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  1. A while back I was driving in heavy rain and afterward I noticed my horn was a higher pitch and sounded weak. It has stayed like that since. Anyone else? Fix?
  2. Thousands of new trucks parked in fields off I-75 in Michigan waiting for chips and/or missing parts that cannot be shipped out to dealers.
  3. No it's not my first vehicle. I've had many other vehicles over the years some of which I put over 150,000 miles on. I also am from Michigan and tow boats and trailers. I was just stating that this is the best truck I've owned since none of the previous came with the kind of power of the 6.2L smoothness of the 10 spd transmission and technology this current truck has.
  4. Work in the auto industry have seen this for years.
  5. No. You cannot open unless you open tailgate first, but it doesn't have a physical "lock".
  6. '20 GMC Sierra Denali 6.2L w/ Performance upgrade package. Smooth power and sounds great. Best truck I've owned.
  7. '20 Denali Carbon Pro w/multi-pro tailgate. I went with the GMC soft tri-fold tonneau cover. Dealer installed bracket on carbon pro bed to mount the cover to. It is a good fit and nice look but it is not lockable. PN: 84791288
  8. 04 F150 5.4L FX4 14 F150 3.5L Ecoboost FX4 16 SIERRA 6.2L Denali 20 SIERRA 6.2L Denali
  9. Been flashed occasionally especially when it was new. I just figured the LEDs are bright and it appears to other drivers as high beams. Haven't been flashed in a while though.
  10. Any other input on this recall? I don't want to do it, truck runs fine without it and don't want to negativity impact performance to comply with California emissions.
  11. 5% all windows, 35% windshield. No issues seeing at night.
  12. How can I remove a phone from my infotainment display screen? I never connected it and the system must have detected it (Apple iPhone) somehow and displayed it, but I don't want it displayed.
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