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  1. No I don't but they should be available on the C7 parts diagram or through you local GM dealer.
  2. The tunes are for the 6.2 and not the 5.3. I had a local tune shop do a custom tune with HPTuners so I don't need this anymore. But it worked very well. in fact the performance was a little better with it than the HPTuners but I still need to tweak that tune a little.
  3. That's about what my boat is. I can tow it with my 2014 Sierra 6.2 with 3.42's no problem. Braking is the most important thing. need good trailer brakes. There's a fairly good safety factor built into the load ratings. just use common sense. Don't be going full throttle up long steep climbs and the truck won't even know the boat is back there. my 08 Sierra Denali also towed it just fine and it was maxed out on the load limit ratings.
  4. Diablosport In-tune for 2014 Silverado/Sierra 6.2. Complete, like new, in the box with all original paperwork and accessories. ***Includes several different Custom Tunes. The Custom tunes also optimize part throttle parameters where the canned tunes only change WOT parameters. Normally the IN-Tune with Custom tunes cost approx. $500.00. Asking $250.00 or best offer. PM with any questions.
  5. And the extra idler pulley and longer belt. Add a couple large flat washers behind the pulley to space it even with the belt and us the stock alternator bolt with this pulley. you will have to splice 2 wires to move the connector for the fuel vapor purge canister to the passenger side of the inlet to the intake and extend the hose going to the canister. Not hard to do. That should cover it. Have fun!
  6. Here you go. good source or pace performance http://www.gmwholesaledirect.com/oe-gm/12628371 or http://www.newgmparts.com/oe-gm/12628371 you will need the lower insulator part 12628371. The intake manifold Intake manifold bolts (10 of them). The truck bolts are not long enough. upper insulator 12646904 cover 12643576 fuel rail covers are optional. if you do get those, you also need the four stud bolts for the cover 11609688. If not, you can use 10mm bolts c7 engine diagram.pdf c7 engine diagram.pdf c7 engine diagram.pdf c7 engine diagram.pdf
  7. I was going to comment that I thought bombastic's trap speed seems very low for a 13.1 time unless maybe he was running a 3.73 gear ratio and ran 4x4 the entire way. maybe he can elaborate on that. I can't put a lot of faith in a phone app but the trap speeds seem to be fairly close to true speed from what I can tell.
  8. Here's the two intakes side by side. L86 on left LT1 on right. I added the silver radiant heat insulation top and bottom. And the final installed pictures. I painted the top cover to match the truck.
  9. I got the C7 intake manifold installed. I'll get some pics up soon. Using an iphone app call Gtach, I checked my 1/4 mile times and trap speed. before was 14.76 @ 107 mph after was 14.18 @ 109 mph. granted it's a phone app and not a drag strip time slip but I can feel the extra pull on top. Still running the previous Diablosport custom tune but will get the C7 tune installed with HPTuners tomorrow and retest the 1/4 mile.
  10. Here's a stock C7 with a dyno tune - before and after graphs. Followed by one with intake, long tube headers and dyno tune on the same dyno. I plan to have my tuned at the same place next Tuesday.
  11. I have the ARH long tube headers on my 6.2 also. Mine are the 1-3/4" tubes (because I "was" not planning on adding a supercharger (but maybe changing my mind now). The collector tubes are 3" but the outlet of the Y is 3.5" and matches the factory catback pipe leaving the Y. Note: The factory muffler necks down to 3" and so does the resonator and tail pipe for some unexplainable reason. Then there's that mickey mouse flapper valve on the end of the muffler. I just took all that crap off and installed 3.5" straight through design Manaflow mufflers (2 in series) and a small one for the resonator. Turned out great. No drone and not too loud.
  12. Very sweet! Where did you purchase the supercharger from and who installed it? One thing that surprised me was the WOT shift points. I would have expected them to be higher in rpm range for 1st and 2nd gear changes. I bet there's another tenth of a second to be cut by shifting closer to the peak HP (6,000 rpm). You could make a pass and shift manually to confirm that theory. That would be good information to know.
  13. I'm the guinea pig. 2014 Sierra Denali 6.2. C7 intake manifold going on this weekend. ARH Long Tube headers installed with full 3.5" straight through mufflers and resonator exhaust. Custom intake tube and air box installed. Diablosport in-tune custom tune installed. This combination should be pretty much exactly equal to a C7 Corvette with headers and tune. It looks like there will be no loss in torque. Peak torque will be about the same and in the same rpm range + some. The torque should remain flat through an increased rpm range . HP will increase in the upper rpms and pull higher in the rpm range. There is some minor custom work required to swap intake manifolds. It's a little more than just remove one and install the other. More details and pictures to follow when it's done.
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