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  1. Yes. You have to use the USB port in the front
  2. I honestly think I just got 2 crap sets. At least this last set I got my money back and made close to 500 selling the 2 good tires and 2 out of round tires. I’m gonna hold on off tires for a while and just run my stock duratraxs till I need to a new set i honestly think the suspensions of these new trucks trucks and how light they are now plays a big role
  3. Yea I contacted them. They are the ones who told the company I bought the tires to give me a refund and keep the tires they sent me. I spent about 950, if you ask me. That’s a lot for 4 tires lol
  4. Anybody ever try the Atturo trail blade x/t tires?
  5. I thought about just buying 2 tires to match with them mastercrafts. But screw it. Somehow someway l, those would be bad too lol. So I’m selling them.
  6. Took them to have em roadforce balanced. 2 tires were out of round. Company I bought em from is letting me keep the tires and refunded my money. I’m so freaking done with tires it’s not funny. How can my luck be this bad. 2 sets were bad. C’mon life lol
  7. So was that the problem? My truck just started doing this. Sounds like a creaking noise when turning off onto uneven pavement. Sounds like it’s coming from the rear. So it may be the springs. Did tou you ever get yours fixed/figured out?
  8. I’m driving to Lexington right now. ( 2 and half hours away from my home). As long as I stay under 60 it rides great. So crazy!
  9. Do you know if that roadforce balance machine will tell you if a tire is bad and needs replaced?
  10. Well I’m going 2 hours away to a shop that has a hunter road force balancer on Wednesday to see if they can help with the balancing issue. I understand they should be some vibration because they’re a mud tire. But what I’m getting is enough to drive someone insane lol. They said 25 dollars per tire to put it on the machine and balance or 50 dollars a tire if they have to turn the tire on the wheel (guessing that’s match balancing). Anyways. Hope this works. As I’ve spent close to 2000 on tires all together lol.
  11. What does the term wheel run out mean? I just bought 4 295/70/18 master craft mxt tires. Had them put on Wednesday and notice when I get pass 55 it rides like crap! Soo much shaking and vibration. I feel some in the steering wheel but most of it at my butt on the seat lol. I’m taking them to have them road forced balance with a shop 2 hours away with a hunter road force balance machine. Hope this helps! I have the worst luck with tires if you read my comments on the user with 35 inch tires thread lol. Anybody uave ave any feedback I can try or use
  12. Guess I should of researched first lol. But I don’t see any lumps on the tires. Could they be “ out of round”. Not really sure to tell on that one
  13. Yea. These are my second set of tires. Is there a for sure way to know if a belt is broken in a tire? Im going back to this shop to have them road force balance them in the morning, would they be able to tell if a tire is bad when they put it on the machine? This is what I get for buying tires online... again lol
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