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  1. Post your miles, wear and tear items you replaced and at what mileage interval and if you plan to keep it or trade it in for something else. Figured there would be a few out there with high miles by now. Wondering how the trucks are holding up after a few years.
  2. GM Part number 84428120 I replaced mine at 40k after cleaning it once. Easy to do.
  3. 6.2 is the main reason for getting this truck. Plenty of power and good MPG. I prefer a big V8 rather than a V6 or turbo. Call me old school I guess.
  4. F-150 Lightning electric. When you drive one, you will understand why.
  5. As an earlier post stated, people are drilling holes in gas tanks now to steal gas. They are also stealing catalytic converters from vehicles daily where I work. When commodities go sky high it brings out the thieves
  6. After hearing about the recall involving the GMC Terrain for their headlights being too bright made me think of the topic on this forum about GMC Sierra owners being told their headlights are too bright or flashed by oncoming drivers for bright lights while having their low beams on. Hopefully it doesn't come to a recall for our trucks.
  7. Etch VIN on cat converter or install cat clamp
  8. Agree with ^ that is not normal. Someone or something caused it. Car wash maybe?
  9. When spending that amount of money just get the vehicle/options you want. Are those features worth the extra $ probably not but if you want them just get it. I always see people try to save when purchasing a vehicle then end up spending more money later trying to upgrade or add accessories.
  10. How often should you change or clean the air filter on trucks with the performance upgrade package?
  11. A while back I was driving in heavy rain and afterward I noticed my horn was a higher pitch and sounded weak. It has stayed like that since. Anyone else? Fix?
  12. Thousands of new trucks parked in fields off I-75 in Michigan waiting for chips and/or missing parts that cannot be shipped out to dealers.
  13. No it's not my first vehicle. I've had many other vehicles over the years some of which I put over 150,000 miles on. I also am from Michigan and tow boats and trailers. I was just stating that this is the best truck I've owned since none of the previous came with the kind of power of the 6.2L smoothness of the 10 spd transmission and technology this current truck has.
  14. Work in the auto industry have seen this for years.
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