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Found 21 results

  1. I'm looking to replace the film on the driver's side mirror, and install some on the passenger side mirror. Would like to completely cover both side mirrors, edge to edge. Was getting blinded by the passenger side mirror, the edges of the driver's side mirror, and the "blind spot bubble," on my way home from working "graveyard shift." I may just tint them with regular window tint.
  2. I bought a 2015 2500HD Sierra with regular tow mirrors, recently upgraded to the tow mirrors with the amber front lights. After install, the amber lights only turn on after unlocking the doors and then naturally they time out. Will not turn on as running lights. Any suggestions?
  3. I have a 2011 GMC with the towing mirrors that are power mirrors, I checked the plug in at the door, there was 12V going to the plug. So I thought it may be the switch, and it’s not the switch. While I had the door panel off where the switches go I noticed a little black plug in with a red end disconnected. Not sure what it goes to. I don’t have a mirror wiring diagram or a wiring diagram at that but thought it was strange to see a plug in that had a little Christmas tree plug just hanging around. I’ve checked the fuses(before replacing the switch), and all of them were good. Is there something I’m missing here? If someone has had this issue before or has a wiring diagram to the mirrors it would help me tremendously. I can’t move my mirrors due to being afraid I’m going to shatter the glass. That’s one main thing that’s bugging me besides trying to chase that ominous “SERVICE AIRBAG” light. I figured I’d have the techs when they replace the passenger side air bag clear it in their system and see if it stays off once they replace the airbag. I’ll be honest, before I owned this truck, someone did a piss poor job of wiring in a security system(even though it came with one), and a remote start(even though it came with that from the factory as well). So I’ve had to fix those issues, and the only issue I’m having that’s bugging me now is the mirrors. Like I said if someone has had a similar issue please feel free to share or if someone has a wiring diagram to where the mirrors go to so I can see why I’m not getting any movement out of my power mirrors. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Newbie here... I have a new 15 Sierra SLT with the reverse tilt mirrors. When you put it into R the mirrors automatically tilt downward to a specific location. For me, the location selected does not work...I want to modify or move where the mirrors point to when the truck is placed in R. I can't seem to locate how to do this. When in R, I can change the mirror location, but it does not remember that same location the next time the truck is placed in R. Help? Thanks, -James
  5. Hello all, has anyone experience the "brown" mirror issue. seems as if the reflection has became brown, and the auto dimming feature no longer works. IF so, can anyone provide some more insight, a possible part number, description on what type of mirror it is, if it is heated or not (without taking it apart of course)….
  6. I've got a 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 that has wind noise on driver's side. I just came out of the shop for the issue. Said the sealed holes in door with gap sealer, but I still have the noise. After examining, I noticed the window seal is not tucked under the mirror very tight, like the passenger side is. I believe the air is coming between the door and seal, as the way it is now, wind would catch the corner of seal. Anyone know if the window seal is supposed to be between the mirror plastic and mirror rubber flap, or under both? I don't want to reverse engineer the passenger side and take a chance at screwing it up. My passenger side is under both. Curious if any others had to do this. Thanks guys!
  7. Sorry for the poor video but figured I would post it. You can't just take the caps off the side mirrors like the K2's. You have to take the mirror out and the bezel around the mirror to access the clips that hold the cap on.
  8. DL3 mirrors for 2014-2018 trucks. Heated, power folding, dimming, puddle lights. Converted my Denali to tow mirrors. Located in Southeastern Wisconsin $325
  9. I have both the driver (23180074) and passenger (23499472) DL3 mirrors and door harnesses from a 2015 GMC Sierra Denali. They were on for a very short time before upgrading to tow mirrors. Both are heated, power folding, and include puddle light and integrated turn signal in the mirror. Driver side also features blind spot mirror and is auto dimming. I am unsure of what specific vehicles these will fit on, however the part numbers are the same for the Sierra/Silverado and pervious model Yukon/Yukon XL and Tahoe/Suburban. Please contact me with any questions and I will do my best to answer. I will cover shipping costs within the US (except Alaska and Hawaii). Driver: $ 250 (FREE shipping) Passanger: $ 250 (FREE shipping) Both: $ 400 (FREE shipping)
  10. I have two driver side mirrors (long story) that will fit 2016+ Escalade and can be added to Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Yukon Xl but you'll have to retrofit the camera if you want it working on anything other than the Escalade. Think there are some posts here on that. These mirrors are fully operational with no blemishes. One mirror has the black cover and the other has a silver cover that's been removed with one of the cover clips broken and also one of the clips broken where it connects to the door. Door clip won't matter as the three bolts hold securely. The mirror with the black cover is $160.00 plus shipping The mirror with the removed silver cover with broken clip is $120.00 plus shipping. Prefer local pickup in DFW area. Mirrors include the following options: -Heated -Power fold -Blind spot -Auto sim -Camera -Puddle light -Turn Signal
  11. Hello Everyone. I wanted to start this thread with saying that I am new to this forum and new to the Silverado Truck. I have owned many Tahoes & Suburbans in the last 15 years. This is my 1st Silverado. My truck is a 2016 Silverado 1500 LT - Crew Cab. Came with the standard DL8 Mirrors. Power Adjust and Heated. Had I known the differences between trim levels, I would have gone with the LTZ Model. Lesson Learned. Like those that have this trim level, I wanted to convert from DL8 to DL3 Mirror with Turn Signal and Power Fold. I found a set on eBay that came with the harnesses that were take offs from a 2015 Silverado Duramax 2500HD. I bit the bullet and bought them. Like everyone who has tried this - I ended up with the same results. Installed new mirrors, harnesses, and switch. The only thing that worked were Turn Signals and Puddle Lamps for both mirrors. I was only able to get up/down adjust on the driver's side, no control on the passenger side whatsoever, no power fold functionality. I spent the last two weeks reading up on the GMUpfitter Manual trying to understand why. After seeing the various connectors for the Mirror, Door Trim, and Door Hinge Connections, I realized why things didn't work. Like others, I realized that this was NOT a plug and play scenario. However, after spending the time, I was FINALLY able to get this conversion done. I have functional DL3 Mirrors on both Driver and Passenger sides. I have Turn Signals, Puddle Lamp, Power Adjust, Power Fold, and Heated. All using the Factory Switch. I don't have Auto Dimming (which is dependent on a circuit that is tied to the Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror that i don't have) and Reverse Tilt (from what I've read, requires BCM Programming to have that option in the DIC). I also don't have Power Fold when locked/unlocked with the Key Fob (also think this may be a BCM program option). I ended up doing a Connector - Cross Reference Sheet to compare what pins/wires were missing from each connector, for each door, between the new harness and the original harness. I quickly learned that the new harness had more pins loaded than the original harness. Since the new harness had the most pins loaded, I wanted to continue with the new harness, and use my original harness as the "donor" harness to acquire the missing wires/pins from. Some of these connections will require a splice. This process requires no wires going through door hinge and no BCM programming. There are (3) Connectors from the Driver's Side and the same (3) Connectors from the Passenger Side that you will need to focus on. Driver Side Connectors - X500, X505, X510 Passenger Side Connectors - X600, X605, X610 Pages 1521 - 1548 in the GM Upfitter Manual shows the detailed pin out and circuits for references. In my cross reference sheet, I include the part #'s that I have for both existing harnesses and the new harnesses. You will also see the missing pins from each harness, each connector. The new bezel switch part # is 23154702. After checking all the pins that I had loaded on the new harnesses, I came to the realization that these DL3 Mirrors came off of a truck that also have the Seat Memory Switch. A couple of the circuits are dependent of the Seat Memory Switch which would explain some of the different options on the pin out. i went down the road of thinking I could add the Seat Memory Switch and gain additional functionality. The problem is - The door trim panel connector doesn't have all the pins for the Seat Memory Switch to function. OK - So now I've concluded that I cannot have Seat Memory functionality without a new door trim harness connector (that only seems to come with a new door panel w/memory package). I wasn't looking at spending $400 for a new panel. I want to say that the most painful part in this whole process, was harvesting the missing wires/pins that I needed to load onto the new harness without damaging them. Also, when inserting the wires/pins into the new harness, you have to be ABSOLUTELY sure you are inserting it into the right pin and the right circuit. Once you insert it, you CANNOT remove it (unless you have the right pin removal tool) or cut it. I meticulously labeled EVERYTHING to avoid this confusion and wanted this to be as Factory as possible. Once I removed the wires/pin, I starting losing track of what they were, where they go, and where they came from. I labeled each end. Once I started cutting into the existing harness, I was at a point of no return. Please do this at your own risk! Here is the Cross Reference Connector Sheet I made to show all the connections. Connector Reference.pdf Here are some photos of the process: After I was all through, I rewrapped the harness with "friction tape" bought from Home Depot. It is the same tape that was used on the harness. If you have any questions, please let me know. Please note that while pins/wires were missing on one end of a connector, there were already loaded on the other end. Due to the "options" of the Seat Memory switch, some wires went to different places that ended up getting "abandoned" since I chose not to go the Seat Memory route. I had to splice into existing pins/wires that were already loaded due to this. Good Luck! Hope this helps those who have tried or are trying to get this done! It IS possible, just requires some work and patience. Side_by_side by pgamboa, on Flickr IMG_4482 by pgamboa, on Flickr IMG_4481 by pgamboa, on Flickr Wires-Pins_Labeled by pgamboa, on Flickr Wires-Pins_Inserted_labeled_3 by pgamboa, on Flickr Wires-Pins_Inserted_labeled_2 by pgamboa, on Flickr Spliced_Butt_Splice by pgamboa, on Flickr Spliced_Heat_Shrink by pgamboa, on Flickr IMG_4524 by pgamboa, on Flickr Connector Reference.pdf Connector Reference.pdf Connector Reference.pdf
  12. I recently installed some aftermarket Tor mirrors on an 03 and the glass vibrates/shakes when driving on normal roads and on the highway. I was thinking about putting some left over Sound deadening on the back of the glass, as a way to mass load them to slow the shaking. I don't really mind the shaking too much but if I already have something that will help with it, it's worth a shot!? What are your thought about this?
  13. This weekend someone slammed my passenger door probably to hard in my opinion. Not sure if this is the cause of the problem but the issue did start soon after. The Window and mirror lost power first intermittently, now completely. I checked the fuse and also didn’t see anything obvious as far as wires being loose or broken from the harness. Any suggestions or recommendations for a fix would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Anyone know if it’s easy/ possible to re-route the task lights on the mirrors so that they work regardless of the vehicle being in park? Thanks
  15. Hello, I’m new to this so please bare with me. I have a 2018 Silverado LT With DL8 Mirrors And I just purchased the DL3 Mirrors Online. I connected the driver side mirror to the factory switch harness and the only function I’m getting from it is the mirror adjustment settings. The problem I’m having is that the turn signal and puddle lights are not working. im hoping to get some advice, I’m not worried about making it look nice I just really would like to get it to work. I came to think that if I were to tap into the power wire in the mirror harness for the mirror turn signal, and possibly run a wire from there to To the headlight turn signal wire harness that would get it to work? Then maybe run a wire from puddle light but run that to something that turns on when the doors are unlocked? The problem is I’m worried that it might be pushing too much power to the mirror and blow something out? if that can work I’m not sure witch wires in the mirror harness to tap into? I can’t find anything online showing what wires do what? Thanks!
  16. Hi guys, first time poster here. If I'm in the wrong section mods please let me know! About 2 weeks ago I bought a 2018 Silverado 1500 LTZ 4x4, used with 12k miles. It has the tow package. I absolutely love the truck, it's great, and other Chevy owners seem super nice so far! My Chevy has all the features of the tow package, including the chrome grille, trailer brake, pre-installed hitch, etc. but instead of the tow mirrors it has regular mirrors. Based on my research they are the "DL3" mirrors (heated, auto folding, etc.) but further research tells me that it should be pretty hard to install DL3 mirrors and make them fully functional if they didn't come on the truck since the wiring harness interacts with the memory functions of the seats etc... This makes me wonder where my tow mirrors went, and what's up with the OEM DL3 mirrors being there instead? Did the factory offer a towing package with regular mirrors at some point in order to "exhaust" their parts bin as they prepared for the 2019 Models, or did the previous owner really go to such extreme lengths to remove the tow mirrors? I've attached a picture to illustrate what I mean. Any input is appreciated. Thanks guys!
  17. Hi,, I am a new member and I am glad to have joined this forum. I have a 2018 Tahoe Premier and I tried to get answers to my questions but I couldn't find any.. 1) The vehicle has a feature to auto tilt mirrors on reverse , and it is good feature, but how can I disable the feature (just for a few second i.e. switching back and forth instantaneously ) without going through the in-dash screen? The mirrors are too small and tilting them make it hard to see obstacles behind, although they are good to see side walk edges. I knew that the mirrors have a time frame and it will auto raise to original position even while gear is still on reverse. 2) Is there a way to switch off auto dimming for the mirrors (just for a few second i.e. switching back and forth as well)? Thanks to all
  18. Does anyone know of somewhere in the Houston area that would swap my door handles (have chrome but bought black ones) as well as remove my mirror caps and window belt moldings?? From everything I have read these items each take ~5min per door and a couple for the mirror caps. Hoping that someone who is comfortable with doing this could do it this quickly and for a reasonable price as I do not want to risk breaking any of the clips or turn a <1hr project into a 3hr one trying to do it myself... Thanks!
  19. Link to original post in 1500 section:
  20. I am a 2017 Silverado 1500 LT 4x4. the last two weeks I have seen spots that appear to be melting only on the outside plastic parts. it started on the bedcap rails, then the steps and now the mirror. I live in a secure neighborhood, so no vandalism, wash it with mild car soap, no other explanation. The spots seem to grow bigger as the days go on. thoughts?
  21. I just purchased 2017 GMC Sierra 1500. It has the camper mirrors and would like to remove and install standard mirror. Will i be able to just plug into the standard mirror into the camper mirror wiring harness? I know the camper mirror have additional plugs.
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