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  1. Point taken. Will no post on here again. Didn't realize it was an issue. But also realize that none of my last post ever mentioned Tailgatefix.com.
  2. I would say that if it prevents the tailgate from hitting the hitch then it's a fix. If you don't drive a lifted truck then you aren't going to find a hitch that will work. If you have to drop the ball by 6" you will drag your trailer.
  3. Go to YouTube and look up Cody Reed Tailgate fix. There is a product to prevent the gate from hitting the hitch
  4. Go to Youtube and type in Cody Reed Gmc Tailgate, there is a fix
  5. North Carolina. RPM Motorsports handles my mods. Been happy with them so far. Truck performs really well, would like to get the top end limiter removed, the rest I can deal with for now
  6. Don’t want to do a swap. Haven’t talked to them in a few weeks. They are a high performance racing shop and trust what they tell me. This will be the 3rd truck that they will tune for me.
  7. I installed the gm performance exhaust and the factory air induction in my 2019 Denali with the6.2. It was a little louder than what I wanted on a denali so I had a cherry bomb put on each pipe just before the tips. It toned it down but sounds better than the stock exhaust.At 70mph Ivan get almost 26 mph. Get up above 75 and it drops back to around 19-20. also installed a Peddle Commander and absolutely love it. It makes throttle response unbelievable. I want to get the truck dynoed but my guys say they haven’t come out with a way to hack the computer. They have guys lined up waiting on super chargers but have no way to tune them
  8. Davester I did not know there was a way to advertise or pay to advertise on here, thought it was just good ole truck owners trying to give each other info on products for thier trucks and feedback on issues with them. Glad you set me straight. Would be more than happy to pay my share, wouldn’t want anything for free. Thanks
  9. Switch is water proof and so is the box. We are going to send out both style connectors and give the owner the choice as to which they would like to use. Thanks
  10. They need to try it. Unless you have done something like this yiu have no idea the cost involved. From manufacture, advertisement to patent yiu would not believe the cost. They seem to have no problem spending $300 plus On hitch that might work on some trucks but not others. Let’s wait and see if and what GMC. Comes out with and if it’s less than $200, my guess is it won’t be. But like I keep saying, thanks for the feedback!
  11. Not for a $70000 truck with a $4500 tailgate. Thanks for looking.
  12. So if you had a butt splice with heat shrink would you be interested? Guaranteed to seal the wire and connection.
  13. Point taken. Will look into that a little more. Thanks for the feedback.
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