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  1. I know of products coming out within a month that will remedy both of these issues. As soon as hits the market I will repost and show the links to find the products
  2. Well let’s hope that your eyes are the only ones opening yours. It only takes once
  3. There will be an option to cover that.
  4. Anyone interested in a product to keep the splitgate(upper gate) from opening if there is anything in the reciever? Tailgate will operate normally except for the Splitgate. Product should be out in a month or so.
  5. Ok There is a product coming out within a month or so that will stop the splitgate(upper gate) from opening if there is anything in the hitch. So you won’t have to worry if the splitgate is accidentally opened. This is especially good for people not familiar, ie employees, friends, family
  6. Are you guys interested in a fix for the load stop so that it stays in place? Trying to gt some feed back.
  7. This is usable on all of the Sierras with the Split tailgate!
  8. How do you guys feel about a way to lock out the upper tailgate when a hitch is installed? It would keep the upper gate from opening in case someone tried to open it that wasn't familiar with the flaw in this design. Can still use your existing hitch and receiver and the tailgate is still usable.
  9. I have a switch that I can turn it off with. I want someone to come out with a power programmer
  10. Have you looked at Corsa or Magnaflow? I like Borla for one reason and that was because it’s stainless steal. I had the factory one installed and I called Borla and they told me that it is made by them. I’ve called them twice on this. It sounded great but a little too loud for me on a Denali. I had 2 resonators installed about a foot from the tips and it made a big difference. Still sounds good but not too loud. Noisiest when yiu first fire it up
  11. I installed both on my Denali with the 6.2. It was a little loud for me so I added resonators just prior to the tips and that toned it down a bit. I wanted to know it was a 6.2 but did not want it too be obnoxious
  12. Try spraying white lithium grease on the latch mechanism in the side of the door. You don't have to take the door apart, its the latch itself where it catches the striker on the pillar
  13. Any idea what caused this? If it happens again I’ll try this.
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