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  1. I definitely enjoy the style of my new truck over the previous versions. And at the end of the day, that's really what matters. Thanks for the insight about your old one versus your new one! Definitely crazy that the older one did better than the new one lol
  2. Wow that's amazing with the Z71 package too so you're slightly lifted. Normally i don't care at all about fuel economy but right now i certainly do haha. do you all run 93 octane too? It says it's recommended to run "premium" fuel on the fuel door. I wonder how many actually do. I run it in just about everything built after 2011 due to high compression
  3. Sweet deal! I'll give 67 a try and see what mine says. There's no doubt the T1 is crazy comfortable, especially with the adaptive ride suspension. But with it being so smooth and comfortable i don't really care how fast I'm going on the Highway, so low and slow is fine with me lol
  4. I can get all the way up to 22 in my high country (22" wheels) but it's only back roads around 45mph. The second i get on the highway it drops down to about 15 mpg at 80mph. How about you?
  5. I dunno, my 2012 Sierra turned way better than my 147" wheelbase '22 high country. This thing is like turning a limo into my driveway haha
  6. Awesome!! Thanks for the input! Maybe I'll have to do more testing on the Highway. We have a bunch of idiots around here that like to go 55 then 85 then immediately back down to 55 when you no longer have an opportunity to pass them lol thanks again!
  7. Gotcha! Thanks!! I'm not worried about it failing any time soon, more like 150k miles. If I'm gonna keep it, I'm gonna keep it that long. I get about 15mpg highway and about 21 mpg around town. And yes I'm on factory 22 wheels and tires. It's very weird. Even if i set the cruise at 70, and shut off AWD mode, no change. Are you experiencing anything similar?
  8. Hey guys, New here as well. Just got a 2022 Silverado 1500 LTD 6.2L high country. One of the "Stop gap" models, my window sticker says no stop/start but it does indicate DFM is indeed on my truck. However, i have no indicator that i know of for it and i read on the gm authority site that ALL 22s won't have DFM. So now I'm super confused. I also have the Silverado EV reserved. Trying to determine to keep my 6.2 or trade when the EV gets delivered. If i can be one of the lucky ones to not have DFM issues, I'll likely keep my 6.2! Any thoughts on this? Advice? TIA
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