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  1. they are replacing the PCM entirely I suspect. Just like HP tuners does. They may even be using HP tuners PCM
  2. With 6000k on my 2019 High Country I'm seeing 17.5 in town and 21-22 highway depending on which way the wind is blowing:) I run 75-80 out on the interstate.
  3. Had it on my 2019 High Country when it was brand new. Ended up being an exhaust pipe the was touching the frame. Dealer fixed it. Sounded and felt like driving over rumble strips. I thought it may have been the flapper valves or the torque converter or the tranny but that was not it. Get it up on a rack and look for any place the exhaust pipes may be touching any part of the frame or underbody loosen pipe clamps and adjust clearance.
  4. I did the Borla S type and then added back the stock resonators. Perfect sound for me. Mellow with no resonance drone and still talks to you when you nail it. Performance gain is iffy but the CAI made up the difference. 70-75 mph it is just as quiet inside the truck as it was with stock exhaust.
  5. The underlying and root problems of driveshaft failure has been addressed several times in tech bulletins and other research. Aluminium centrifuges spin at a rate of 12,000 to 90,000 rpm or up to 1500 rps and don't blow up. Drive shafts spin at a fraction of that. Research has shown that most failure aside from external damage like high centering on a boulder or something, are caused by several other factors. 1. U joint sync 2. runout caused by worn or defective drive spline which is the main cause of u joint sync problems. 3. shaft out of balance. 4. incorrect drive line angle. can we say lifted trucks 5. improper seating of the u joint bearing caps in the yoke cradle If any of these items are out of parameter then high rpm harmonics can and will destroy the shaft. Plenty of data on how to check these items and repair or correct. One of the main culprits has been output and input spline misalignment, wear and just poor quality in manufacture from 3rd party outsourcing of parts. There are GM tech bulletins on it as well. I'm not saying that GM isn't at fault because they are. Cheap labor in Mexico perhaps during assembly. There is also an android app called NVH that can be purchased that will identify and pinpoint vibration locations and root causes. NVH is expensive at $400. Don't think for a minute that NASCAR and NHRA top teams don't have tools to check and fix these errors. These types of driveline vibrations gone to the extreme will destroy any long shaft regardless of what it's made of. Also google youtube videos of how to check driveshaft balancing. There is a free phone app that will measure sync angles for the u joints.
  6. I am much more concerned with runout and weak U-joints and incorrect u-joint bearing cup seating which does lead to excessive shaft runout than I am about the shaft itself. IF you have qualms about your drive shaft, put it up on the rack and check runout front and rear with a quality dial indicator. Excessive runout will destroy stuff muy pronto and you will feel it long before it blows. A thin wall drive shaft can be very strong but a truck built for a towing capacity of 12,000 lbs isn't going to have a weak DS. If these drive shafts are that weak they would twist in two before you could even get a heavy 12000 lb trailer untracked.
  7. Probably won't see any from the new body style trucks with the big 4" diameter DS. Especially those with the high capacity towing package.
  8. Thank you Chris for the info. Guess I will wait a while to see if anything simpler comes out.
  9. I tried to contact thru your website. Twice but no response. How about a phone number to call?
  10. My truck is a T1. New body style 2019 High Country 6.2l and 10 speed. So the Autosync will do what I want with regards to changing the speed limiter?
  11. bump for any news on programmer to unlock and delete speed limiter. Anything besides HP Tuner rip off
  12. What gear? 6 or 7? I think mine boggs at 106 is about 6th and I still have 4 more gears to go. Sucks
  13. My tires are 118 mph rated and there is a good safety factor on top of that. I would expect these T rated Bridgestones to be good for at least 125-130 regardless of what the mfg states. They have to protect themselves.
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