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  1. I bought body color mirror caps for my 2019 Sierra AT4. I figured the dealer would maybe put on for a decent price since I overpaid for the truck and had several issues right off the bat with master cylinder having to be replaced 500 miles into a brand new truck.. blah blah blah. I’m still bitter about it so I’ll move on. I just want to tell you this video saved me $80 plus. I was able to follow your directions and your video made it super easy to remove and place new caps. I’m a physical therapist and have had several clients with tremors , central hand tremors etc and I wouldn’t apologize for it. Hell I’d brag that you were able to perform this better than anyone who doesn’t have tremors. That’s impressive to me. But I just want to thank you. Saved me. And made my truck look better.
  2. Hey guys anybody attempted or know where information is on DIY mirror cap replacement for AT4? I want to change my black out for body color caps. Thanks
  3. This is the wrong model forum meant to be under 2019 Sierra AT4 forum sorry guys.
  4. Has anyone found out asked seen etc. about how to replace the mirror caps? They want $80 to change at the dealer and I’m just not up for paying that when it takes 5 minutes to do like the 2015-2018. Thanks.
  5. Yes mine said “service brake assist”. The dealer said my master cylinder was failing so they ordered the part had it in the next day. So far it’s been good. I’ve seen and read a lot of other posts about this.SEEMS TO be an issue with a lot of AT4 trucks. Not leaving us with a very good taste in our mouths but once we sign the papers they’ve got us... until I trade it in for a FORD lmao.
  6. I was skeptical about the first year new model bugs but I had my AT4 put 100 miles on it and check engine light came on. The master cylinder for brakes was bad. Dealer had to replace it already. Then the dash digital instrument cluster was completely blacking out while driving. They reprogram it. But now the GMC symbol is flickering when the vehicle is first started. Also my passenger headlight is a bit lipped out compared to the other side which looks perfectly aligned. I may be a bit picky but when you sell a truck for $57K plus you expect your customer to expect greatness right? I mean they say “professional grade” so shouldn’t the fit and finish and master cylinder withstand the first 500 miles of driving? Just my personal experience with the 2019 AT4 so far.
  7. Let me shut up and say one last bit. I love absolutely love my AT4. Drives great looks amazing rough rugged and the 5.3 has more than enough power for my use. The heads up display and camera mirror is genius unlike in any other truck. I literally have been researching and watching news reviews reports on this since March when they were shown in New York. I guess having this issue affect my truck less than 500 miles into it made me sour. But without the master cylinder issue , this truck has been everything is hoped it would be.
  8. I understand issues come about with any truck or vehicle but when you charge $60,000 for a truck you need to make dang sure your customers aren’t spending the first 1,000 to 2,000 miles going from home to dealers service shop. IMO. You can’t tell me no one knew about the issues and just pushed the truck out anyway. These guys are experts. They make billions off of expertise in design and engineering. They knew they had and issue if this many people are having this brake code come up. I work damn hard for my money and putting it into a truck I’ve already had in the shop 2 times and before it’s even close to being time for an oil change is a little subpar to say the very least. Don’t get me wrong. My dealer has done their best to fix the issue but in hindsight I don’t know that I would’ve given so much money to this truck knowing the issues I’m having now. Because now I’m super paranoid about something else going wrong. I know under warranty gmc will take care of me but I wanted to keep this truck for a while. Not going to be that way now.
  9. I just got my AT4 2 weeks ago. 100 miles into the truck check engine light came on. Took to dealer. Code came up master cylinder for brakes was having an electrical issue. Light went off code cleared. 600 miles later engine light on again this time with a notification service brake assist. Took to dealer had to replace master cylinder and reprogram my instrument cluster as it was blinking on and off while driving. Driving the truck 300 miles so far so good since shop “fixed” and replaced master cylinder on a brand new truck. Said it was a defective part nothing wrong with truck. We will see. I’m definitely trading in before 36k miles. This has kinda shaken my faith in GMC. I have always driven sierras had a 2015 that was amazing. This one “top of the line” AT4 not so much.

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