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  1. Those interested can text me 606-213-1097 or email: [email protected]
  2. Anybody interested in this nudge bar I got from the dealership? I paid 700 for it but will sale it for $400. Can ship it but will have to add shipping cost to it. Which should be about $50.
  3. Thanks man. I think I’m gonna go with this level kit. All your angles look ok?
  4. I have a 2019 trailboss. Debating on going with the rough country spacer that goes on the strut or dropping the rear to get the level look I want. for those who went with the rear drop shackles. How do you flip the shim around on the leaf springs. can someone give me some steps on how to do it?
  5. How much they charge ya for installing it? Trying to decide on doing this or lowering the rear a tad bit
  6. So I’m having the same problem. Ordered set of rims and tires off custom offset. Getting the service force monitor system. I bought the relearn tool to do it myself and having no luck. They said they use Uni-Sensor branded TPMS anybody know what tool I should try next
  7. Yes. You have to use the USB port in the front
  8. I honestly think I just got 2 crap sets. At least this last set I got my money back and made close to 500 selling the 2 good tires and 2 out of round tires. I’m gonna hold on off tires for a while and just run my stock duratraxs till I need to a new set i honestly think the suspensions of these new trucks trucks and how light they are now plays a big role
  9. Yea I contacted them. They are the ones who told the company I bought the tires to give me a refund and keep the tires they sent me. I spent about 950, if you ask me. That’s a lot for 4 tires lol
  10. Anybody ever try the Atturo trail blade x/t tires?
  11. I thought about just buying 2 tires to match with them mastercrafts. But screw it. Somehow someway l, those would be bad too lol. So I’m selling them.
  12. Took them to have em roadforce balanced. 2 tires were out of round. Company I bought em from is letting me keep the tires and refunded my money. I’m so freaking done with tires it’s not funny. How can my luck be this bad. 2 sets were bad. C’mon life lol
  13. So was that the problem? My truck just started doing this. Sounds like a creaking noise when turning off onto uneven pavement. Sounds like it’s coming from the rear. So it may be the springs. Did tou you ever get yours fixed/figured out?
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