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  1. I have a 2020 AT4, coming from a 160,000 mile Tacoma that I had since new. It had a 2" lift, 32" MT tires a cap and a couple hundred pounds of gear full time. It had a 21 gallon tank and I would get 210 miles to a tank. I would hand calculate between 12-14 mpg. My AT4 has almost 2000 miles. I am getting 14.5-15 mpg right now (hand calculated). I have a cap ordered and will carry a couple hundred pounds of stuff in the back. I am hoping to keep getting 15-16 mpg once everything is broken in. I keep reading that mileage keeps inproving for first several thousand miles. I am curious to see how bad of a hit I am going to take when I add the cap.
  2. I got 1500 miles on 2020 AT4. Drive easy, lucky to get 14.5 mpg.
  3. Might be ea little late to the conversation but my 2020 AT4 does NOT have door locks in the rear. But as stated earlier (thank you very much), pull the door handle once to unlock, again to open. Curious to know if this coincides with build dates. Where do u find your build date?
  4. Glad people are chiming on with no problems as well as people that have issues. My FIL said every GMC he had, all his issues/problems came in the first 10,000 miles and trouble free after that....
  5. Just like the topic says. Like to see how some higher mileage t1's are doing. I know there is a topic for high mileage 2019's but I would like to extend that to 2020's. My 2020 AT4 only has 1500 miles, coming from a 2009 (relatively) trouble free 160,000 mile Tacoma (which I purchased new) I am real curious how the T1's hold up.
  6. Didn’t get a chance to watch the video (I’m at work), but can u over ride the computer to keep the mirror lights on while truck is in drive? It would be great for back woods driving at night.
  7. Tires shouldn’t be so loud you can’t talk to the person next to you. Possible wheel bearing? You have Trail boss/AT4?
  8. My 2020 AT4 (with 1200 miles) did it for a hot second the other morning when it was 15 degrees.
  9. thanks man. This is the kind of info I’m looking for. is there a difference between just having both wheels spinning and when the locker is engaged? I imagine there wouldn’t be, like I said earlier, I’m used to getting stuck with f/r open diff’s and really curious to see if having the rear end locked will make much of a difference in slick mud. I don’t go mudding or rock crawling just gathering firewood in some really slick, sloppy, off chambered, steep areas. I can’t imagine it would until I get some more aggressive tires. I definitely appreciate all feedback.
  10. Ugh. “If you are stuck and both rear wheels are spinning, then you need 4HI“ Yeah, that’s what I have been doing. But my last truck, I would do the same thing until eventually my right front and left rear tire would just sit there and spin while I would not move. I just want to know if or when it’s engaged before I get to “sit and spin”
  11. 1200 miles on my 2020 AT4. Two small things: - several times if I turn the truck off while my phone is connected to AppleCarPlay, it will not reconnect unless I either turn truck off and let it sit for 5 minutes or just disconnect and reconnect the phone - right rear fender flare/trim, where the trim meets the front mud flap it's not sitting flush against the body. It's pulled out about 1/4". I drive a lot in the woods and I could definitely see it getting hooked on a branch and getting ripped off.
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