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  1. Not necessarily true on the fender hole piece. I'm not sure if GM is hydroforming or stamping out these fenders but either way the hole punching would be a separate operation either on a second stage in a press or on a second machine. There is always risk of variability during machine setups or following PM's/ repairs. Same tool/ machine doesn't guarantee same dimensions which is why there are tolerances that are constantly checked. That even extends to things like plastic injection molded panels where different temperatures and handling during cool down can impact dimensions. The cab and bed alignment is very good on my truck.
  2. Matt G, WeGone, customboss - Exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for, much appreciated. Grumpy Boss - I got a good chuckle out of that
  3. That is probably a fair point. I think that it is all a balance at the end of the day and that is why the title is asking about what is a realistic expectation. If a lot of others find the same little things here and there it makes me more accepting because it is with a factory specification more than likely. I'm more concerned about if a given characteristic would meet an engineering specification because that means it is "right" and you're ultimately getting what the manufacturer promised. I think the key with any manufactured product is that while everything is built within a tolerance you want to be as close to nominal as possible. Cheaper products are more likely to be on the fringes of a given tolerance and when the price goes up you get closer and closer to nominal as production controls get tighter. Given how much trucks cost these days (even when factoring in changes in wages and inflation) I think it is fair to have a high expectation within reason.
  4. I have a new 2022 Sierra SLT Limited that I'm gradually working through the fit and finish issues on. Unfortunately I am very good at finding defects on everything as it relates heavily to what I do for work in a manufacturing/ purchasing capacity. For instance, I did a warranty claim on my 4Runner because I found a slight streak on the antireflective coating on the inside of one of the headlight lenses. I can find something wrong with everything and it pretty much drives me crazy. This brings me to the question on what is a realistic expectation for fit/finish on a GM truck these days? My concern is that the driver side fender to upper front bumper joint (where the plastic clips into the bracket attached to the aluminum fender). The fender overhangs the bumper piece by 1.9mm the full width of the joint (8" or so) based on stacking some feeler gauges I have . The truck is white so when I'm in my garage with direct overhead lighting it is noticeable due to the shadow. Outside and from more than 2ft away a normal person will never notice it. I was looking for a spec on this and funny enough found the body panel alignment tolerances from Ford for a 2015 F150 that has a very similar joint between fender and bumper. That specifies a flushness specification of .8mm +/- 1.5mm. So, funny enough the truck would be in spec if it was a Ford. The passenger side alignment is perfect and the body gaps honestly look really good on the rest of the truck. Looking at the method of assembly, the bumper guide (23388662) indexes square pin holes in the metal fender flange at two places and it has two circular (not oblong) holes with screws that hold the clip tight to the flange. The plastic bumper then snaps in (I did confirm that the bumper on mine is seated appropriately/ not over inserted). There is no adjustment in this joint as the bumper can only clip in one way and the clip can only index on the fender in one way. The only way you're fixing it is by putting another fender on the truck where the holes are 2MM farther outboard or if GM has different versions of the bumper guide with alternate offsets. So my question is, does a normal person just ignore this and move on with life or annoy a dealer until they agree to fix it? Then, if they do fix it, is the issue of having a new fender painted and installed on a new truck enough of a detractor that it isn't worth it?
  5. I'd really encourage asking them about it because it was night and day difference with mine. What was odd is it was completely dependent on road type for me. In Wisconsin, most roads used to be concrete and have blacktop over broken down concrete (at least the ones I drive on) and it squeaks like in the video. Mildly rough blacktop roads in Michigan it was barely noticeable.
  6. So I am super curious about this too as I think that 2022's do not have it in some case. I've got a 22 Sierra and the highway rating is 19MPG. If I pull up the same truck as a 2021 on fueleconomy.gov it lists 22MPG highway. Start/stop doesn't impact highway performance so I'm thinking that my truck doesn't have the feature and the default for the 5.3 is no DFM and you only have it if your window sticker specifies DFM (mine does not).
  7. Thought I would close this off with a win for a change. Third dealership I take it to looks at the wiring harness above the transmission first like I asked. They find that the transmission vent hose is routed under the wiring harness causing the harness to rub. They corrected the routing and zip tied the harness and the issue was resolved in less that 45 mins. This same feedback was given to the other two dealers based on a post on this forum and they ignored it. I'll be a customer for as long as I own that truck with the third dealership from this experience alone. I guess the message to others is that don't be surprised if the first one or two dealers you have look at an issue ignore your feedback and keep searching for a place that will.
  8. So, got the truck back from the dealer with no resolution. Dealer called and said they couldn't replicate the issue and I know they were driving it because they put 200 miles on it and gave it back to me with an empty tank of gas (while I refilled the loaner because they told me I needed to). The resolution they stated was that they would call me back and look at it again in a month when they can get the truck in the bodyshop to address a panel alignment issue with the front bumper. Then it gets ridiculous. Less than 100 yards from the dealership the noise starts and is as loud as it has ever been. I turn right around and go back to the service writer and he rode along and confirmed that the noise was there, wasn't normal and didn't know how the two techs that drove it could have missed it. Still then, they say I need to take the truck back home and that they would do more research. To top it all off, I get gas at a gas pump with a screen on it after I leave and it plays an ad for "GMC Certified Professional Service" which I thought was more than a bit ironic. At this point I want to let the dealer have another stab at it as if they truly couldn't replicate the issue for some reason I don't want to hold that against them. I get it, this stuff can be hard to chase down. I just thought that buying a new vehicle meant it would be relatively flawless for at least a little while. At least that is how it worked with my two Toyota 4Runners. I hope GM sees this and reaches out. I'm a young guy and have a lot of new vehicle purchases left in my lifetime and I'm starting to rethink my purchasing decisions.
  9. Thank you for the reply! I'm going to share this with the dealer and hopefully that helps them isolate it.
  10. Here is a link to a YouTube video of the noise I've been dealing with.
  11. Thought I'd throw an update out on this. First dealer had it for five days and thought they fixed it but didn't know what was done to eliminate the sound. Well, hit some rough roads again and the sound is back in full force. Going to another dealer on Monday.
  12. I live in Wisconsin but two weeks ago drove down to the St Louis area to buy a new 2022 Sierra Limited SLT 4x4 with the 5.3 from a dealer that had good availability and pricing. 200 miles into the 400 mile drive home I started hearing a styrofoam like squeaking noise coming from the lower dash trans tunnel area. It occurred when on roads that were anything but perfectly smooth. It will ride quietly over perfectly smooth roads. The noise is not tied to ground speed, engine speed, etc. Since then I drove to Michigan to visit family for the holidays for a couple weeks and it made the squeaking noise the whole 420 miles there (loud enough to hear over the radio at low/medium volume). I dropped the truck at a dealer nearby and am going on business day four of them attempting to find the issue. I found the forum post stating a possible heat shield rubbing issue with the transmission harness but the dealer is claiming that wasn't it. Unfortunately the issue seems intermittent it wasn't nearly as bad when I drove the 20mins to the dealer to drop it off the day after the long drive (making it harder to diagnose). Thankfully the dealer has confirmed that they can hear it and they are attempting to resolve it. Has anyone else had a similar issues and possibly have another idea of something I can have the dealer check? I think they're doing what they can but it's incredibly frustrating that a truck I've had two weeks has been in the shop already for half that time. Fingers crossed I don't have to listen to it the whole way back home and start over with another dealer in Wisconsin.
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