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  1. 2017 and up GMC and Silverado 1500 2020 - 21 GMC and Silverado HD Have the Active aero grill shutters.
  2. I have GMPE w/CAI from the factory, but w/6.2L. Love the sound. It was exactly what I was looking for. Get compliments on the sound of the exhaust regularly. I have also heard that they are basically the same system.
  3. Nice set-up! I have been thinking of adding a sub myself. You got me thinking...
  4. Nice look. Have you thought about silver overlay for the GMC logos to match the 5.3L on side badges?
  5. I agree . The factory spotlights would be too bright for normal driving.
  6. Rock chips in windshield and paint are bound to happen eventually no matter what you do. I just got my first chip in windshield on my '20 w/17k miles. I have had to replace the windshield at some point with my last two trucks due to chips and/or cracked. Just remember to get windshield coverage on insurance so no deductable to replace.
  7. Condoms, Viagra, Royal Honey, and my girlfriends panties.
  8. Only experienced the volume issue, never disconnecting. As for the volume, make sure you set the volume up on your phone also. If you have the volume set low or off it will affect how it sounds thru connectivity. Have Moto G7 power.
  9. Happy with my '20 Sierra Denali. Fun to drive, plenty of power w/6.2L, smooth 10spd, sounds nice w/GMPP. Added on GMC tri-fold tonneau for CarbonPro, tinted all windows 5% and windshield 35%. Get lots of compliments.
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