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  1. What does the term wheel run out mean? I just bought 4 295/70/18 master craft mxt tires. Had them put on Wednesday and notice when I get pass 55 it rides like crap! Soo much shaking and vibration. I feel some in the steering wheel but most of it at my butt on the seat lol. I’m taking them to have them road forced balance with a shop 2 hours away with a hunter road force balance machine. Hope this helps! I have the worst luck with tires if you read my comments on the user with 35 inch tires thread lol. Anybody uave ave any feedback I can try or use
  2. Guess I should of researched first lol. But I don’t see any lumps on the tires. Could they be “ out of round”. Not really sure to tell on that one
  3. Yea. These are my second set of tires. Is there a for sure way to know if a belt is broken in a tire? Im going back to this shop to have them road force balance them in the morning, would they be able to tell if a tire is bad when they put it on the machine? This is what I get for buying tires online... again lol
  4. I’ve been ton3 different shops. I tried balance beads with the 35s I had and it made it worse. Im pretty sure it’s just tires because the duratraxs I took off they was little to no shaking or vibration at all. Yes 19 custom trailboss. I’m gonna let them roadforce it and maybe look into aftermarket shocks. Any recommendations on which brand?
  5. I’m still having violent shaking and vibration. Not as bad as the 35s I had. I don’t know what the deal is. I’m going to see if they can road force balance them. Can they do that for a mud tire? Would it help any?
  6. Yea. No problem at night. They shine through really good
  7. Hahah. That’s mine. These are tail light covers I got from Car Id
  8. Just finished hooking it up. Installation was easy. Ran 2 wires to ground and the other 2 wires to the cigarette lighter fuse. Hardest part is just deciding where and how you wanna run all the wires. Also so don’t think you would be able to use the factory antenna. Also you get 3 free months.
  9. I didn’t order the 305s. Just the 295/70/18. They are suppose to be delivered tomorrow
  10. I’m not sure on the existing antenna. I don’t have the shark fin looking antenna on the roof so I’ll say I’ll have to use the magnet one they provide. But yea. I’ll let ya know how it goes. It looks fairly easy to hook it all up
  11. I just bought this. Suppose to be here Monday or Tuesday. Thank you you for sharing
  12. Just ordered them. Having them put on Friday! Thanks you all!!
  13. The 305s in mastercraft are actually bigger than the 35s I had in that thunderer brand. So in that case. I’ll just stick with the 295/70/18
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