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  1. I feel the same way. 2020 AT4. Owned it for 5 months, 6000 miles. Coming from a 160,000 mile trouble free 09 Tacoma I bought new in 08 I think I was spoiled.
  2. So when you take it to the dealer you just unplug it or leave it in? If if you leave it in would it affect your warranty at all?
  3. There seems to be a lot of us 10+ year Toyota owners with the same experience and the same feelings. You would think GM would want to take advantage and really try to win over 'yota owners once they bought their product...
  4. I have 2020 AT4, built in Mexico 9/19. Have a Virto M-354. No leaks yet, but I'm waiting for it. Check religiously.
  5. That's about where I am after 5000 miles. Slightly disappointed. I am lucky to get low 14's around city and I drive like a grandpa.
  6. Afterwork tried a different cord and it worked again. Every once a while prior to this my phone would not connect and I will have to unplug the cord from the USB port and plug it back in. Never had it not connect entirely. This time I am going to blame it on the phone/cord
  7. I will switch cable out on the way home. Read this in the owners manual today:
  8. Anyone else have there USB ports stop working? 2020 AT4 4700 miles. I run Apple play everytime I am in the truck and today it wouldn’t connect with Apple play, then noticed it wasn’t even charging my phone. Tried both ports, nothing. I remember a dealer saying I need to use an Apple cord, anyone know if that’s true? Last night I had to jump my wife’s car, doubt there is a connection between the two but just throwing it out there.
  9. I agree with you 100%. I bought a GM because when I was researching they seemed to have the least “I love my truck, even with all the issues” fans. It seems like when I would read the Ram forums, every topic had ‘even with these issues, I love my truck’, which made me think, ‘why would u buy a truck knowing it has issues?’ I can go back 30 years and list the issues I have had with my cars on one hand. - ‘92 s-10 - starter failed with 5000 miles. Traded in at 100,000 miles - ‘96 VW Golf - one recall (maybe 2). Traded in at 115,000 miles. - ‘98 Subaru Legacy GT (bought used in 2000). Synchros replaced under warranty at 34,000 miles. Head gasket went and traded in at 115,000. - ‘04 WRX, mildly modded. Had it for 8 years, 90,000 miles. Zero issues. - ‘09 Tacoma (bought in ‘08). Kept for 11 years, 160,000 miles. Wheel bearing and drive shaft replaced after 100,000 miles with a lift and bigger rims/tires. I drove all the cars like Rally cars and the taco off road, towing 4000+ lb trailers. I feel like I am walking on egg shells with this truck.
  10. Built in September, is it a 2020? What make?
  11. Just curious if you plugged a trailer in to see if it still works. I got that in my DIC once, since then I towed a few times and the lights work. Not sure if the brakes work (that trailer will be in storage til spring). if it comes on again I will definitely have the dealer look at it though.
  12. I agree about truly off roaring, but I do find myself in some sticky situations when I am boondocking with my tear drop or gathering firewood on overgrown logging roads or farm fields. I just want to know what they are capable of and not have to worry about ‘how am I going to get out if this thing breaks. Coming from a Tacoma, I knew not to drag people or logs out in reverse because they were a weak point. plus I just love seeing how others are using their trucks besides running to Home Depot
  13. Looks good . How does it do in the mud? i was towing 4000+ lb's of fire though an old fire road, was dead in my tracks in 4wheel high on a hard packed icee slope. Shifted it in 4 wheel, still spinning, rear locker engaged and the truck took off! I was impresses.
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