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  1. This is the fix I’ve been looking for. It’s a fuel tank vent hose. The part number is the new hose. Took care of the problem!
  2. Did you order it that way from the factory or have it put on at the dealership? Is there any drone in the cab?
  3. Power Programmer

    I don’t understand about credits, can you explain this?
  4. Power Programmer

    Have you gotten it to work yet?
  5. Power Programmer

    Have yiu been to the dealership and gotten all of your updates? I think the last time mine was in it needed 3 updates
  6. Exhaust

    Has anyone noticed a rattle in their exhaust when you start off or rev the engine?
  7. I had the Borla touring exhaust on my 2016 LTZ with the 6.2 and it was good. No drone at all and sounded good. Changed the tips to 18” and slid the pipe further in the tip and it quieted it down to where I liked it
  8. Power Programmer

    Have yiu been to the dealership and gotten all of your updates? I think the last time mine was in it needed 3 updates
  9. Power Programmer

    Did it work?
  10. Power Programmer

    The last 2 trucks I had, a 2010 and 2016 with the 6.2 I had dynoed and loved it. My guys say they are waiting on the codes to crack the computer and arent sure when that will be. I’ve had a Hypertech programmer before but have not tried a Diablo. Someone also told me you can have the torque lock up changed and it will make it stronger too. Let me know as soon as you have tried your tuner so I can order one!
  11. So did cutting them out make a difference? Thanks
  12. Exhaust

    Has anyone changed the exhaust on the 2019 6.2? Wondering if I take the resonators off prior to the tips if it will sound better but not too loud.
  13. Has anyone found a power programmer that works on the new 2019 Sierra Denali 6.2 with 10 speed transmission?
  14. This is going to sound funny but it is the best way to describe the noise I have. If you have ever watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer you will know that when his nose glows it makes a high pitched sound. The noise in my truck is like this but down a few decibels. I have isolated it in the crack between the drivers side rear door and the bed. That is where the fuel tank is and the fuel filler hoses are nest that area. I can change the pitch by grabbing the hoses and moving them. To duplicate it without driving, take the traction control off, put your truck in gear and ease on the gas, it should start making the noise around 1500 RPM's. It will start out low and get louder. I really feel it is a fuel pressure line problem.

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