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  1. I've had no problems with tinting the windshield. '20 Sierra Denali. I asked before having it done if there were any issues, given the HUD, cameras and such. Guy said no problem tinting the windshield on this truck. Guy is a professional and has done my tint for years.
  2. Get it. Nice upgrade over stock. Sounds great as stated above and adds 15HP. Puts the 6.2L at 435HP.
  3. Like the black wheels you went with. Here are 22's with red calipers.
  4. No. Matching factory tint will not make it difficult to see at night. Going to say 5% tint will make it somewhat difficult to see at night, but worth it if you want privacy. Tint will be put on over any existing from the factory without an issue.
  5. 22" wheels w/18" spare. Had to drive w/spare about 20 miles (got a screw in tire). No issue.
  6. Anyone who has Weathertech soft roll up tonneau for Carbon Pro please post.
  7. Yes, I've noticed the A/C on my 2020 6.2L is noisier than on my 2016 6.2L. Both inside the cab and out. Just figured it is what it is.
  8. 6.2L 10 spd is the main reason I bought this truck. I also owned a '16 Denali w/ 6.2L but had an 8 spd. Strong engine and good mpg. I wouldn't even consider getting a 5.3L.
  9. Safe. Also included pic of rear under seat storage.
  10. I believe this is the Brake System Control Module recall (N202294820). Should just require a re-flash.
  11. Factory is 18%. Just go 5% all windows.
  12. X2 for norockchips.com. Clear Auto Bra. Located in Plymouth, MI. They applied ppf to my '16 Denali front end(18in back) and headlamps. Performed well, still looked great when I traded it in 2 mos ago. Haven't had a chance to get my new truck in yet.
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