I have also gotten nothing but compliments on the interior when showing different people my truck. I think the ones who like the interior are not commenting and you are mostly seeing comments from people who dislike so it seems that everyone doesnt like it. Also, I wouldn't give any of those automotive sites and magazines any weight as its ultimately just their opinion against someone elses.
  7. Welcome to the community. They do make a keypad for these trucks. Below is the link to the GM part. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2019/Chevrolet/Silverado 1500/keyless-entry-keypad-23473341?categoryId=12013
  8. I honestly wouldn't hold your breath for it. I would expect a new/updated interior on the next gen following the T1 whenever that comes out. They dont really update interiors much during refreshes. I have no official knowledge, this is just my opinion based on the past
  9. The fish eye view is a known issue and while there was a previous update that fixed it for the most part(it was happening every single time you put it in reverse), it still pops up every now and again when reversing. It has to do with the boot time of the camera and how quickly you put it in reverse upon starting the truck. Not sure if another fix is coming or when. The pop up agreements that you mentioned I am not sure about. I only saw them once when I first got the truck and have never seen them again.
  10. It's not recommended cuz it's like lifting the car 4 inches. Your stacking a 2 inch factory lift with another 1.5 to 2 inch spacer. It's not good for the angles of the axles, ball joints, etc. That being said, the 1.5 Motofab level seems to be fine so far, but it's your choice if you wanna wait or just install it and hope down the road you dont have issues.
  11. Thanks. I did it using black letters
  12. Heres a red one with the letters in black.
  13. Trailboss75 is correct
  14. Wheels - Great video

    They are not bad if you have hub centric ones and if the studs are the proper length. If you try to slide a spacer over the existing studs, you need longer studs or you would need the type that bolt to the OEM studs and have their own studs on the spacer. If you can avoid them, that would be the best route but sometimes you cant depending on the wheel. Also keep in mind the further you push out the wheels via spacers the more likely they will rub when turning, especially with larger tires

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