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  1. Hmm...just tried this. Put in Reverse, the mirrors tilted down halfway, I modified their position (still in R) then finished parking, placed in Park. Turned off truck then put back in Reverse....still only tilted down halfway. Thoughts??
  2. I am fairly certain my '04 2500HD LT had this capability...oh well. Maybe this is something GM could engineer into future builds.
  3. Newbie here... I have a new 15 Sierra SLT with the reverse tilt mirrors. When you put it into R the mirrors automatically tilt downward to a specific location. For me, the location selected does not work...I want to modify or move where the mirrors point to when the truck is placed in R. I can't seem to locate how to do this. When in R, I can change the mirror location, but it does not remember that same location the next time the truck is placed in R. Help? Thanks, -James
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